When the Disney Kingdom is threatened by massive forces of evil, our heroes will have to band together and protect their worlds from falling into darkness.

Featuring the fantasy elements of Kingdom Hearts and the storyline from Super Smash Bros. Brawl's "Subspace Emissary", enjoy a new take on an epic crossover with your favorite Disney characters from the classic films to the newest legends!

Chapter Twenty-One: The Confusion

To advance their search for King Mickey, Jafar had instructed Iago to fly towards the humid jungles of the West. Meanwhile, he strolled through the breezy roads of the East. His tracking and teleportation magic proved to be daunting after multiple uses. The hours ticked away without any sign of the King, fueling his fiery frustration.

Serving as second in command under Maleficent offered little joy. As far as Jafar knew, she lounged in her island lair while he traversed hundreds of miles to fix the failures of Hook and Pete. The pilot had to be located. The princess who escaped from the stadium had to be captured. And Oogie Boogie had yet to prove his worth, despite earning Malficent's trust.

No matter, Jafar thought to himself, drumming his skeletal fingers over his staff. After capturing the blue monster, known as Sulley, Jafar had made new plans to create his own army, one that would be immune to Maleficent's influence. It was easy to turn a statue into a soldier. Jafar desired nothing more than usurping Maleficent's seat in power. Only then would he possess total control of the Heartless and rule the whole world!

"Hey JAFAAAAR!" squawked a familiar fowl. Jafar grumbled, trying to withstand his parrot's voice.

"We got a problem! And it's a BIG one!" panicked Iago.

"Do elaborate," replied Jafar harshly.

"It's Aladdin! I saw him over in the jungle! He's heading in our direction!"

"WHAT?!" snapped Jafar. Out of all the people in the world, it had to be Aladdin. He was a loathsome but clever streetrat who had a habit of thwarting evil plans. Jafar exhaled through his teeth, trying to regain his composure. He then smiled with confidence. With his new fiendish friends, Jafar was certain that Aladdin did not stand a chance against him. Not this time.

"And get this. He's got a lion on his side. Geez! This bozo attracts friends like flies on a dung heap."

"A lion? How odd. Who else was with the boy?"

"Just that little monkey with the stupid hat," said Iago. Jafar wondered how fast Aladdin could travel without the magic carpet, which was last seen carrying Donald Duck from the river. Who or what was the streetrat pursuing? Would his and Jafar's paths cross by sheer coincidence? Jafar feared that Aladdin somehow discovered that Jasmine was kidnapped and she had been delivered aboard Hook's flying ship. If so, then how would he know?

"Do you think he's onto us?" worried Iago.

"Perhaps. We must be careful about how we deal with him." Jafar appeared pensive, curling his finger over his chin.

The red light from the cobra staff shined, stronger than before. Jafar placed his hand on the back of the cobra's hood and cleared his mind. A vision of King Mickey appeared. He traveled quickly with a young, black-haired woman. She had a tiny, red reptile upon her shoulder.

"Yesss," hissed Jafar.

"Whadya see, Jafar?" asked Iago.

Jafar offered no immediate reply. He adjusted the staff's glowing gaze to pinpoint King Mickey's precise location. After tracing the King's path, curving along an elevated area, Jafar determined where exactly he could intersect them. When Jafar opened his eyes, he flapped his cape so fiercely, that even Iago flinched.

"Did you say...that the little monkey was accompanying the streetrat?" asked Jafar.

"Uh-huh. Though I shouldn't be too surprised. What scares me," Iago gulped and ruffled his neck feathers, "is that lion."

"No need to fear. Neither you nor I will have to combat it. Fetch me the monkey but be quiet about it. I'll go acquire my own prize."

"Mind giving me a little more than that?"

"Iago, we are about to defeat these meddlesome fools and their king in the most entertaining way possible." Jafar chuckled deeply, cuing Iago to fly off his new mission. He followed the tracking spell by transforming into a serpentine shadow. Slithering with enhanced speed, Jafar soon arrived at the edge of the elevated area, a rocky cliff. He returned to his human form and spied on the distant figures.

It was just as his vision appeared: King Mickey was indeed traveling with the young black-haired woman, who held the reins of her horse. As they raced onward, Jafar stepped back into the cliff's blind spot. He lurked and listened. For his next plan to work, all Jafar needed to do was capture the tiny, red reptile.

"Looking to the phantom. Looking to the right...still no phantom." Mushu yawned. He had spent the morning and afternoon trying to raise morale for the team. Mulan continued to ride her galloping horse down the dirt road. It was the safest route that lined up with the mysterious phantom that fled from the bamboo forest. There was no real destination in mind. Mulan knew very well that it could have turned around, soaring in a completely different direction. She had never felt so useless at navigating. Nevertheless, she remained calm, ready to leap into battle at a moment's notice.

King Mickey remained optimistic. He appreciated Mulan and Mushu's company during this disaster with the Heartless. After many years of trying to fulfill his duties as a leader, Mickey believed that teamwork was the best way to solve any problem, small or big. The Heartless had not yet appeared since their encounter with the phantom. Mickey still needed to know where they attacked and how fast they were spreading to new places. If Mickey could find more brave heroes, like Mulan, and more cheerful folks, like Mushu, then hope was far from lost.

His large, round ears twitched. King Mickey glanced up as the dirt road bordered an elevated ridge of stone. He could detect tiny rocks tumbling down the steep slope. His eyes could find no real danger. The sky was clear and cerulean blue. The trees were lush and verdant green.


The beam was instant and scarlet red. A roaring rock slide crashed before their eyes. Mulan's horse flipped into a frenzy, flailing its front legs.

"Watch out!" King Mickey lost his seating and slipped off the saddle. Everyone was immediately engulfed in a cloud of dust and smoke. While Mulan veered her horse to the safer side of the trail, Mushu fell forward and disappeared.

"Mushu!" cried Mulan. Even as she tried to calm her horse, it still shook its head and whinnied.

King Mickey stepped forward and squinted at the rubble. The thick cloud obscured their pocket-sized friend. Mickey was unsure if he should keep looking and wait for the cloud to lift or start turning over rocks.

"I'm okay!" shouted Mushu, still unseen. "They don't call me the Great Stone Dragon for nuthin!"


A bony hand had snatched Mushu. Before he could scream for help, his sinister captor pressed a cobra staff into his face. From the sparkling stare of its ruby-eyes, a spell was cast. Mushu immediately lost his energetic spirit. A bright red glow swirled over his irises. His eyes were completely eclipsed.

"There he is!" shouted King Mickey. Mulan jumped nimbly over the fallen rocks to search for her family guardian. When the dust settled, she found him, standing quietly on the ground with his back turned. Mulan reached down to bring him into her arms. She looked into his face to check his condition. The moment she glanced at his flashing red eyes, her forehead was struck with a burning sting. Mulan immediately fell to her knees and hissed in pain.

"Mulan! What's wrong?" King Mickey circled the rock slide debris and landed behind her. Mulan turned quiet, just like Mushu. He climbed up her shoulder where he stood on her shoulder. Their posture resembled that of a dutiful soldier. Was it just a sudden migraine that had hurt Mulan? Or was it something more?

"Uhm...Mulan?" asked King Mickey. His stomach swelled in suspense.

When Mulan turned around, she and Mushu shared the same sinister, scarlet glow in their eyes. Their eyebrows were furrowed, as if displeased with King Mickey. He gasped, sensing that something had robbed his friends of their personalities and replaced with something dark and cruel.

It was then King Mickey's turn to share the agony. A horrible, high-pitched hissing sound dug into his ears. His attempt to block the piercing noise was futile. King Mickey became desperate to pass out and escape the nightmare. It had to be a spell, one that was as vicious as venom. His will was weakened. Everything turned numb. King Mickey had no control over his body, standing straight on his feet. He, Mulan, and Mushu directed their obedient gaze to their new master.

"Summon thy weapon," commanded Jafar, coldly. He stepped out of the shadows of the nearby trees and jabbed the ground with his staff.

Mushu growled fire through his dragon teeth

Mulan unsheathed her family sword.

King Mickey extended his gloved hand. Jafar beamed with malicious marvel.


A golden Keyblade and its silver hilt materialized.

Jafar cradled his chest and cackled so hard, he coughed. He relaxed with a curled and clever grin. The King and his two lackeys were now under his control. Jafar was enamored with his new toys for battle. He found great euphoria in fantasizing Maleficent's defeat at the hands of a Keyblade wielder.

"Jafaaaaaaaar!" yelled Iago, struggling to stay in midair. Abu squirmed aggresively and tried to fight him off.

"Ye-AAAAAAOOOOOOW!" howled Iago. "Monkey Bite! Monkey Bite!"

"Drop him!" shouted Jafar. Iago spat in relief and released Abu from his talons. Jafar caught the falling monkey with little effort. Before the Abu could unleash another bite, Jafar cast his hypnotic spell. The rage simmered. Abu became a silent servant.

"Are you done?" asked Iago, trying to catch his breath. "Aladdin and the lion followed my tail. They're...they're coming!"

"Good! Send them back their pet!" hissed Jafar.

"Oh no. Please no. I can't-"

FWWWIP! Abu flopped over Iago. The collision caused a few feathers to scatter.

"Do not look into his eyes. Or you will regret it."

"Ohhhh. You're using that spell. Sheesh! Why don't you just tell me your plans next time?" whined Iago, keeping his eyes up to the sky. He followed his orders and carried Abu back to where he found him.

"There he is!" shouted Aladdin, sprinting towards the edge of the jungle. Simba charged further ahead and roared.

"Fine! Take your friend back!" Iago threw Abu and hurried back to the cliff side. Aladdin watched his step and caught Abu with both hands. All it took for the spell to claim a new victim was a single moment. Caring deeply for his friend, Aladdin examined at Abu's face. His eyes were wide open and bright.

"Alright Iago! Tell us what you and Jafar did to-AAAAAGH!" Aladdin shrieked, curling his back.

"Aladdin! What just happened?" Simba could only see Aladdin pressing his hand against his eyes. Did Iago do something to hurt him?

"Is something wrong with Abu? Are you okay? Aladdin? Aladdin?! Simba rose on his hind feet and leaned against a tree. He waved his paw to get Aladdin's attention. Aladdin adjusted his stance. His back was erect. He and Abu suddenly cast their harsh, scarlet glare towards Simba. It came at an instant.

"What?" Simba winced when his eyes stung. He scratched the bark of the trees and growled. It was all he could do until his senses turned number. Without thinking, his body moved beyond his control. Aladdin, Abu, and Simba were all quiet, allowing the omnimous breeze to rustle the trees.

Meanwhile, Iago and grunted heavy breaths.

"I'm ready to punch out, Jafar." Iago weakly fluttered, grunting and gasping for air. Jafar strolled onto the pass that sloped up the cliffside. He giggled and reached down to pick up Iago, having plopped on the dirt.

"You've certainly outdone yourself. And now we have new minions." Jafar smriked with sky-high satisfcation. Aladdin emerged from the jungle as an obedient servant. His mischievous monkey would not interfere. As a bonus reward, Jafar giggled at the golden lion, loyal to his command.

"Why don't we bring everyone together?" Jafar nudged his head, summoning King Mickey and Mulan with Mushu. In between the cliffside and the jungle's edge, everyone had gathered on the wide, dry area with patches of shrubs.

"What are we gonna make them do? Might I suggest some silly dancing?" snickered Iago.

"Another time. But you do remember our mission. We have to eliminate the King. And who else to do it but a clever streetrat and a beast?" Jafar spoke into the cobra staff, sending his message to every one of his puppets.

"To serve me, you must duel each other to the death!" hissed Jafar harshly. He waved his staff, forging a throne from the ground.

"Ho boy! This ought to be good!" cheered Iago with a wicked laugh. He flew over to throne's arm rest. Jafar twiddled his bony fingers against each other. He waited for King Mickey and Mulan to properly distance themselves from Aladdin and Simba.


Mulan rushed forward and clashed blades with Aladdin. Mushu pounced on Abu who wrestled against his lizard-like spine. Mushu was about to breath fire but Abu clamped his mouth shut.

King Mickey guarding against Simba, chomping and pressing his entire weight over the Keyblade. He then crouched to rolled away. A mere melee attack from the Keyblade was easily parried by Simba's paw. Simba snarled and circled King Mickey. It was a predatory tactic; Simba would waiting for an opening while making it easier to avoid any surprise attacks. When King Mickey lunged, Simba caught the Keyblade with his sharp teeth and pulled it away. He tackled King Mickey and pinned him down. He reached back and extracted his claws, ready to shred a tiny foe. Mickey retrieved the Keyblade, teleporting to his hand and knocked Simba's nose. Stunned, Simba was unable to catch King Mickey who hopped far away from danger. It was King Mickey's rapid heart beat that gradually restored some sense of control.

"Huh?" mumbled King Mickey. His eyes flickered between red and white. He felt sleepy but a piece of his conscious wanted to resist. Jafar was alarmed and performed the mind control spell once again. The sleepy void in King Mickey's head returned. Shackled to Jafar's magic, King Mickey charged back into the brawl.

"That was a close one, Jafar," commented Iago.

"Indeed. The King must be defeated or at least worn out. This way, we can keep control of him," explained Jafar.

"Gotcha! Good to know you're thinking like ten steps ahead of everybody," praised Iago.

Jafar watched Mulan very closely. He rooted for her to defeat Aladdin. Her technique was more smooth and precise while Aladdin was rough, sloppy, but flexible. Presently, Mulan swiftly slashed her sword, forcing Aladdin to play defensively. Jafar revelled in the dance of swords. There was no greater spectacle that could please him, especially when the odds were against his most pesky adversary. Jafar chanted Yes-Yes-YES when Mushu spat at Abu and spat flames. Abu was agile enough to avoid the fire. He caught Mushu's tail and slammed him repeteadly against the ground, over and back.

Mulan curled her sword and flung it outward, disarming Aladdin. She then bolted up close and kicked his stomach with the sharp edge of her shoe. Aladdin shifted his bare feet, pivoting away from Mulan. He raced to his scimitar where a burst of flames almost incinerated him. Mushu lurked just behind him. The daring dragon pursued Aladdin but was thwarted by a merciless monkey. Aladdin snatched his sword and darted back to Mulan, who was distracted by the scuffle between the small sidekicks.

Rolling in a midair flip, King Mickey knocked Aladdin to the ground with a surprise kick. He succeeded in protecting Mulan. Both tried to attack Aladdin, an enemy who had become vulnerable. When they raised their weapons, Simba roared furiously. Jafar was intrigued by Simba's power, able to produce gusts of wind, strong enough to blow his opponents far back.

Time had seemingly come for combatants to switch their targets. Mulan countered Simba's claws with her sword. Mushu snuck into Simba's blind side and spat fire to the fuzzy tip of his tail. Sparks flew as Simba roared with fury and fright. Before Mulan could get close enough to finish him, Abu climbed up her arm and bit her hand. Her hand twitched in pain, releasing her sword for Abu to steal.

While Mulan and Mushu chased the thieving monkey, Aladdin stalled King Mickey by dodging his Keyblade attacks. After putting out the fire on his tail, Simba returned to join Aladdin. Together, they surrounded King Mickey and closed in. King Mickey ducked the claws and rolled away from the sword. After escaping the assault, King Mickey sprinted far ahead of where Abu was running. Once Abu saw he was outnumbered, he dropped the sword and scattered in between Mulan's legs.

The teams of three were reunited. They all cast shivering cold looks at their rivals. Jafar grew impatient. The climax of the clash was close. When Jafar gripped his staff, the spell was ignited. All fighters converged onto the same area.

King Mickey rushed to slam with his Keyblade.

Aladdin charged to strike with his scimitar.

Simba pounced to slash with his claws.

Mulan hurried to thrust with her family sword.

Abu and Mushu ran as fast as they could to lend a helping-hand.

Jafar bore a wicked toothy grin. He was exhilarated beyond his expectations. These foolish heroes would destroy each other. Any lucky survivors would become petrified to fight again for another day. He raised his fist as if he were cheering in a stadium. He savored every second before their delightful demise.


"THUNDAGA!" cried a ferociously squeaky voice. Several bolts of burning lightning struck the dry dirt, blocking the fighters from attacking each other.

"What?!" shouted Jafar. With a bitter scowl, he searched for the intruder. He frantically swished his wrinkled face from side to side.


It came from behind.

Jafar spun, twirling his cape like a shroud of darkness. He fired a crackling blast of red magic to vaporize the piercing icicle that flew at him.

KRKKK-KSH! A glittering burst of ice fragments and red smoke drifted in between Jafar and his opponent.

"You miserable, meddlesome duck!" spat Jafar.

"That's DONALD Duck, you big palooka!" The King's loyal mage had made his entrance after discovering King Mickey and Jafar from the sky. Donald anticipated having to face the vindictive vizier once again. He did not come empty-handed. He had come with a plan.