21/02/2009 23:19:00

Gin sniffed at the scented candle, reveling in the musty scent. The green essence was carved with an elegant pattern that swirled around in hypnotic circles. He would like it. It smelled like them having sex after all. Who would have thought Soul Society provided erotica candles? Well, they weren't exactly, technically erotica candles… but they filled the room with that… heat. Perhaps he should have read the tag before buying.

Because either they were supposed to elicit some kind of reaction, or Gin had some seriously lust issues.

Well, either way, Aizen was going to love it. He was sure. Sure it cost him about half his months pay, but that didn't matter. He licked his lips.

'Happy Valentines day, Gin,' a very familiar voice said. The door slid open to reveal the smiling Sousuke, minus captain's haori and glasses. He was holding a bunch of beautifully clipped flowers, so colorful it almost made Gin's eye water.

'Flowers? Ya really lack originality, Taicho.'

Aizen sat himself down, and blew softly into Gin ear. Gin shivered. 'I'll make it up to you, alright…? Tonight.'

'Ya sure? Cos I spent ages tryn' ta find yer present.'

'I promise.'

'Kay, then.'

Gin held the candle out, smirking wide as ever. 'Doesn't this smell nice an' all?'

Aizen sniffed it tentatively and smiled, nodding. 'You got a avoir candle for me?'


'It let's you smell whatever you really… really want. How I really do want some green tea…'