The Assassin Brother

Thunder crashed as the heavens wept, lightning flashed across the sky briefly bathing everything in a rich blue light before casting the city in moderate darkness.

Located in one of the many dark holding cells of London's police station sat a teen. This teen had messy dark hair; the front covered the left side of his forehead. When the officers past the cell all they saw was his outline and gleaming emerald eyes.

The teen barely flinched as the cell door slid open and nosily clanged on the cement wall. Two officers walked in, one was scowling while the other kept an emotionless face.

"Hey, you've been cleared, you're free to go" said the emotionless one. The other grumbled something under his breath and huffed.

The teen stood up from the cot and walked into the light. He wore slightly baggy blue jeans held up by a leather belt with a grey buckle and his tucked white wife beater stretched over his chest and stomach showing off his toned muscles; they weren't like professional weightlifters but were more like a runners. On top of that he wore a black button up shirt that was left unbuttoned.

He walked passed the two officers and stopped at another desk, the normal looking officer there looked at him and left the desk to the back of the room and came back up with what looked like a small shoebox.

The officer droned out in a bored voice, "Here is everything was removed from your person when you were brought in."

Opening the box the man peered inside to check if everything was there. Inside was a pair of double bladed switchblades, which he placed inside his pocket, a silver necklace that he clasped around his neck, a set of keys that he placed in his other pocket, his wallet that he put in his back pocket and a cell phone.

Hearing a door open he looked out the corner of his eye and saw a cute looking girl with pink hair walk in and nearly trip over her on feet but caught herself on the door.

"Hey you need to sign out," said the officer,

The man looked back at the officer who pushed a clipboard to him. He took the pen clipped to it and without looking at it he started to write something while saying, "Go… to… hell," and after hell came out of his mouth he threw the pen down and walked past the pink haired chick who looked like she was about to laugh.


(With the two cops)

"Damn it Hector, you know he did it" snarled the first cop.

Hector sighed in defeat and slowly nodded, "I know Jake, but we can't arrest him just for being around at the time of the murder. Without any evidence that points to him, no judge in their right mind would ever even listen to our case."

Jake snared, "I know he did it. God damn it Hector he's toying with us. He left the rifle and that fucking note at the top of the building just to fuck with us"

"Jake listen to me, right now he is an innocent man and if you continue to go after him the chief will fire you. You already got written up once and are walking on thin ice for harassing that 'innocent' man," he said sarcastically.

"Innocent man my ass," muttered Jake as he walked back to his office.


Nymphadora Tonks wasn't having a good day first she woke up late causing her to be late for work, which is never a good thing for an auror. When she got to work she was punished by having to go to muggle London and stop at the police station to check it there had been any cases that had been committed with the use of magic, which there never was. On the way to the police station she had been annoyed by a guy who just couldn't understand that she wasn't interested in going out with him not to mention she tripped trying to get in the building. She just couldn't catch a break.

Looking at the front desk she saw a dark haired boy who was picking things out of a box sitting on a desk and placing them in his pocket. Stepping to the side to wait for him to finish she heard the officer tell the man that he had to sign out and she cracked up at the dark haired man's antics.

After he left she walked up to the desk and asked, "Who was that,"

The officer looked up from the clipboard and sighed, "That miss, was one Harry Potter, the hardest son of a bitch in the world to arrest… hey where'd she go" he asked looking around, but she was gone… like magic.


Lilly Potter sat in a large soft armchair in her husband's best friend, Sirius's home, which also doubled as the headquarters for the Order of the Phoenix. Dumbledore had called a meeting and she and her family were one of the first here followed by the Weasleys. Molly was more likely in the kitchen fixing some lunch for everybody, while Arthur sat at the table reading the daily prophet. The Weasley children were upstairs with her youngest son Evan, the-boy-who-lived, and were probably playing games, planning pranks, or talking about their next year of Hogwarts.

Thinking about even reminded her of her oldest son, Harry, who was older than Evan by one year. After the death of the dark lord, and Dumbledore proclaimed Evan as the boy who lived, Harry was left with her sister and her husband Vernon. She had always thought that when Harry turned 11 and started Hogwarts, they could just shower him with presents and spend time with him then everything would be just fine. But sadly all of those plans came to an abrupt halt when they came to get Harry 9 years later, (they left him when he was 2) only to find out that he had ran away 2 years before when he was nine. They searched everywhere but found no trace of him anywhere. When they asked for a picture of Harry they just said that they didn't have any pictures of that freak and told then to leave. Lilly cried for days on end after that and after another year just gave up. She tried her best to find anything that would help her remember and feel closer to her lost son, like finding any picture they had but when she found the last ones they had ever taken it only made her feel worse. It was of James, Sirius, and Remus all smiling while standing around Lilly who was holding the newborn Evan while Harry stood to the side looking down at the ground while looking like he was about to cry.

She nearly broke down right there but stopped when she heard her husband call to her that the meeting was about to start.

They all sat down at the table while Dumbledore sat at the head of it. He started to call the meeting to order but was cut off by Nymphadora Tonks rolling into the room after being thrown out of the fireplace.

"Nymphadora, are you ok" asked the aged headmaster.

The metamorph looked up and said, "Your never gonna believe who I just saw,"

Moody with his all seeing eye of doom, cocked an eyebrow and grumbled, "Just try us"

"Harry Potter" With those two words everything got quite, in till Lilly Potter nearly flipped the table over when she pasted out.


After Harry left the police station he walked around 10 blocks in the rain in till he got to a three story parking garage. Walking past the security booth he made his way to the back and came across his black 1975 mustang. Fishing out the key and opening the door he climbed in and started the car. Pulling out of his parking space he drove to the front and stopped at the gate. Dropping a few pounds on the desk he said, "You never saw me" in a low voice

The man at the window gave a small nod this wasn't the first time he had been bribed by the teen to keep his mouth shut about something. Pressing a button, the metal pole blocking the path and the cat claws moved so he could leave.

Revving his engine he sped out onto the street and quickly drove to his home, weaving in-between cars and going way over the speed limit on his way.

Slowing down in front of a lower class apartment complex he pulled his car into the small parking lot and shut it off. Taking the key he got out and locked the door before walking over to a set of steps and followed them up to the third floor.

Walking down the graffiti covered walls and steel bared doors he stopped at his door. Touching the knob he holds it for a second and moved with a small *click*

'I love ID charms,' he thought walking in and closing the door behind him.

When the door closed another *click* came from the door showing that the charm had rearmed itself. Groping the wall he found the light switch and flicked the lights on, bathing his living room in light. It, unlike the building had the best of everything, a large soft couch, a large flat screen telly, a polished wood coffee table, and even an X-box 360. (I know that Harry potter in set before the X-box was even made but its my story) Harry walked into the kitchen and threw his black shirt onto the floor and began to search through the fridge for something to drink. Finding his drink of choice, firewhisky he pulled the unopened bottle out of the fridge he shut the door with his foot while grabbing a glass out of the cabinet. Taking both the glass and bottle he went back into the living room and poured a glass for himself. After he took a sip he searched the couch for the control, after finding it he turned it on and watched some documentary on the history channel.

About an hour later his cell phone rang and a distressed voice came over the line, "Harry, I need your help,"

Harry sat up, concerned and asked, "What man, what is it."

"Harry its dad, Nott found out that he was giving false information while they were in muggle London and is planning on ratting him out."

"So you want me to take care of him before he gets into Diagon alley, right" he asked.


"Fine, your lucky were friends or I would never consider wasting my special magic bullets for free, Draco,"


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