The Assassin Brother

(Sweet, chapter 10)



Harry felt his eye twitch. He was really starting to slip up nowadays; he had gotten a simple job but had neglected to bring his magic infused sniper rifle, a rookie's mistake. He was suppose to be the best assassin around, how could he do something like that. But like any Assassin worth his salt, he had a backup. Sitting in a black 1970 Chevelle with an old bolt-action, Russian made Mosin Nagant. He silently studied his rifle, he had just bought it and lined up the scope but it seemed he would break it in much sooner than expected.

Gripping the scope he gave it a small tug forward and slid it off the rail. Raising it to his eye he peered down and watched his targets, a man and woman.

This job was supposed to be simple, kill two targets while they were meeting in a restaurant. From what information he had received from his client about the two it seemed that they were two runaway lovers from some family who forbid then being together. He had to suppress a gag at the sappy Romeo and Juliet cliché when he read it.

Sliding the scope back on the rail he refastened it and pulled the bolt back. Pushing in two rounds into the chamber he slid the bolt back into place and stuck the barrel out the window. He stared down the scope and fingered the trigger; the man's back was to the window giving Harry a perfect shot.

He started to pull the trigger when the man moved, he moved in for a kiss. That gave Harry the perfect idea, as the couple deepened the kiss, Harry fired a single round.

With a loud BANG the bullet soared and shattered the glass before continuing into the back of the man's head. The bullet didn't stop there; it kept going and exited the man's forehead before coming to rest inside the woman's skull.

"Takes the saying, 'till death do us part' to a whole new level" he mumbled seeing the two slump to the ground, never letting go of the others hand.

Harry pulled the gun back into his car and placed it in the foot of the passenger seat. Cranking the car it roared to life-


Harry awoke with a yawn, sitting up he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, and took in his surroundings. The room was smaller that the one he had before the DE (Death Eater) attacked. Probably so all the other upper-years could have a room to themselves, the size of the room didn't really matter. But the interior did, the stone floors, walls, and ceiling had to be changed, it made the place seem like an old fashion prison.

'Probable another one of Dumbles ideas' he thought bitterly, 'another subtle way of saying that all Slytherins are evil and will end up in prison'

The room had a single twin-size bed, a desk sitting against the wall, a writing chair pushed under the desk, and a dresser with five drawers. Sitting on both the dresser and desk was a charmed candle that would light itself so the room wouldn't be too dark. The room was rather Spartan (Bare) for his tastes.

'Lets fix that' he thought.

Rolling off the twin sized bed he started to undress, taking his shirt and wife beater off he reached for his shrunken trunk that he had left in his pocket. Taking it out he resized it and dropped it beside the desk, opening it he pulled a clean set of clothes out and tossed them on the bed. Reaching back in he pulled out his new wand and transfigured the bed, before conjuring a bunch of other things for his room. After about ten minutes he had replaced his bed with a double bed that had Slytherin green sheets and conjured a large rug that covered the whole floor. In the corner of the room was a loveseat that was pushed against the wall with a coffee table in front of it. Sitting on the table was every book that he would need for the year here so he conjured a bookshelf and put it beside the loveseat.

Looking around the room he gave a self satisfied smile and twirled his wand between his fingers, Holly and a phoenix feather, not a bad combination. The old man who sold him this seemed surprised and happy, not to mention the weird feeling Harry got when he brushed his hand against the wandmaker's by accident when returning the wands that didn't match.

Dropping the wand on his bed, Harry slid his shoes off before he unbuckled his belt and removed his pants. Dropping the clothing to the floor he reached back into his trunk and pulled another pair of black slacks out. Slipping them on he went to the bed and pulled his tight wife beater. Tucking it in, he did the same with his white button up shirt and slid the tie over his head but left it loosened. Looking around for a mirror he sighed and picked up his wand, waving it a mirror appeared hanging on the wall. While he didn't really need a wand he thought that some practice would be good, after all he liked to at least be able to handle all his weapons.

Looking at his long messy hair he raised his wand and used a small hair cutting charm, which would cut his hair just how he wanted. His ponytail instantly fell to the ground and disappeared, what was left started to spike back while the front spiked up with small bangs falling down on his forehead

After making sure everything look all right, he slid his shoes on and tied them. Walking to the door he stopped just long enough to grab his new Slytherin robes and weapons.

Harry stopped right outside his door and slid his robes on, casting a disillusionment charm on his pistol he made his way up to the common room. Walking thru the archway leading to the stone common room he noticed that quite a few of his older housemates were up.

A few greeted him with a small nod that Harry returned. Harry silently made his way through the room, which was impressive to most the stone floor wasn't the best echo resistant thing in the world.

"What" he asked blankly seeing the looks,

They turned away, some shaking their head and returned to whatever they were doing.

Harry sat on one of the unoccupied seats and waited, soon Draco made his way down looking less than happy at having to wake up.

"You look like shit" he committed with a smirk.

Draco rubbed his eyes and yawned, "I feel like it to" he replied.

Draco slowly made his way over and plopped down on an armchair, "How can you wake up so early and stay awake, I nearly fall asleep in my breakfast most mornings,"

Harry shrugged, "Years of practice, sometimes I can go two or three days without sleep," he told him.

Draco huffed but kept silent, looking vary sleepy.

Suddenly, Harry jumped up startling Draco. "I'm hungry, I'm going to get some breakfast and you coming with me,"

Draco scoffed, "Breakfast doesn't end in till 10, why do I have to take you,"

"I don't need a guide," Harry deadpanned, "Besides, 'the early bird catches the worm'"

Draco groaned, "Forget the bird, we're Slytherins."

"Right, so I'll just change tactics then, Get up or I'll post those pictures of you in one of your mom's dresses all over Hogwarts" he told him with an innocent smile

"You know mother forced me to help fit her dress," snarled Draco, instantly feeling energized and totally aware.

"…" Harry looked at Draco, wide-eyed.

Draco fidgeted under his gaze and asked, "What,"


"Dude, you freaking me out, quit looking at me like that" Draco pleaded.

"Draco," started Harry, "I was joking about that"

"…" Now it was Draco who stared wide-eyed.



"So… how about breakfast" suggested Harry.

Draco nodded and the two made their way out of the common room, they walked in silence most of the way in till.

"Was it that red, low-cut, cocktail dress?"

Draco nodded silently, shuttering at the memory.


The two friends sat down at the far end of the Slytherin table, as far as one could get from the staff table. Right when the pair sat down a few platters of food along with two clean sets of dishes just popped onto the table in front of them. Without a second thought Harry used a small detection charm on the food and found that the sausage was laced with both trust and loyalty potions, he didn't have to worry about it the night before, seeing as their was so many others that could have taken more than needed and probably OD.

"Draco, don't eat any of the sausage, it's been spiked"

Draco froze and quickly dropped the sausage he was about to eat like it had bitten him.

Taking the platter of sausage he stood and walked over to the Gryffindor table and dropped it unceremoniously at the end.

Walking back, he rubbed his hands together and asked, "Doesn't it feel good to be charitable," with a smirk worthy of Slytherin himself.

Draco smirked as well, "Never took you as the charitable type, giving the less fortunate, spiked food"

Harry shrugged, "Well I just figured that since the whole griffindork house would bow down and kiss his feet, a platter of food laced with trust and loyalty potions wouldn't even change a thing" he told him grabbing a piece of toast.

The two sat there eating while cracking jokes, ignoring the others that soon started to pour into the great hall. They found it hard to keep from laughing when Ron Weasley came in and nearly dove to the platter Harry left there, eating sausages 2 or sometime 3 at a time. Harry recognized him from the train, the same one he threatened to punch in the face.

Soon after the red headed weasel came in, a brown bushy-haired girl and a red headed boy came in. while the girl berated the weasel for having no self-control, the other red head looked around shyly.

Harry instantly recognized him to, Evan Potter, the boy-who-lived, Draco's schoolyard archenemy, and his little brother. He learned a lot about Evan just by looking at him; he looked shy and uncertain, probably lived a sheltered life with few real close friends and hardly any contact with a female other than his mother. He could also see that he seemed to have stronger feeling toward the girl, if the way he was leaning towards her was any clue.

Shaking his head, Harry turned away from then and noticed that the rest of the teachers had made their way into the great hall passing out class schedules from the looks of it.

"Harry my boy, I'm glade to see you've accepted my invitation to come to Hogwarts,"

Harry turned and saw that Dumbledore had gotten behind him,

"Yes well, I have my own reasons to come here but I'm sure you have a reason to come all the way down from your throne and see me" He said sarcastically.

Seemingly unperturbed, Dumbledore replied, "Well I wanted to ask you to come and meet me in my office after breakfast, so you can receive your schedule"

"Sure, whatever" Harry said broadly.

Dumbledore smiled his grandfatherly smile, making Harry want to rip his eyes out, and turned away.

"Old prick," Muttered Harry,

Dumbledore turned "Huh, did you say something" he asked cheerfully

Harry turned with a small smile and said in a voice of fake happiness, "Oh of course not, your just hearing things"

The old man's smile widened as he turned and made his way up to the staff table.

Seeing that Dumbles was out of earshot, Harry's smile disappeared, "Dumb old manipulating prick," he said, sitting back down with the Slytherins.

"What was that about?" questioned Crabble. It seemed that the others have finally made their way down to breakfast.

"Nothing, he's just sticking his head where it doesn't belong" Harry told him dismissing it.

After a second Harry noticed that there was a new face in the group and questioned, "Who might you be?"

The guy was of African descent, around their age, normal height just around Draco's, and seemed to have an air of calmness around him'

"Blaise Zabini, I'm a friend of Draco's" he replied jetting out a hand.

Harry looked at the hand for a second before reaching out and shaking it, "Harry,"

"You know, I haven't seen Marcus around you think he dropped out," wondered Blaise, looking to Draco.

Draco glanced to Harry, "Ah, I think he missed the train,"

Technically, Harry threw him off the train just before they pulled out of the station. Harry excused himself saying that he had to go to the bathroom and threw him out the bathroom window.

Harry smiled at the memory, the prick really got on his nerves and if he wanted to get through this year with minimal trouble he had to get rid of him, throwing him out the bathroom window was simply for his own amusement.

"Draco" came a smooth cold voice,

They turned and saw their head of house, Snape holding pieces of parchment. Snape handed all but Harry their class schedules and stalked away.

"Where's yours" Crabble questioned, holding his up.

"I have to go to the Dumbles office it get mine, I'm pretty sure he's trying to gain control of me and make me forgive and forget what my sperm donors did." He said looking into his goblet and switching it with one that no one was using from across the table.


Dumbledore raged in his mind, the boy had countered everything he threw at him to gain control. First he switched the food that he had put potions in and now he had switched the goblet with spike pumpkin juice.

'No good brat, I need control of him' he thought, keeping his grandfatherly smile from turning into a pissed scowl.

He took a bite out of his food and started coming up with a new plan to control the brat.


One of the other teachers sitting at the table smirked,

'Seems that your still as sharp as ever huh, Harry' thought the teacher looking at the boy from the corner of their eye, 'I cant wait to see if you gotten better than me,'

The person smiled to their self and turned back to their food.


Harry finished his breakfast and rubbed his hands together, "Well, I have to go get my schedule for that ancient goat fucker," he told them, making them snicker. Standing up he passed Daphne who was walking into the great hall looking like she had slept of days.

Giving her a small greeting he made his way up to the headmasters office. Looking up and down the hall he found himself alone, deciding that it was safe he reached into his pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. Placing the smoke in-between his lips he searched himself for a lighter, finding none he took the cigarette and looked around.

"Ah" he exclaimed spotting a torch, Reaching up he stuck the end up to the fire and pulled it back before he burnet himself. Putting the cigarette back to his lips he took a drag and started back walking towards the headmasters office. Smiling to himself he thought about the looks of surprise he would receive when people find out that he knew most of the schools layout even when he had never came here before. That map of all the secret passageways and secret rooms was really helpful, complements of a baked Filch after a few shots of firewhisky. Turning the corner he saw gargoyle that was supposed to be guard the headmasters office.

Walking up to the stone statue he stared the gargoyle blankly in the eye, with his smoke hanging limply from his lips.

"Move" he said with his smoke bobbing up and down.

The statue didn't move, out of the way, only inclined his head to return the blank stare.

Harry let out a puff of smoke that flew right into the gargoyles face; "Move please," he repeated politely.

When the statue refused to move Harry let out a growl, "The old man told me to come here to his office to get my schedule and I would really appreciate it if you would move and let me pass…please"

The gargoyle shook its head one and bared its teeth.

Seeing this Harry took a step back and reached behind his back. Gripping his silenced pistol he pulled it out and aimed it at what would be the statues head,

"Want to move now?" he asked pulling the hammer back and fingering the trigger.

The stature let out an audible growl, it sounded gravely and scratchy. Stepping off its base, the beast looked ready to pounce. Harry moved the gun and pulled the trigger. The gun fired and a bullet shot towards the stone beasts paws, hitting right beside the statues paw, it jump back to its perch letting out a growl-like whimper.

"Harry my boy," he heard a voice call from down the hall.

Harry felt like growling himself, highly trained assassin or not, this prick was annoying. Turning, he made sure that his pistol was out of sight and discreetly slid it into his cloak, back to its holster.

"Dumbledore," he said around his smoke, not caring about the old man seeing him smoke, even if he took it away, (If he could) Harry still had all his other packs and even a few alternatives for the boring weekends.

"Come let's talk in my office," offered/ordered Dumbledore, walking past Harry.

He stopped right in front of the stone beast that stood still even thou one could see it glancing at Harry with something akin to fear and curiosity. After all, no student ever stood up to it much less threaten it for not moving.

Dumbledore, not noticing the statue glancing at Harry, spoke his password; "Sugarquills" making Harry nearly trip over himself.

The gargoyle sat for a second before jumping to the side revealing a moving wall with a set of spiral stairs behind it.


Harry fumed inside his mind; this bastard just wouldn't give up on trying to control him. Dumbledore had just tried to trick Harry into taking privet lessons with him for the rest of the year on the weekend. Well he tried at least, but Harry wouldn't have any of it. After telling him off, Harry stormed out the door and down the hall, with his class schedule folded in his back pocket.

Stopping at the end of the hall he took the piece of parchment out and found out what his first class of the day was, Potions… with both the Slytherin and Gryffindor houses.


Dumbledore raged in his office, none of this was suppose to happen. Harry was supposed to be a shy little boy who would cry and run too his family the first chances he got, not this. It was that muggle family's fault, if they had kept a tighter leash on the brat he wouldn't have been able to escape and now all those years of planning have gone to waste.

The more he thought about how little control he had the madder he got, grabbing the bowl of lemon drops he slung it to the side causing the bowl to shatter and the little candies to scatter across the floor.

Sitting down, Dumbledore grabbed his wand and waved it making the bowl put itself back together and float back to his desk with the candy right behind it.

Picking one up he popped it into his mouth and started to calm down.

"Ah headmaster, sir" came a meek little voice from the door.

Dumbledore turned to the voice to find a little house elf poking his head through the door looking a little scared.

"Yes, Tibby?"

"Ms. Tonks is here to see you, sir"

Dumbledore nodded and gave the house a smile, "Well send her in Tibby,"

The little elf nodded, "Yes Master Dumbledore, sir"


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