"... I believe that my wife is... cheating on me." Izanagi sighed, yellow eyes staring down into his glass. "It is most disconcerting, for her to proposition Seta whilst I am in his mind."

Orpheus shrugged, fishing a flask out of the voluminous folds of his scarf and adding a liberal dose of whatever was in it to his cup of tea. "Hey, at least she's still alive."

"... You would not be so cavalier were our positions reversed."

"No, you're probably right. But they're not, so I really don't care. Besides, she's probably just trying to make you jealous or something, right?

Izanagi paused. "... You have... never met Izanami. I forget this. No, she would... have no reason to do so."

"When do women need reasons?" Sipping his spiked tea, Orpheus shot Izanagi a bland stare over the rim of his cup. "I mean... Nyx. There's proof. Bitch tried to take over mankind. Why? For the jollies."

"Have you not been paying attention? Izanami has been trying that as well."

"There you go, point proven. Women don't need reasons. They're crazy."

"... Somehow, I feel that the point of this conversation was lost..."

Orpheus stood, shrugging once more and secreting his flask within his scarf. "Maybe she's pissy about you hanging around... ah, what the hell was the name... Yamato-Takeru all the time."

"... I cannot help that, as Seta and Shirogane spend their time together."

"She's your wife. She's probably jealous. Call her or something, tell her there's nothin' between you two."

"If she were jealous- which she is not, I can assure you- she would not believe that."

"Then I don't know what to tell you. She's cheating on you, cheat on her back. I'm always available."


"Damn, but I did say that out loud."

"I believe Seta is summoning me."


"... Until next time. Farewell."

Orpheus sighed as Izanagi vanished.



Orpheus is a perv. But then, so was Minato, at least silently.
And seriously, do you see the amount of suggestive pictures including Izanami and Souji Seta?