AN: This was inspired by an episode from Criminal Minds. Guess which one. :) I am really sorry it took this long to finish. Heck, just one chapter. Personal problems. Anyway, thanks for the support, loves. I'll try to find the time to do another IJ fic because this fandom has never really left my life, but no promises. You guys all rock.

Oh, Little Mutt

"Look, Daddy. I'm you."

It was Halloween. Pumpkins were everywhere; fake spider webs and witches on broomsticks were hung on houses and candies were sitting in colorful bowls, waiting to be given out.

In the living room, Marion opened a pack of chocolates that came in from Ox (who was currently in an unknown country) and placed them in the bowls. Indy was sitting at the foot of the staircase at the hallway, a pamphlet in hand about new findings about dinosaur bones.

The clock struck six, and Marion peeped around the doorway and addressed Indy, "Sweetie, where's Mutt? Shouldn't you get going? All the good candies will be taken if you don't go now."

Indy looked up and frowned slightly. "Hmm. Well, he told me he was preparing his costume and that he wanted to dress up by himself."

Marion rolled her eyes. "But he started preparing an hour ago. How long does it take to wear a zombie costume?"

Indy stood up and dropped a kiss on her mouth. "Okay, okay. I'll check up on him." He turned to the direction of the stairs and yelled, "Hey, Mutt! You okay up there?"

"Yes! No one should come up, okay?" came his son's yell.

Marion shook her head and disappeared in the living room. "Okay. Do you need help, buddy?" Indy yelled back. "You're taking an awful long time in getting ready."

"No. I'm fine! I'm nearly done, dad!" came the little boy's response.

Shrugging, Indy went in the living room. "He said he didn't need any help," he told Marion.

Marion opened her mouth to reply but a sound behind them had them turning around. Indy gaped and stared.

Mutt was grinning from ear to ear in a very un-zombie like apparel. The little tyke was wearing jeans, a polo shirt, a fedora hat and was carrying a bullwhip in his right hand. "Look, Daddy! I'm you!" Mutt declared proudly, a wide smile on his face.

Marion covered her mouth and glanced at Indy, who was too choked up to speak. A second later, he cleared his throat and asked his son huskily, "Why are you going as me, buddy? I thought you wanted to be a zombie?"

"I did," Mutt bobbed his head, "but then I wanted to be a superhero. And I wanted to be a real superhero. That is why I'm you, Daddy. 'Cause you're a real superhero-oof!" Mutt let out a squeal when Indy swopped down and gave him a bear hug.

Marion smiled at her two boys and joined them. "Hey, you two. It's candy getting time. Move." She bestowed a kiss on Mutt's cheek and grinned at Indy. "Be home by eight-thirty, okay? We'll have dinner."

"Okay, Mommy," Mutt replied with a grin. He wriggled out of Indy's embrace and onto his feet. "I'mma get my pumpkin bag to put my candies in." And he ran out of the room.

Indy tugged Marion in his arms and kissed her on the lips. "I love you. I love him. I love our family," he murmured against her lips. "Thank you."

Marion grinned and kissed him. "Right back at you, Indy."