The Dark Side of the SWAT Kats

When the SWAT Kats jet left his chopper behind as it always did, only then did Feral wonder where the hell the two had come from so suddenly. He could have sworn the sky was clear for some miles around his chopper then suddenly they were there. And he had already suffered a near miss from them the night before. He grumbled to himself that he could use a jet like that but if wishes were horses.......he let the thought go and cursed about having to change his coffee stained pants.

Meanwhile the pair's relief at being home again kept them silent as they headed home. The last few hours had been far too traumatic.

As they undressed, they felt oddly uncomfortable and spoke not at all as they changed and went upstairs to get a meal. Surprisingly, neither had much of an appetite and it didn't help that it was morning now when it had been evening when they'd originally left their dimension.

"I don't know about you, but I am too wiped to open the garage today. I just want to crash." Jake said softly.

"I agree. A few hours shuteye should give us a second wind." Chance agreed.

They separated at the top of the stairs and headed into their own bedrooms. Jake sat down on the edge of the bed, his mind too preoccupied to sleep.

He couldn't help recalling how those two evil doubles of themselves behaved. How could they have become so vicious? T-Bone held nothing but contempt for his partner and that coldness gave him the chills. What could have possibly happened to make such too good friends be bitter enemies then turn so vicious that they had no regard for each other or the welfare of katkind? And to work with Dark Kat of all Kats.......that made him shudder.

Seeing his own features twisted and cold made him ill. Dark Razor smelled bad and was unshaven besides being a bit larger than himself. He almost suspected his double might be using steroids.

What would have happened if he had made such a decision at a critical moment in his life whenever that had been? Would he have turned out the same way?

He laid down on the bed and fell asleep with that unhappy thought lingering in his mind.

Across the way, Chance lay on his bed staring up at the ceiling. He couldn't shake the image of his double from his mind. That kat had been bigger and badder than he'd ever been as a teen. He hadn't been the perfect kitten growing up.....always getting into trouble..... but that changed when an old enforcer took him under his wing.

Was it possible his double never received that intervention? How much of their shared history was the same and when did his double take a darker path? The questions were making him crazy. He shouldn't even let this bother him since that was in another dimension and was not how he had led his life. It was sobering, however, to see where a bad decision might have taken him.

Sometime later, Jake woke sweating and trembling from a dream he could barely remember now. Shaking himself, he decided a shower might settle him. He stepped out of his room in only his boxers. Chance was just opening his own door, dressed in his usual jeans and t-shirt attire.

"Hey buddy, are you alright? You look a little pale." He asked in concern.

"Aw, just a bad dream. Thought I'd take a shower to wash it away." Jake said lightly.

"Jake, don't let what happened eat at you. I was disturbed by what I saw too but I decided, we were nothing like those guys because somewhere along the way we made the right decision. If anything, that world assured us we are on the right track so let it go." Chance said firmly.

Jake sighed, "You're right buddy. It was really disturbing but they weren't us. I'm actually glad Feral and Felina were still the good guys there. If there weren't, it might have shaken me even more, as it is, just seeing Callie so evil was a shock."

"Yeah, that shook me as well. I'm certain she's been locked up since that Feral and Felina finally believed us. Unfortunately, I'm also certain Dark Kat has gotten away. Wonder what happened to our doubles though? Did they die with the bomb?" Chance asked rhetorically.

"I guess we'll never know, buddy." Jake shrugged then stepped into the bathroom and closed the door.

Across the dimensions..........

"Aaaaahhhhhhh........." A male screamed as his jet twirled out of control.

"Get control, you idiot!!!" Another voice growled viciously.

The screaming male was shocked out of his fright and yanked hard on the yoke bringing the jet under control once more.

"Where the hell are we?" He growled finally as they cruised over a weird landscape.

"Don't know!" His partner snarled, uneasily.

They continued to fly through a sky that was more red than black. There was no way to know if it was day or night. Below them was a broken landscape of rocks, some kind of old buildings, and what might be some kind of plants. They saw no living creatures as they flew along.

Beyond where they were flying over was a jagged mountain range. Dark T-Bone flew toward that, wanting to get away from the more depressing scene below.

It took more than an hour to reach them and another hour to pass over them. On the other side they were greeted by a horrifying sight. A huge city lay there with an ocean out past it.

But the city was no more. It lay in ruins with vines crawling all over it and a swamp filling it to about the level of a two story building. The ocean was a putrid color......a sour green instead of blue.

"Where are we?" Dark T-Bone whispered hoarsely.

Razor narrowed his eyes and stared at the scene intensely. The landmarks were the same even if the topography had changed drastically. His eyes widened in horror and the first tendrils of fear as he realized what he was seeing.

"It's Megakat City. Look! There are the remains of the clock tower and Enforcer Headquarters."

"No! It can't be! The bomb didn't hit the target!" Dark T-Bone shouted in denial.

"That's because this isn't our dimension. That damn bomb sent us to another dimension where something terrible happened to the city. By the looks of it, I would have to say Dr. Viper finally succeeded in one of his hairbrain plans." Dark Razor said tightly.

"Then what do we do? We can't live here!" His partner said anxiously, barely able to keep from panicking.

"I DON'T KNOW!" Dark Razor shouted in frustration and fear.

Silence filled the cockpit as they continued to fly along.

"Maybe we can find Dark Kat or you can figure out how to get us home the way that other Razor did." Dark T-Bone finally ventured cautiously.

Dark Razor snarled. "I have no idea how that other creep got into our dimension. But looking for Dark Kat might be our only hope of surviving this world. For now we can't keep flying around or Viper will spot us so we need to find a place to lay low......a cave in these mountains is the best I can come up with."

Swallowing down his fear, Dark T-Bone agreed that was their only choice and began looking for such a place. In the back of his mind, he cursed and wailed at the fates that had allowed their paths to cross those accursed goody SWAT Kats. It was because of them they were now lost and might never find their way home. He hated them!!

Author's Note: Well here's the last of the episodes (I'm not doing the special report, there's nothing there to add). Hope you liked what I did with them.

To Cody: Thanks for catching that for me. I hadn't remembered their jet was down, so went back and corrected Ch 23. Hope you like the fix.

In answer to xSapphire Catx's question about the term omega. Many authors used this term, I'm not certain why but the reason I use it, is because it signifies the bottom of the heap. In a wolf pack you have the Alpha (leader), the Beta (second in command) and, the Omega (the very least member of a pack). The omega gets all the dirty work and is the weakest of the pack. By weakest, I don't mean in strength or cunning but in courage and doing the right thing. In human terms it would mean someone who chose a cruel path in life.......a life of crime and a total lack of regard for others. Hoped this help.

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