Golden curls, made even more golden by the brightness of the sun overhead, gently swayed as the wind blew through the field. His eyes an odd combination of blue and green sparkled wildly as the youth spoke at great length about his dreams, his ambitions. What he wouldn't give to be as carefree, as free, as the boy in his arms was. He felt much older than his eighteen years.

"Come now, Albus," said Gellert, a sly look upon his face. "You've said naught for ages. What do you think?"

"Hmm?" queried Albus as he ran his fingers through Gellert's golden locks.

"Do you think they are really out there somewhere – truly, do you?" repeated Gellert, excitedly.

"Yes," he replied, slowly.

"Just think of the power we would hold if only we could discover them! We would be invincible, unstoppable!" sighed Gellert, smiling contently up at him.

"Unstoppable, yes, I daresay we would be," said Albus.

Gellert sat up suddenly, pulling free of his embrace. "You'll come with me, then, won't you?"

Albus said nothing. He had been dreading this day all summer. The best summer he'd ever had – a stolen summer, filled with stolen moments and stolen kisses. But what could he say – what could he do? He had a life here, with his brother and his sister, more than that he had responsibilities, duties – Ariana. He had never before resented the position he was in as he did at that moment.

Gellert seemed to take his silence as a rejection. A frown now marred the cherub-like face. "Please, say you will! I cannot bear to be apart from you," he cried frantically, his eyes welling with tears - tears that tugged at Albus's heart.

This was about more than just the Hallows, about more than their plans, he knew that very well. It was about them, their love for one another. If he said no right now, he would regret it for the rest of his days. He would shatter both of their hearts with one fell swoop.

"Shh," he crooned, pulling Gellert back into his arms and kissing away the tears as they fell before pressing his lips against the others, relishing in how the boy sighed and melted into the kiss. He would miss this, all of this, all of him, when he was gone.

"You'll come then?" repeated Gellert, breathlessly, when they parted, his eyes still shining with tears.

"Yes," said Albus, not able to deny him anything.

A brilliant smile spread across Gellert's face, and Albus's heart thumped erratically at the joyful sight. He settled back down into Albus's arms, chattering quickly about their plans – about the greater good – as the tears still clinging to his face dried.

Albus sighed, but remained silent if only to stave off the inevitable for just a little while longer. In the end, he would do what he must, but for now, he would allow himself to be a happy even if the happiness was to be all too fleeting and consisting largely of stolen moments.