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Light stared blankly at the computer screen,watching Misa sleep, almost falling asleep himself. He looked down at his wrist, the other side of the long chain he wore was L, sitting with his knees to his chest,playing with some type of random sugary food that Light didn't care much about. He sighed heavily and glanced at the computer screen for a time check.

2:34?We were suppose to get out of here more than an hour ago. He groaned and yawned loudly.

"Tired,Light?" L asked, not pulling his attention away from the item he was playing with.

"Sorta. You can't blame me, It's two in the morning."

"Then to bed we should go." Light sighed in relief as they began recording the moments of the videos that they were to miss. They got up and walked together towards their joined room, passing Matsuda who was sprawled across the couch, unconscious.

"I still don't see why you couldn't just record me in my own room at night." Light mumbled as L shut the door.

"If I was to let you go, that would increase the chances of you being Kira by--"

"10 Percent? I know.." There was a slight pause before Light spoke once again. "I'm taking a shower, same procedure as always?"

"Mmhm." Was L's response, considering his lower lip was pulled slightly into his mouth and being held by his teeth. L grabbed the key and unlocked the handcuff, Light pulling off his shirt just to have the handcuff pushed onto his wrist once again. Light sighed and led the way into the bathroom, L shutting the door as he walked in behind him. Light turned on the shower as L sat on the toilet seat, watching as Light began undressing. He stopped at his boxers, looking at L.

"Ryuzaki.. Are you watching me?"

"Of course not." He said simply.

"Do you mind turning away while I undress?" Light asked,a bit shaken out by his behavior.

Without a word, he turned away and Light removed his Boxers,stepping into the shower. L turned, seeing Light's groin area and his left thigh as he stepped in. He blushed faintly, not noticeable even with his pale skin, as the curtain was pulled to a close by Light.

He gasped as the cold water hit him and quickly turned it to warm, rinsing off the shiver that struck him. He lifted a hand to reach for the soap to his right when his left hand began shaking. He saw that it was in fact being tugged on by the opposite end of the handcuff, of which ended with L. He looked at the handcuff chain then at the shadow of L outside the curtain. It was obvious L was where he was when Light had last seen him, but now, with his legs down shaking vigorously. The shadow then showed that L was in fact stroking his member as L turned slightly to face the shower.

Light gave a gasp and continued to what he was doing, as moaning struck his ears over the sound of water running water. Light could still feel eyes on him which caused him to not look, as much as it pained him. Ignoring the throb in his own staff, he continued washing himself, taking extra care around his groin area to stop any more of his own excitement.

There's no way he would do this with me..right? Light hadn't been able to touch himself in such a way since they were connected, which was extremely painful for him but necessary, and with the cameras everywhere, he hadn't done anything in double the time.

"R-Ryuzaki?"He called out. The movement simply slowed.

"Yes ,Light?" L said calmly ,as if nothing was happening, as if he wasn't giving himself complete and obvious pleasure. Light was again shocked at how calm he was acting.

"Nothing... Nevermind." He watched as the chain began moving faster again, the moaning gaining once again. Does he think I can't hear him..Or does he not care? He decided to let him finish and not say anything. Light had finished washing himself but L didn't seem completely finished yet. Light bent down into the tub, unnoticed by the distracted detective and he decided to quickly finish himself.

As he began, he realized that he usually used his left hand for masturbation and couldn't use his right. Maybe.. If I go in motion with him, he wont notice. He thought as he began slowly picking up L's motion. He jumped in and they were then one, same motion, panting pace, and chain movement alike. Both finished in sinc soon after and Light struggled to stand, his legs shaky, and his body weight being held up by the shower wall. The water washed off the front of his body and the substance around him while he recovered from the sudden burst.

Light shut off the water quickly as L tossed over a towel. Light eyed it momentarily then wrapped it around himself, stepping out. L led the way out and turned away as L pulled a pair of tight boxers and pants on. Without thinking, he pulled himself into bed, L joining him, as they both laid on their backs.

"Don't you wake me up before 6 tomorrow. I will kill you." Light mumbled.

"Because your Kira?"

"Because I'm tired. I'm not Kira."

"Each time you deny it you raise--"

"Raise my percentage of being Kira by 5 percent."Light finished in a dark tone.

"Good Night Light."

"You too, Ryuzaki."


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