L walked over to his bedroom door and swung it open, eying his sleeping beauty in the bed across the room.

Light groaned, turning his face into the pillow and covering his upper body with the blanket, hiding from the light that had shown from the living room.

"What are you doing up so early?" Light spoke in a low muffled tone as he peeked his way out of the blanket to catch some air.

L walked into the room and hopped into the empty spot next to him, looking down at the body under the blanket covers next to him.

Light switched sides, pulling the blanket from over his face as he looked up at L.

"I went through all the evidence,"

"Why did you do that?" Light sat up, the blanket entangled around him.

"I found that if I had done what your father did instead of harassing you the way I did, I could have proven you guilty. I don't understand how I could have missed something like this, how I could let my emotions cloud my judgment so much to let you go,"

"Lawliet, are you regretting joining me?"

L looked at him, a painful look planted on his face.

His eyes seemed lifeless from how tired he was. His lips were tightly pressed together and his skin was even more abnormally paler than it usually was.

"I don't regret joining you, because I love you. I regret creating feelings for you,"

Light's heart dropped.




He couldn't speak.

He couldn't breathe.

He couldn't feel.

He felt numb.

He felt alone.

He felt ashamed.

He wished he could speak the emotions he was experiencing.

He wished he could breathe so he could scream at L.

He wished he could feel rathering pain over nothingness.

But he couldn't.

He was lost.

There was a large noise and Watari's voice was heard throughout the house.

"I have news,"

"Not now Watari," L spoke softly as he was the only one able to speak.

"Sirs, this is quite important. You may want to rethink--"

"NOT NOW, WATARI," Light yelled loudly, gasping and choking as his breath returned and his mind wandered back to reality.

"Yes, sir, but Ryuzaki, Near wishes to speak to you."

"N-Near?" Light looked at L and shook his head slowly. "Who is Near?"

"He is in the process of becoming the next L.. The successor of L… The only child to surpass me… To catch Kira. Thank you, Watari." L announced.

The sound was played again, meaning Watari had left the two alone.

"...N...I thought you dismissed them, thought you were going to lay low from them."

"You thought a lot of things, Light," L whispered, looking up at where the speaker had been.

"You're going to give him all the proof...Turn me in..."

L didn't speak...

"You couldn't have told me this?" Light whispered, tears in his eyes.

"I'm sorry."

Light pulled the blanket from around him, tossing it into the air and removing his body from the bed. He paced back and forth in front of the door but suddenly stopped.

He wouldn't.

"There's nothing more I can say."

Light felt lost once again.

He had failed.

Kira would never be known.

Kira would not become a God.

Kira would not create a new world.

Not with Near in the way.

"Good, because I have plenty to say," Light turned sharply, his back to the traitor. "I thought you understood where Kira was coming from, what he was trying to accomplish. I thought you understood Kira was a good person, trying to get rid of criminals, trying to save countless lives in the future. I thought you shared the same dream as I, as Kira! I thought you believed in Justice!"

"I believe in justice. I am justice. Kira. You. Light Yagami. You are NOT justice,"

"What am I? What the hell am I?!"

Tears fell fast from Light. His face was red with anger and pain. He knew how this was going to end… He wanted it to.

He was done.


"You, Light Yagami, are a pathetic attempt of a God. You know, as I, there are two kinds of people. Bad and good. You confused them. You weren't a Good person using something made to be bad against the bad people who would use it. You were a good person, manipulated by the power of a book. So in the end, Light, you are a evil person using a evil item against evil people."

"I am justice." Light whispered. "This Bad book Is more powerful than you will EVER know."

Light bolted over to the side table, yanking it open and grabbing the black book inside. L reached down, pulling his own side table open, and grabbing his gun. By this time, Light was now in the bathroom, scribbling quickly, with the door closed and locked.

He knew this wouldn't hold.

Only 40 seconds.

Only 40 seconds…

The door was knocked down completely half a second after Light finished writing. L walked in, eying a Light cowering in the corner.

3 seconds gone. 37 left.

L aimed his gun directly at Light.

"Do it…" Light snarled through tears. "DO IT!"

The gun fell from L's hands, landing on the bathroom floor with a small cracking noise. L looked at Light through those lifeless eyes and Light smiled.

10 more. 27 left.

"I-I'm sorry. You are right, Light. You are justice. I am nothing but a useless being trying to stop something that cannot be stopped without a God." L spoke slowly but surely. "A God like you."

15 seconds. 12 left.

"I love You, Lawliet." Light whispered, tears slowing but still consistent in appearing.

"I love you too, Light."

6 seconds gone. 6 left.

"I'm sorry." Light spoke, even quieter.

"I'm sorry also."

6 seconds gone. None left.

With one quick movement, Light reached forward, grasping the gun L has dropped so unexpectedly. He put it to his temple and pulled the trigger.

One quick moment.

One small movement.

One split decision.

And the Death Note read:

Light Yagami

Suicide with gun.

After getting into a fight with his boyfriend and chased into their bedroom bathroom.

He has a gun pointed at him before his boyfriend suddenly drops the gun and apologizes admitting his wrongdoing.

Light then quickly reaches forward and grabs the gun. In a split second, killing himself right in front of his lover.

It's the end, sad I know.

Unfortunately, I had to end it because if I hadn't, then you wouldn't have gotten another update from me for a really long time. Why?

I think my Sakura is about to do something horrible and I have to be there for her.

I don't have much time so I can't thank each of you individually, I'm sorry.

So this is where It'll end.

Nothing Is Ever Just Nothing.