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Summary: AH – Edward is the outcast at Forks High. Intelligent and stays to himself; what happens when a school project brings Bella into his life and she learns who the real Edward Cullen is, as feelings begin to develop?

Breath of Heaven – Prologue

Lying in the hospital bed, surrounded by various machines measuring his vital signs, Edward shivered. He pulled the white, sterile hospital blanket up to his chin and wrapped himself up tighter as the violent shivers shook his entire length. The constant, unsteady beeping of the heart machine caused the bronze-haired teen drossiness as he was unable to get a good night's sleep from the irritating sound. He glanced at the clock in the room and saw that it read 3:44. His eyes then traveled to the window and noticed the blackness of the sky; sighing, Edward realized it was early morning. His family would not be in for another six hours.

I wonder what hours dad is working. I usually have his work hours memorized. I wonder why I can't remember…

Edward closed his eyes and began to hum the lullaby he had made for his mother inside his head. That lullaby soothed him and took away all his worries for a brief period of time. Within minutes he had lulled himself into a deep sleep. When he awoke, he woke to complete chaos as he watched the scene before him.

"Son, fight damn it! It's not your time. Do not give up on me!" Carlisle shouted as his fellow colleague pressed the defibrillators on his son's chest for the third time, charged at 350. Fear continued to rush through his veins as his son's body refused to respond to the shocks.

"Carlisle, it's been four minutes."

The father shook his head, "No, keep going. He'll come back!"

The on-call resident continued to deliver chest compressions as his colleagues spoke and relied on the nurse to continue delivering the oxygen that the young man, laid before them, needed.

"His brain is probably shutting down and all you'll have left is the shell of your son. You knew when you brought him here his time was near."

Carlisle took a shuddering breath, nodding, accepting the truth in Rick Marshall's words. "Try one more time. Then…" Carlisle was unable to bring himself to say those final, devastating words.

Then I'll call it, Rick thought desolately. He watched as Carlisle stepped forward and grabbed his son's hand and stroked his hair, gently placing a kiss on his forehead. He bent down and whispered in Edward's ear, "Come back to me, son. Please…. I love you." Carlisle backed away as he knew the last chance to bring back his son was about to occur.

Rick charged the defibrillators to 450 and said, "Stand back," to the resident and nurse, and continued on, "Clear!" The defibrillators worked their power as they caused the teen's body to rise and fall back onto the hospital bed.

Carlisle watched the heart-rate screen with bated breath and swallowed as he saw the results. Sinking to the floor with his head in his hands while closing his eyes, Carlisle let out an anguished cry and allowed the tears to finally fall.

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