Hi All!!

I know, I absolutely hate when other authors tease us like this with an update that turns out to just be an author's note, but I've gotten a number of PM's lately and wanted to answer everyone's plea for another chapter.

YES, I am definitely planning to continue this story, and am really looking forward to doing so, but right now life is INSANE!! At the earliest I hope to have time to write again sometime in late July or early August, but it may be even later than that before I can get back to this story.

I have a very busy 3.5 week trip planned on the other side of the country that starts next week, planning a permanent move across country by the end of summer with pets and all, a divorce, and I'm in school full time online. Trust me, I'd really rather be writing than doing most of this, lol.

Thank you ALL for the amazing support for my first ever fic, I really hope it's worth the wait and I'm certainly anxious to get back to the characters. I have a lot planned for the next chapter, including the much asked for return to Bella's POV. Sorry I haven't been able to respond to every review, but do know that I read each and every one of them and they are so appreciated!

Much love ~Wishes