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TO ALL OF MY AWESOME READERS OUT THERE. You were the ones that made Playing For Keeps the story it was, and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. You guys are totally made of win and awesomeness.

Playing For Keeps, for those of you that don't know, began as a plot bunny, but it quickly gained popularity and became one of my most popular fanfics ever. I didn't want to write a sequel at first, but I was torn. There was a possibility of another story unfolding, but I didn't want to spoil it. I finally came up with an idea that seemed plausible, and with a bit of encouragement given to me by one of my reviewers via MSN, I decided that yes, I will write a sequel.

So, here's the sequel to Playing for Keeps. Enjoy, everyone! n.n Also, a quick note that this fic WILL change categories later on.

Summary: Kingdom Hearts/World Ends With You crossover, Sequel to Playing For Keeps. An attack in the streets of Shibuya convinces Neku that someone's after him, and they'll chase him across the universe if they have to. With Shibuya no longer safe, Neku is forced to flee to other worlds, but the enemy is intent on capturing him alive…but for what?

Chasing The Truth

The Sequel to Playing For Keeps

By FlikFreak

Prologue: The Dream

Neku ran.

His feet stamped against the cold pavement, the world having frozen entirely around him…everything, that is, except for his pursuer. People had stopped in midstride, cars in the street, signs that had been flickering…even the raindrops had paused, splashing against his face as he ran into them.

You musn't run. I am not an enemy.

But Neku ignored him. He ran, his foot slamming into a puddle of water, splashing it outward. The droplets of upset liquid froze in midair, but Neku had no time to marvel at the sight. He continued to flee.

A thought struck him. Why was he running, anyway? He recognized the voice – although barely – but he hadn't seen its owner. As much as he wished them too, however, his legs wouldn't stop moving. Terror seeped into him, and he sped forward.

I am afraid that running from your fate is futile. Such a sad, but unavoidable thing that destiny is…

But Neku didn't stop. He kept running.

It was only moments before the music-loving boy found himself cornered at the wall in Udagawa. How fitting that he would end up dying here again, just like he had the first time. He spun, finally getting a good look at his pursuer.

"Back off!" Neku yelled, standing in a defensive stance. Oh, if only he were in the UG, he could use his psychs…

The one that had chased Neku finally came into the light: it was none other than Sora himself, but with a major difference: rather than his normal self, his face was completely devoid of emotion, and the keyblade was gripped tightly in his hand. His eyes were blank, and not in the emotional sense – they glowed a soft, light blue. It would have been a comforting aura had it not made him look like an empty shell of sorts.

Why do you run? I am not your enemy.

The boy's voice troubled Neku the most. It was two sounds at once: Sora's own voice, and someone else's. While not malevolent, it still put Neku in a state of unease. He pressed his back to the graffiti-covered wall. "What makes you think I'll go with you?!" He demanded, not knowing what he was speaking of, but saying it anyway.

All you know and love will suffer if you do not.

"Is that a threat?" Neku snarled.

The twisted version of Sora looked to the side, and Neku followed his gaze. Shiki, Beat, and Rhyme stood trapped by a cage of twisting, writhing vines of darkness. Beat was busy holding his sister close and comforting her, while Shiki reached desperately through the bars for Neku. The proxy clenched his fists. "Shiki!"

They will stop at nothing to use you.

Neku spun back around. "Who?"

The enemy.

"Three cheers for being specific," Neku grumbled. "What does this enemy of yours want?"

They seek the power that sleeps within you.

He hesitated, absently placing a hand over his heart. "The power…that sleeps within me?"

Yes. Allow it to be awakened, and your friends will be free, but the enemy will stop at nothing to capture you unless you defeat them.

Neku clenched his teeth. More of this nonsense…hadn't he already done his share of heroics by now? "Why?" he asked angrily. "What do they want with-"

Sora interrupted him, lifting the keyblade, pointing its end directly at Neku. A light gathered at the tip, and Neku froze in terror.

Your journey has yet to begin, Neku Sakuraba. You could run from it, and thus abandon the safety of those you love, or throw yourself into danger's grip to protect them. There is no alternative.

The light burst forth. It slammed into him, drawing a scream from his throat…

Neku snapped up in bed, eyes wide and lungs screaming for air. It took him all of two seconds to realize that he had only been dreaming.

But how? It had felt so real

Glancing at the alarm clock, Neku sighed and stood, heading for the bathroom to get ready for the day. He and the others had a concert to put on, and his recent troubling dreams weren't helping his beauty sleep too much.

Even as he turned on the shower, the voice still resonated in his mind.

Your journey has yet to begin, Neku…

And there's your prologue, peeps. Sorry it's so short, but it IS a prologue. Hopefully it'll tide you over until chapter one, so stay tuned!