Special Secret: Distortion

"Our worlds are in discord. You know this."

"But we can't do much to stop it. Thanks to the heartless, everything's been messed around with."

"But what can we do? We no longer exist the way we should."

"Surely there must be a way to conclude this chaos. If we do not do something soon..."

Two faded figures had gathered in a void. One was an elderly lady, dressed in robes colored in earthly tones. In her hand was a large staff topped with a teal orb. Standing before her was a younger boy wearing a large, violet cloak, his face obscured. Both were partially transparent, their forms wavering in a spectral fashion.

The boy spoke with a tone more mature than one would expect. "More worlds than our own are at stake. If we are to restore them to the way they were, then we must take action immediately."

"And how do you suggest we do this? Surely our power alone will not be enough..."

"It won't," The boy replied. "But maybe the keybearer may be of some help to us."

The elderly woman started at this. "Sora? He is hardly older than-"

"I know," the boy interrupted. "That's what makes him so strong, I think. But he can't come alone. Our worlds are more dangerous than the others."

"Then what do you suggest we do?"

The boy folded his arms. "I have an idea, but we'll have to be quick. I'll need your help with this. If we combine our strengths, then we may be able to stem the flow of time before the destruction is absolute."

"What can you do?"

"Until my power is released, the most I can do is enter their dreams. Anything beyond that is up to them..."

And as they vanished, they returned to their worlds, wrought with chaos and trapped in an endless loop of time.

The tossing and turning wouldn't end. His dreams were filled with vague statements, one after another, from many sources. All jumbled up and forced together like that one puzzle piece that seems like a match but really isn't.

"Everything – your journey to come here, the battles you've fought – they mean nothing."

"They are using you! You people are nothing but puppets!"

"Even with that power, we cannot change what has passed..."

"We're all just blindly following orders. My heart and my will mean nothing to them."

"Why not ask your precious Phoenix?"

"This may be our last chance."

"Even a stray has his pride."

"Are you ready, you whom is one yet many?"

"Every story must have an ending."

Eyes snapped open from fitful slumber as the dream faded. Slowly, there was a grunt, and Sora pushed himself out fo his bed. He had dealt with strange dreams before – the one where he had first fought Darkside came to mind – but something about this one simply stuck with him and refused to let go. Something nagged strongly at the back of his mind, and it wasn't Roxas.

He never saw the figure of a young, hooded boy in his window.