Ash was in the shower. He had just finished a hard day of training and needed to relax. As he was doing the task, however, he noticed that he was out of shampoo.

"Crap. I can't just walk out like this and get some. Wait, I know"

May was sitting in her room watching T.V. It was the Pokemon Contest nationals.

"May!" Ash called from down the hall. "Can you bring me some shampoo?"

May looked outside her door agitated. "He has to ask me this now? Right in the middle of my one show I watch all year?"

May looked back at the T.V. Maybe she could make it back in time.

May quickly dashed in the hallway, digging through the closet for shampoo. Finally finding a bottle she dashed into the bathroom.

"Alright Ash I got your-"

"Oh and there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Wallace's Milotic let out a dazzling display of its beauty and grace. He has just become the top coordinator of the year. It is safe to say you will never see action like this again for years to come"

May looked out the bathroom door, her lip quivering.

She missed it. The one event she waited for all year. They didn't even show repeats of it. It was gone.

All because of some shampoo.

May then turned back towards the shower curtain. Anger burned in her eyes, but then it subsided to a smirk.

Walking over to the shower curtain May opened it all the way, revealing a very nude Ash.

Ash, who was clearly not expecting this, moved his hands down quickly to try and hide his 'pokeballs'

"May! What the hell are you doing?"

Using all her might to divert her eyes from Ash's body May reached over and cupped Ash's face, she leaned in and kissed him firmly on his mouth.

May could taste the water from the shower on his lips. She ignored this and flicked her tongue inside his mouth. Ash was clearly too shocked to make any protests, eventually he just held his arms around May's waist.

After a few seconds May pulled away from the embrace. Ash looked at her with a very confused look plastered on his face.

"What was tha-"

Ash was cut off as May shoved the bottle of shampoo in his hands.

"There's your shampoo Ash. Now you two enjoy your shower."

With a fleeting smile May closed the shower curtains and exited the bathroom. Ash stared at the curtain dumbfounded.

"You two?" Ash muttered to himself in confusion.

It was then that Ash became of the situation. Looking down he realized that his partner in crime had come out to play.


May sat outside the bathroom door. When she heard Ash yell she had to suppress the urge to bust out laughing. It seemed he had finally caught onto her plan. She then heard a brief pause as the water changed from hot to cold. At that she broke down laughing.

That would teach him to make her miss her show.

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