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"I really must stop relying on cars for transportation," Richard grumbled to himself as he came to a stop, staring up at the abandoned area around him. A large building covered in flowers, it almost seemed as if a tree itself were growing from the ground to cover it. He furrowed his brows, somehow believing it looked familiar, but he quickly processed it. Leafmore High... The school had been undergoing construction to reopen, but after reports of strange creatures being found in the basement, it had been slated for demolition.

While he wanted to believe that it would be as simple as walking in and finding Jun and Amy waiting for him, he doubted that was the case. If his instinct had led him there, it was within good reason. He knew the others would no doubt follow behind him eventually, especially with the two former Leafmore students in their party. Walking forward, through the demolished front doors, he saw the splendor of the school entrance had been practically torn apart. Now all that was left were the floral arrangements that decorated its every floor tiling. For what was left, anyways.

"It seems locating a living person should not be too difficult. There aren't many places left in this school." What hadn't been destroyed was mostly inaccessible thanks to the actual destruction takinng place. He shook his head and picked up his pace, heading towards the fallen back wall and making his way into the courtyard. The flowers grew in abundance, covering every inch of what would have been grass, even flowing by in the wind occasionally. "How very interesting," he mulled it, before his eyes trailed their gaze over to the left-hand side of the courtyard.

While most doors were obviously as in ruin as the rest of the school, he noticed one of the doors left ajar – one that led to the B hallway. Quickly, he made his way over and went into the hall, his shotgun glued to his hands as if he might need it at any moment. Making his way down the halls with caution, he narrowed his eyes at the sound of something rummaging through rubble up ahead. He noticed that while the hall was mostly in shape, there was a large hole further down, which looked as if somemthing large had previously busted through it. Looking at the decay of the mess, however, it seemed as if it had happened years ago as opposed to just recently.

Carefully leaning his body in to check what was making the noise, he found himself surprise to see that Jun, herself, was in the room, looking disheveled. Her face was red and she looked a bit shaken up, but not dysfunctional. At least it didn't seem she would be needing any saving this time, though it annoyed him his worry had been for nothing. Though why he cared was another matter entirely that he didn't want to focus on.

He rushed forward and rested his hand on her shoulder. She jerked, surprised by him suddenly approaching, a long metal desk leg in her hand. When she noticed that it was him, she forced herself not to raise it and looked back down at the rubble before grabbing something, standing up at full attention. "A-Amy is here. We have to find her!"

"That was what we were intending, though we figured you would be in trouble as well. You should know better than to run off on your own at a time like this." He scrutinized her panicked expression and sighed. "But you are not in the mood to be lectured and I'm frankly getting tired of doing it. It's good you are unharmed. Let's get to the others and see about finding Amy, okay?"

When he turned, he felt her reach up and grab his hand quickly to stop him. Turning to look at the woman with a questionable gaze, he watched as she lifted what she'd grabbed out of the rubble. It was a key. "It goes to the construction equipment around the gym outside. Just in case we need help getting around."

"Well, that is smart." Richard, genuinely impressed, took the key from her and nodded, motioning for her to fall in step behind him as he went forward, back into the hall. It was relatively abandoned, however. It looked as if nothing had been in there for ages, and whatever had been in there ages ago had been relatively violent. Normally, he'd be inquisitive enough to ask Shannon or Stan about it, but he somehow figured that they would not wish to speak of the events to anyone, especially not now.

Not that it would matter for much longer.

As he walked, he glanced at the fragile woman behind him, clad in such colorful clothing, standing in such a darkened place. Both literally and mentally. How strong she was, he marveled, to keep pushing forward in such a hopeless situation. To keep going despite losing her sister, nearly losing her own life, and... he shook the thoughts out of his head, frowning. He would burn that determined face into his mind, and think of her willpower now, when he also felt that he needed it. It would have been so much simpler if she had been anyone else.

As they stepped back into the courtyard, they saw the others there, as expected, all huddled together planning what to do next. When Richard approached them with Jun, they stopped long enough to acknowledge their presence before Shannon started going over what to do next. The only one to step away from them was Corey, who made his way to Jun in a hurry, looking her over for any injuries or trauma.

"Are you okay?" He looked at her tenderly, as if taking care of his own younger sister. Considering the circumstances, she didn't seem particularly surprised. Perhaps to him, she was the only remaining piece of Mei. She nodded at him, smiling weakly. She hadn't liked him, but his attitude throughout all of this had changed that. She found herself in some kind of platonic friendship with him, even if it went unspoken that they were suddenly on good terms.

"Yes. Thanks for your worry." She tried to get a little bit of her spunk back and gave him a quick thumbs up before both of them turned to look at the others. Richard had gone off to the side to punch into his cellphone, probably trying to see if they had a signal at all.

"So Sven and Corey will go look for Amy, then. The rest of us can take a look around and see if we find anything interesting." Shannon nodded at this plan, looking over at Stan for approval. He gave her a soft look and smiled in return, noticeably glad to have been paired up with her. The two men to set off for Amy approached each-other and nodded, but before they could go, Richard stepped up.

"Here, take this. Jun found the key to the construction equipment, so you can use it to get around easier."

"Good!" Sven snatched it from his hand like it was the holy grail and didn't waste any time in dragging Corey off to find the bouncy blonde. Shannon and Stan broke off to make their way towards the former library area, presumably to see if anything was left from it. Jun watched them disappear before turning to look at her former professor. He looked up at her once he noticed her gaze.

"I'm afraid I'm going to have to stay here. I think I may know of something to help our situation, but I need time to test it out." She nodded at his explanation, then looked around. His gaze lingered on her before he looked down at his phone again. "You should try and check the gym. The place is probably still standing."

"Yeah, you're right." Jun headed off in that direction, but stopped when felt Richard lean forward to catch her shoulder. He held out his shotgun to her and nodded towards the desk leg in her hand.

"Trade with me. You'll need this more than I do. Can't have you going and getting yourself killed after all the trouble we've gone through to keep you alive." Jun frowned, knowing he meant Mei when he said that. She took the gun from him and stared at it for a long moment before shaking her head.

"I didn't get a chance to properly thank you, did I? So thanks... for saving my life. If you hadn't of shown up at the dorms, I would be..." She trailed off, not wanting to say it. She raised her gaze to him. "Thanks, Mr. James."

Richard studied her, and through his stoney expression, she could tell he was surprised by her words. He nodded his head at her in acceptance to her gratitude. "I... would not do it differently. Now scamper off."

Jun rolled her eyes and turned away from him to rush towards the gum, unaware of the man staring guiltily at her retreating form. She jumped when she heard a collapsing sound in the distance, and sighed. She wouldn't doubt that Sven and Corey were putting that key to use. Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, she made her way to the gym, only to see the aforementioned men making their way through the other side. They'd made a large hole in the wall to get through to the parking lot area on the other side of it.

Sighing, she hoisted herself over the rubble and into the large gym. The place had seen better days; rubble was everywhere and there was a giant hole in the floor with large, dead roots coming out of it. It looked like some of the construction people had tried to get rid of it, but had failed miserably.

She bypassed it and made her way over to the changing rooms on the far side of the gym. The boys locker room was open, as if someone had left it only recently, while the girls locker room was locked from the inside. She made her way into the boys locker room and walked quietly down the length of it, glancing down the different rows she passed. She stopped when she saw an old gym back on one of the seats and walked forward to look at it. Who would have left there stuff there?

She moved a jacket out of the way and noticed worn writing on one of the zippers that read K.M. She tilted her head, pursing her lips. Unzipping it, she saw a set of male basketball garbs, along with a cellphone. Pulling the phone out, she was surprised to find it still alive when she held down the power button. As it opened, she almost dropped it when the phone greeted itself with 'Welcome back, Kenny!'

It was Kenny's? So all those stories... Well, she really had no room to be making fun of them with what was currently happening, but...

A new message popped up and she frowned, pressing the button to open it. It was from someone she didn't recognize, but the contents made her feel uneasy.

Kenny, look, I... I know we haven't talk a lot since what happened at Leafmore, but I just want to know you're okay. Ever since that happened, it's like you closed yourself off, and you rarely ever talk to us anymore. Except for Shannon, but even then, you avoid her. A lot happened, but there were more people than just you at Leafmore. We all went through it together, and we should be able to move on together.

Josh and I are going to be heading back to Leafmore to see if we can find anything else out about what happened there. If you... want to talk after we get back, I'd be really happy to see you. Can we just... start over?

-Ashley Thompson.

Jun shook her head, sighing. An old friend of his? Shannon had mentioned there being five people at Leafmore with them. She obviously hadn't been aware he'd left this here. Or maybe she just thought he was ignoring her. Slowly, she dropped the phone back into the bag and leaned back, closing her eyes.

She jolted back to reality, however, at the sound of the door slamming against the wall. Eyes widening, she heard a few grunts and footsteps that let her know she had a visitor – and not one of her group, either. Looking around, she found an open locker and squeezed herself into it, quietly closing the door and covering her mouth.

She reminded herself to do everything opposite of what she'd seen in horror games and movies; no panting, no crying, no alerting whoever was there. She waited in the dark as the footsteps got closer, her heart rate picking up at the sound of a revving chainsaw. "Auguugh!" Whoever it was made a growling noise and shoved his chainsaw into the lockers, as if he knew someone had hid in them. Closing her eyes, she slid down as far as she could in the tight space, muttering to herself mentally to keep from freaking out.

Closer the footsteps got, and closer the chainsaw got. She wondered if this thing was only doing this for sick kicks or if he was actually aware of her presence. When he got to her row, she pressed her hands together, wishing she had her keychain with her, but not knowing where she'd left it. She opened her eyes and looked at the shotgun sitting opposite of her in the locker and narrowed her eyes.

If she was going down, it was not going to be by cowering in a locker. Just as his chainsaw hit the metal, she grabbed her shotgun and dove out of the locker, raising it to meet the barrel to a deformed, disgusting face. She recoiled for a moment before pulling the trigger. The bullet hit him in one of his meaty cheeks, and he stumbled back, letting out a loud roar that only vaguely sounded human.

Taking that as her shot, she ran past him for her life, slamming through the door back out into the gym. She stopped short of the dark hole in the floor, and turned to see the man exiting the room, his face covered in blood with his own flesh just barely staying intact. She narrowed her eyes at him as he revved his chainsaw again, yelling out words she couldn't begin to comprehend.

From off to the side, she heard another chainsaw, however, and looked to see Corey covered in blood, anger and hatred in his eyes as he looked at the deformed man. "Like hell you'll get away with this! Your daddy is dead! Where are you going to run to now, asshole!"

The monstrosity turned to face Corey with an angered look and both of them ran at each-other, her presence having been forgotten. Their chainsaws clashed, both of them beginning to push back and forth, attempting to get the saw into the other's face.

Jun pumped the shotgun in her hand and walked forward, aiming at him fervently. "I am so sick of this," she growled, before pulling the trigger, hitting him in his lifted arm. This caused him to faulter, allowing Corey to get the advantage on him. He pushed the chainsaw into his neck, turning his head as blood splattered in every which direction, not that he wasn't already covered in blood anyways.

Watching as the body fell to the floor, some parts in pieces, Jun turned her gaze away, covering her forehead with her hand. "Oh god..."

Corey yelled obscenities behind her before falling silent. He wasn't done seething yet, though, she could tell. "He killed Sven," he spat, his eyes narrowed.

Jun jumped at that, turning to face him. "What? When!"

Corey just shook his head, holding no interest in answering her question. "We found Amy... let's just... go back..." Turning on his heels, he made his way out of the gym, leaving Jun to stare into emptiness before lowering her head to follow him dejectedly.

Another one. Another one of them was dead. First Mei, then Sven... How many would they lose before this was over?

Both of them remained quiet as they traversed back to the group, whom were all standing around Amy as she held her stomach, muttering in pain. Jun's eyes widened at the sight. "What... happened to her?"

Shannon just looked up at him, shaking her head. There was something in her eyes that screamed Kenny was involved. She had a sibling; she knew the looks people got when they didn't want to talk about them. "You don't want to know..."

Jun bit her tongue, already thinking she had a feeling, but not wanting to voice it for the life of her. She looked around them, then furrowed her brows. "Where... is Richard?"

Stan shrugged. "Dude was already gone when we got here."

Jun's eyes widened, a noticeable sense of worry overtaking her features. "He...? You don't think something took him! We have to find him if-" She cut off when she heard the sound of a vehicle entering the courtyard, all of them turning to see a large white van approaching them. It u-turned and came to a stop so that the back doors were facing them, much like an ambulance. Watching in confusion as a group of official looking men came out, it wasn't until Richard James exited the front of the car that she relaxed. "Oh, you're okay. Who are these people?"

He glanced over at her indifferently, but his lips seemed to twitch to avoid frowning, as if he were unhappy to see her back already. "Unfortunately, there has been a change in plans. You see, Miss Brookes now carries something very valuable to research, and I'm afraid we're going to be taking her with us for... those purposes."

Everyone stared at him, all confused, as if he had just spoken to them in a different language. Jun didn't look at the other men with him; just Richard. "...what?"

He didn't bother explaining again and simply motioned forward for them to grab the now defenseless girl. She was only half conscious, and what little bit of her was awake, it was in pain. Jun watched in horror as they reached down and grabbed her forcefully away from Shannon, whom didn't hesitate to try and push them away, but ended up being pushed away herself by one of the burlier men. A stretcher was brought out from the car and Amy was placed on it. Corey had to be held back by Stan as he shouted obscenities and death threats to the men putting her away.

Jun only stood in horror, not entirely sure what she should do at this point. As the men got Amy loaded into the car and started to get back inside, themselves, Richard turned to leave but froze, turning to face her. It was almost as if time stood still for both of them.

She could see behind his mask of indifference, she could see the guilt on his face that he tried so desperately to hide. He, in turn, could see the shock, horror, and most of all, hurt on her features. A student that he had disliked had become a person he truly did want to protect, and he honestly hoped that she got out of this alive, despite the outcome.

She didn't say a word. There was nothing that could be said, because her disgust was mixed in with so many other things. He was the only one to speak. "Jun, if things had been different..." He slowly trailed off, closing his eyes and pressing his fingers against his forehead. "...Don't die."

He disappeared into the drivers seat, and it wasn't until the engined revved that she got ahold of herself. Watching as the car pulled away, she growled and ran after it, though it was useless. "How could you! Give her back! AMY!"

Before she could get too far, she felt someone slam into her from behind and hold her back. Corey had his arm wrapped around her, preventing her from going any further, but she had a feeling it was begrudgingly on his behalf. All of them stood there in silence, unable to voice words for what had just happened, until Shannon, ever the strong one, spoke up.

"They're heading to the football field. We can still catch them!" Shannon tugged Stan's hand and both of them took off, following by Corey as he beckoned Jun to follow. She watched their figures retreat for a moment before turning her gaze to her shotgun. Tightening her grip on it, she threw it to the ground, angrily.

"You son of a-" She cut off and shook her head violently, as if to kill off all her thoughts of him. Every single kind word, glance, or feeling she'd thrown his way since his rescuing of her. It was the thought of her sister that forced her to move her feet and follow into the steps of the others, but she had already fallen quite far behind.

She found herself slowing down as time went on, knowing her exhaustion was catching up with her. Leaning over on her knees, she closed her eyes, listening to the rustling of the flowers. She briefly wondered what had gone on with Corey and Sven where they had gone, or what had truly been going on every time she wasn't with one of them. She stood there for what must have been several minutes, replaying the events of the last night in her head, her eyes slowly opening to stare at the ground below her. As she lifted her head, she noticed the stone walkway separating her from the football field was void of people.

Had they run that quickly?

She forced herself to keep going, to take another step and then another. It was slow and painful, her walk to the stadium, but it was in a way relaxing. All these burdens around her, and she knew they were about to come to an end. It was a gut feeling, as if the sunrise in the distance was somehow a sign. Picking up her speed, she made one last run for it, making her way to the stadium. She heard a gunshot along the way, followed by quiet, and assumed that the others must've run into something. While it took her a bit of time to close the distance, she ran into the stadium at last minute to see a battle starting up between Stan, Shannon, and... Kenny?

Hatred filled her chest immediately at the sight of the monstrous man – no, he couldn't be called that anymore. Her eyes scanned past the fighting as she noticed the body of Corey off to the distance. She froze in place, feeling her chest knot up. It was impossible. He'd been there minutes ago, alive and well. Maybe broken mentally and physically, but well, nonetheless. Slowly, carefully, she started to walk towards him before breaking out into a run, not hearing Shannon's screams at her to stay back as she went into the middle of the field.

"Corey!" Jun dropped down beside him and shook him violently, as if that would make him wake up. Perhaps she didn't notice the self-inflicted bullet hole in his head... perhaps she chose not to notice it. "Corey, wake up! You cannot die after we've made it this far! What about Mei! She would kill you if she knew that-that... goddammit, WAKE UP!" She pounded on his chest like an angry child, then slouched over, tears pricking at her eyes.

She had remained strong through it all, but what was she supposed to do now? All she had to do was push herself a little longer. A little further. She would be free then, right? If she could just hang in there... She looked up just in time to notice Stan and Shannon frantically running towards her, shouting at her words she could hear. They were waving their hands around, aiming their guns and preparing to take fire. Yes. All she had to do was fight one last battle.

The colorful teen grit her teeth and pushed herself to stand up, but the moment her heels made contact with the ground, she felt a ripping pain in her chest. Eyes widening, she let out a choked cough, which was accompanied by blood that poured out from her mouth. Blinking in confusion, she slowly tilted her head down enough to see a deformed hand had been shoved through her chest. Her eyes seemed to glaze over with understanding as Kenny ripped his limb from her body, causing her to fall to the ground with a gurgling choke.

She saw Shannon and Stan jump back into battle immediately, but she could not hear their screams of anger thrown towards Kenny, nor could she hear him taunting them in return. She could only feel the pain in her chest as her body jerked, before her lungs felt as if they collapsed.


Slowly, the teen exhaled, closing her eyes as she reached out in an attempt to grab Corey's arm. It was odd, she thought to herself as she felt her mind drift away, how she felt her hatred dissipate once the black void closed around her.

But, she'd fought, hadn't she? Up until the very last moment. She nor her sister could have asked for anything more.

Richard glanced behind him as he saw the black aurora rising from Amy's unconscious body, before turning his attention back to the helicopter controls, somehow knowing that the fight below him had ended. He sighed quietly, somehow also already knowing what was about to happen. He prided himself on being a logical man, after all. He should have known such a task would not be as simple as all this.

Though, he highly doubted the last few hours had proven very 'simple'.

He released the controls of the helicopter and leaned back as the aurora took over the entire aircraft, his fingers thumbing around his pocket until he found what he was looking for. He pulled out Jun's keychain and stared at it, a soft look coming to his features at the ridiculous little animal it was shaped to be. Somehow it fit her. Both her and her sister, honestly.

As the helicopter overloaded from the essence coming out of Amy, he only found himself hoping that Jun Wang survived this.

"Man... you think it's finally over?" Stan looked at Shannon after having awkwardly backed out of a kiss, the black aurora fading from the sky as bits of the exploded helicopter fell back to earth. She turned to face him again and took a step back from him, running her hand along the shotgun in her grasp.

"I don't know," she answered earnestly, her gaze locking with his eagerly. He offered her a smile, and he saw her determination return to her. "But it is time to cut all family ties... once and for all." She hoisted the gun up onto her shoulder and walked past him, heading towards the exit of the field. She glanced at the bodies of Corey and Jun regretfully, but knew it made her resolve all the stronger.

Stan stared back up where the helicopter had exploded for a moment longer before turning to face her. An somewhat amused smile spread across his lips, despite this being a terrible time for such emotions. He followed after the woman hurriedly.

"Rock and roll, baby. Rock and roll."

Horror Games: End

I had originally planned for both Corey and Jun to live, but I wanted to keep the ending canon when I thought about it. I'm sorry if the ending seems a tad rushed or anything of the sort; I truly just wanted to be able to end this story while I had any inspiration left for it at all.

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