Alpha's Escape

The treatment was complete, as the chair went upright again, Alpha looked into his Agents eyes, his own were blank, as was his face, no signs of his latest engagment present.

Topher stepped back from his panel, waiting for them to say their lines, he honestly had no idea what the Agents name was, he'd tried once to get to know him but the Agent had turned him down everytime. Said something that this was work or something, so Topher never said anything to him after that, not even hello.

"Did I fall asleep?"

"For a little while."

Alpha looked at Topher, as if seeing him for the first time, but with a plain look, this wasn't new to either of them. Dollhouse had erased his memories, but also made sure to leave some humanity left. Everyone were as innocent as children.


"Hello, Alpha. How are you feeling?"

"I feel.."

Something changed, Alpha flinched and turned his head towards the Agent again, Topher had never seen anyone act like this before, it felt and looked wrong, but the Agent didn't seem to notice or care, he after all belived that the "dolls" as he called them, were harmless. But considering that Alpha recently had been on an engagment involving dangerous identities, it was safe to say that the Agent was somewhat wrong. Topher wasn't even sure if all those identites could be mixed together, but the Buyer had wanted something special, something uniqe and so Alpha became just that and Topher suddenly, for the first time, wondered if the treatment had failed to complete its purpose.

Before Topher could ask Alpha anything, the Agent spoke.

"Everything's gonna be allright"

"Now that..."

Alpha stopped again, this time the warning-signals went hay-wire inside Tophers head, his eyes became huge and he quickly started to look for something to do, he was att loss, this WASN'T supposed to happen and again the Agent didn't look bothered by it all. Alpha spoke again.

"..I'm here"

Topher freezed, the Agent frowned and looked at Topher, only to find Alpha standing infront of him with an ugly sneer on his face. Finally he realized that everything was wrong and also understood why Topher had moved away, but before he could reach his gun he felt something penetrate his left side, looked down and saw Alpha's hand holding a impressive looking small knife, where had that come from?


Bad idea, thought Topher as Alpha quikly turned his head, still holding on to the knife, keeping eye contact with him. He forced the knife further inside and upward, as if he was a blind man painting a canvas and Topher's voice was his inspiration.

The Agent spat out blood on Alpa's face and he in turn roughly jerked out the knife, kneed the agent in the groin, grabbed his head as the Agent fell forward and twisted it to the side, a sickening sound almost echoed throughout the room, all the while still keeping his eyes on Topher with a calm expression, but his eyes betrayed him.

"Uhm.. Okay, let's be resonable, the guy was a jerk, right?"

Alpha still held the Agents twisted head in his hands, Topher tried not to look at the body but his eyes would't obey so he kept talking.

"That doesn't mean you get to kill him, you know?"

Still no reaction and Topher was getting nervous.

"So.. Uhm.. Alpha? "

And suddenly Alpha threw the agent to the side and Topher jumped, turned to run, but didn't get far as he felt Alpha grab his arm and knock him to the wall. A fog started to blur his vision and then everything turned to black.

Thank you, watchingmewatchingu, for all you're help, basically ever other word came from you and you didn't even know what I was writting ;) "Stavas det så? Stavas de så?" (swedish for "did I spell it right?") Without you this wouldn't have been made, thanks for introducing me to the "Dollhouse" !