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Becoming the Inventor

It was really cliché, how the smoke hung thickly in the air. Like an old blanket trying to hide all the sins the occupants were talking, thinking or hell, doing. The bar was badly lit as well, people were scattered around, either sitting by the bar or booths, the latter were loud and the first; quiet.

But still it gave away a feeling of home, were you knew you were always welcomed, no matter what hour, day or month, didn't matter if you were dressed poorly or if you'd decided to bring that awful looking whore down the street. It was home.

And he had somehow found himself working as a bartender there, listening on all the complaints of how unfair life really was, it never mattered if he or she had a porshe, there was always something you could complain about and he found himself loathing them. He also found it easy to relate to all their story, because of all the imprints he remembered and because of that reason, it wasn't a surprise for him when he noticed how the costumers favoured him, praised him and tipped him.

What did surprise him thou, was when one costumer, a male who came quit frequently when he thought about it, never did complain or brought someone with him, or left with someone. He was always alone, sitting and drinking and staring straight ahead. His entire demeanour screamed depression, but he kept it to himself and Alpha couldn't be more grateful for it.

Stephen Kepler, that was his name. As faith would have it, Alpha's favourite costumer was no other than then the very same man who had built The Dollhouse!

This of course, was nothing that Stephen just told Alpha out of the blue, had he known this sooner, he'd slit his throat as soon as he'd seen how quiet he was. No, this was something he learned by putting pieces together. Stephen did occasionally talk, always on the phone though and what little was said, of course got Alpha's attention.

Underground buildings …. Air ducts …. Running water …. Windows with fake views, because it makes you believe you're actually above ground and not under, you know? …. Weird company …. people living …. doing yoga, can you believe it? …. Top secret, don't spread it ….

It took him a month to lay out his plan, longer then he normally would've liked. But it couldn't have been done sooner, given the fact that, well, all his facts were loose. In the end he went with the simple plan, ask questions and take it from there. Ridiculous, right?

He almost felt lazy these days. Wonder what Adelle would think? She probably wouldn't care.

"Another beer?"

"Yeah, sure."

"Listen, don't say anything, but this one? On the house!"

"Wow, thanks."

Make it seem like your friends, that's how you get closer to your enemies. Simple as that.

"Listen.. I gotta ask you something."

"Uh, sure, what's up?"

"I've sort of heard what you've been talking about on the phone.."

"...That's private!"

"...Come on, you can't leave me hanging here?"

"Thanks for the beer, but I gotta go."

Leave a trail of crumble, and the mouse will come to the trap. Give it time.

"Hey, you!"

"Yeah? Stephen, right?"

"Uh, how did you know my name?"

"You answered your phone..? Anyway, name's John."

"Right, okay, John. I just wanted to apologise for last night, I feel like an jackass."

"Hey, it's okay, man. I understand, I'm just curious you know?"

"Yeah, well it's kind of.. Secret, you know?"

"Say no more. How about the usual?"

"Sounds great!"

Pretend like you don't care, it's basic reversed psychology. Make the confession come to you.

"Stephen, my man! Where'd you been?"

"Well, you know.... Around?"

"Busy with work, huh? Let me get you a beer."

"Uh, John.. Can I talk to you for a second?"

"Sure, what's up?"

Alpha took the night off and they went walking and just like that, he got Stephen to open up about what he was doing, did and had done. Keeping his calm wasn't easy when the Dollhouse was brought up, but he pretended to be the curious bartender that was completely blown away. Like it was all new to him.

"So what you're saying is.. If I have enough cash, I can just go there and 'buy' myself a date? Or like uhm.. A friend? That's just bullshit!"

"No, I'm telling you John, this place? It's real and it's right here in Los Angeles!"

"Ha, yeah, right! Whatever you're smoking, I want some!"

Talk about lucky shot, as it turns out, Stephen did a little something else on the side and yeah, he sure did have something that he smoked. After that comment, he took him to his apartment and Alpha nearly doubled over with laughter when he saw his stash of greens.

"Damn, are you serious?"

"Oh this? Why not call it carrots if it makes you feel better?"

Stephen actually laughed at his lame joke and that's when Alpha decided it wasn't funny any more, this tiny shit-apartment was going to be his new home and there was just one thing he had to do about it. Remove and become Stephen Kepler.

It was almost sad how easy that was.


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