Walking in a WWF Winter Wonderland


Chapter 1- Baby it's cold outside


Disclaimer: U no the drill, I don't own ne characters, Vince, WWFE do, I get no money, don't sue!

Scene: It's Christmas at the WWF, Turkey's getting fat… and Vince has decided in his infinite wisdom, to stick all the WWF and some alliance members into a big ole mansion, decorated allll Christmassy and see what happens, who will get pressies, who will get mince pie on their faces and what will happen in the season of goodwill to all men and…Austin. Happy holidays everyone!

Superstars involved (More might come later, depending on who I forget!) Hardyz, Lita, Jericho, Rock, Kurt, Austin, Edge, Christian, R.V.D, Dudleys, Stacey K. Trish, Steph, Hurricane Helms, Mighty Molly, DDP, Perry Saturn, Torrie, Tajiri, Taker, Kane, Mick, Debra and many more…possibly


/Limo pulls up outside a big ole mansion, with snow falling everywhere and lots of fairy lights, A lot of superstars and huddled outside the mansion, most wearing minimal clothing being this is the WWF/

Vince: /Getting out of limo/ Well, 'tis the season, I don't really expect you to be jolly after spending about 45 minutes in the snow but you could look a little more cheerful Damnit! Now, I don't suppose many of you know why you're here, being you were plucked from your rooms at an obscene time of the morning, (some nodding)

Kurt: (putting his hand up) Ooo, ooo Mr. McMahon!

Vince: Yes Kurt?

Kurt: We're here so that sorry S.O.B's like Austin don't get in trouble while you're in the Bahamas for Christmas, and that heroes like me can be truly appreciated by all and set a good example at Christmas to all these unappreciative people whose asses I saved at Survivor Series!

Austin: What?

Unseen crowd: WHAT?

Austin: What?


Austin: WHAT?!

Kurt: Shut up!

Vince:…Uh actually Kurt, it's to boost ratings and I don't have to do a goddamn thing! HAHA!

Kurt: (Admiringly) Wow, you're a genius sir!

Austin: Jackass!

Kurt: Genius!

Austin: Jackass!

Kurt: Genius!

Austin: Jackass!

Kurt: Genius!


Y2J: Hey Bitch!

Rock: You ditched all the fans you don't need a popularity line no more, punkass

 Moose humping Jabroni!

Y2J: Still…

Mick: All of you shut up!

Vince: Hey wait a sec? Didn't I fire you? YOU'RE FI-

Mick:(Quickly) I QUIT! (runs off)


Vince: Okay then! So you all go and unpack, find your rooms, and have a merry Christmas! Hahaha! (mutters) Dumbasses.

(All watch Vince get into the limo and speed off, then turn to face the doors)

RVD: This is gonna be cool.

Kurt: Yeah, Santa is the best, he loves milk and cookies!

Rock: I think you should shut up now unless you want the Rock to take his stocking, shine it up real nice and shove it-

Jeff: Can we go inside now? I think the rest of me is as blue as my hair!

DDP: That's not a bad thing, that's a good thing (Gives his big, scary smile)

Jeff: Riiight!

Rock: Did you just interrupt the Rock? Let's get one thing straight Jabroni's nobody in-

Y2J: I wonder how big our rooms are?

Rock: Oh that's it! You are asking for it now!

Austin: Do you know what my watch is saying?

Kurt: Do we really care? WOO

Taker: Look Ric Flair wannabe, I deserve some damn respect! Now my ass is freezing here, think about poor Trish and Steph, the gel in their boobs is gonna have frozen!

Jeff: I'll warm 'em up Trish!

Trish: Oooookay… I'm fine thanks Jeff, thanks though!

Steph: Why does no-one wanna warm up mine?

Y2J: Do you want the list?

Austin: WHAT? Listen to me!

U.C: What?

Austin: What? WHAT? WHAT!?

Hurricane: What is up with that?

RVD: Oh it's cool!

Matt: Oh God.

Jeff: Do I look blue to you Matt?

Matt: No Jeff, you are fine.

Stacey: (Bending over) Does my ass look blue?

Matt: Whoa! It looks fine too Stacey

Y2J: Why do girls not do that to me?

Jeff: Oh Jericho that's easy, girls dig us man!

Lita: (Tackling Stacey) YOU SKANKY HO!

Trish: Lemmie help!

Matt: Ladies, please!

DDP: That's not a bad thing-


Perry: Polar bears eat Christmas cards to save electricity bills!

Christian: What the fuck is with him, seriously?

Edge: Probably listened to your entrance music for too long, too much crap can warp your mind…Now my music on the other hand, REEKS OF AWSOMENESS!

Mighty Molly: Your music citizen Edge, is very provocative as is your ring attire, most of the ladies of the WWF will identify, especially Miss Keibler showing her derrière.

Hurricane: Testify Mighty Molly!

D-von: HEY!

Torrie: Maybe if we all stop ripping off each others lines…

DDP: Torrie, that isn't a ba-


Kurt: Look, lets go inside, I need some warm milk and my teddy!

Rock: The Rock says, God help us, everyone!


More up on the 12th, if I get some reviews pwease? You can have some milk and cookies!