Walking In A WWF Winter Wonderland


Chapter 6- Oh I wish it could be Christmas EVERYDAY!


A.N: Well my friends, it looks like the end… Christmas day, the WWF has done it's duty while Vince is partayin' in the sun! So this might be a lil bit longer, as it is the end…or is it? If I get some inspiring then maybe not, reviews might help too ;) who knows maybe we could make this an annual tradition? Anyway enough of my soppy rambling… enjoy!



/Steph and Y2J wake up, they are lying on the kitchen table wrapped around each other, Kurt wakes from the coffee table that he is slumped on, a cookie plastered in crumbs to his forehead, Jeff yawns and stretches from the treetop, DDP coughs, everyone thunders down the stairs/


Lita: Santa has come!

Kurt: You better believe it!

Austin: /ripping open stocking/ OOOOOO I GOT ME SOME STEVEWISERS A WHOLE LOAD OF EM!

Steph: /turning to Y2J/ What did we do last night?

Y2J: Whatever it was slut, it made me mighty sore! And rather tired…

Steph: We…

Y2J: Oh we….

Steph: was I good?

Y2J: No complaints here you must've got loadsa practice after all huh?

Steph: Damn straight.

Y2J: Steph, I know this is a little sudden but… will you marry me?

All: *GASP!


/She leaps onto him again and they start rolling on the table and making out/

/Stacey sidles up to Matt/

Stacey: Thanks for the kiss last night Matty

Matt: My pleasure Stacey.

Stacey: /Getting down on one knee/ Matt will you marry me?

All: *GASP

Matt: It would be my pleasure.

/Matt leaps into Stacey's arms and the two start kissing too/

Lita: …..HOLY CRAP!

Shane: Lita will you marry me?

/Lita glances at Matt and Stacey/

Lita: Yes Shane!

All: *GASP

Jeff: Kurt will you marry me?

Kurt: Oh it's true, its damn true

All: Awww

/Kurt and Jeff both sit up/

Both: AHHHH!

Jeff: I had the most awful nightmare, Matt married Stacey and Lita marred Shane!

Kurt: Me too, and Steph and Y2J too! Oh and Jeff? NEVER PROPOSE TO ME, or I'll hand you your ass in a paper bag okay?

Jeff: ….OKAY! WOOOWEEE we had the same dream Kurt, how coincidental!

Kurt: /looks over at Y2J and Steph, who are just waking due to screaming/ Well that still happened…

Steph: Shit! What did we do?

Y2J: dunno, but I'm mighty sore, and hungry…

Steph: I can't believe I…with YOU!

Y2J: Me neither… was I good?


Steph&Y2J: HUH?

Kurt: never mind…

Steph: YUK! I can't believe I had so little taste!

Y2J: YOU? You're the SLUT! I'm just another conquest to you, things will never EEEVVVVERRR BE THE SAME NOW!

/Steph Gags and runs off to the bathroom as the rest come downstairs/

Austin: /squeals like little girl and runs to stocking/ BEER! BEER BY THE BARRELFUL!


Stacey: Aww man!

Taker: /stomps down the stairs, rips open stocking, coal falls everywhere/ THIS ISN'T VERY RESPECTFUL… (starts bawling) SANTA DOESN'T RESPECT ME!!! (note falls out) r-e-s-p-e-c-t, dunno what that means to me, respect others and you'll soon see, r-e-s-p-e-c-t you are mean so  you wont get any! Santa xxx

Kane: /Shrieks and crawls away, Kurt hands him his stocking/ Wow water, now I don't need to worry!

Shane: That's the most you've said for a looong time!

Kane: Tis the season!

/Others open theirs, Y2J gets a pin and some cleaning fluid, Matt and Jeff get some new tights and see thru tops, Lita gets a new lip liner, Shane gets a new kendo stick, Steph gets a balloon pump and a top that says, don't touch what you can't afford, RVD gets a bottle of chill pills, Debra gets a new cookie tray, Dudleys get a new table, Edge gets a new leather coat, Christian gets some new shades, Trish gets a cowboy hat and lipgloss, Hurricane Helms gets a new cape, Mighty Molly gets a new head band, Perry gets a new Moppy, etc…/

Y2J: I understand the polish but what's with the pin.

Edge: Dude, it's to pop your inflated ego!

Y2J: Ohhh…

Stacey: I got what I wanted last night…aint that right Matty?

Matt: What?

Austin: OI!

Rock: Shut the hell up!

Y2J: Hey!

Stacey: You kissed me!

Matt: Did not!

Stacey: I got photo proof, /whips out a whip../ Oops wrong pocket! /tries other and pulls out a photo of Matt kissing her/

Jeff: (singing) I saw Matty kissing Stacey k…Underneath the mistletoe last night…what fun it would've been if Lita had only seen… Matty kissin Stacey k laaaast niiiight!

Matt: Shut it pig face!

Jeff: Now, now! Honor thy Brother and sister,

Kurt: That's mother and father dork!

Jeff: Now, now Kurt! Who's the dork eh? Matt aint my daddy! OR ARE YOU?

Matt: Jeff, shut up!

Lita: Matt I am rather upset by all this, shes skanky!

Trish: Yeah you should've got for someone with a little meat on her bones….

Steph: My services are always available!

Matt: Has the world gone insane?

Shane: I said that two chapters ago!

Jeff: Hey dude, you married my brothers girl!

All: HUH?

Kurt: ignore Him, long night.

/Everyone plays with their toys for a while, Kane goes and starts cooking dinner, so does Shane and Perry follows on hands and knees (?!)

Kane: (back later with a big platter) HI all! Here is my pretty little turkey, tuck in DHARLINGS!

Shane: And I made some nice little veggies, loads of Brussels, gotta put some hair on all those waxed chests!

Perry: WOOF!

Shane: That's right honey!


Shane: C'mere sexy!


Austin: WHAT? I'm gonna carve the damn turkey.

Y2J: What gives you the right? I am (strikes dramatic pose) THE UNDISPUTED CHAMP!

Rock: Whoa, whoa, whoa, WHOA!  I am the Rock, I am the PEOPLES CHAMP AND I SHOULD COOK THE TURKEY (leaps onto the table) IF YA SMEEEELLLLLLL WHAT THE ROCK……IS COOKIN? (does eyebrow)

Kurt: (whining) You spilled my milk….

Kane: well sweetie you didn't COOK the turkey did ya?

Jeff: /makes a grab for the carving knife/ Alalalal!

/abruptly stops when Austin sticks it against his head/

Jeff: Okay, you carve it!

Y2J: No me!

Rock: What in the blue hell is up with you!

/All biggest superstars argue and start wrestling on the floor in a heap/

/Perry watches all of them interestedly, looks at the abandoned knife and carves the turkey/

Y2J: Hey! Freak of the forest carved the bird!

Austin: WHAT?

Rock: Hey why should he? I wanted to!

Jeff: /tucking into turkey/ Tough, too late!

/ Everyone tucks into turkey and pulls crackers and then party until night, everyone packs their bags and go outside/

/screech of tires/

Vince: /very tanned/ Hello everyone, I've been watching the ratings of the show and they are through the roof, no need to fire anyone! In fact, I might hire that wee Irish leprechaun and that blonde girl…

Matt: YAY!

Lita: Grr.

Kurt: Well sir, poor Eggbert is probably gonna be a bit busy, all the promotions he gets, he's probably gonna be the Easter bunny next time!

Jeff: See Matt, the Easter bunny is as real as Santa!

Matt: Yes Jeff…

Vince: well everyone say goodbye to one another, you can all get a week off as a reward… NOT! HAHAHA I CRACK MYSELF UP! TIME OFF HAHAHA! /wanders back off to the limo/ SEE YOU ON MONDAY!

/superstars all sigh and Steve sticks his finger up at the retreating limo, Jeff picks up one of Steve's beer's from his open suitcase and lobs it at the limo/

Austin: HEY! WHAT! YOU LIL MEALY MOUTHED SOB IM GONNA GIT YOU! /chases Jeff, who trips over Y2J's championship, which makes him growl and chase Jeff too, the Rock runs after Jericho, Kurt kisses Stacey again, Matt drinks some more of Kurts milk, Perry dances with Shane, Taker pulls a soot covered DDP outta the chimney, Steph grabs Y2J and puts him in another liplock, Kane starts dancing to Steps on his walkman (they live in our memory thanx 4 the music ;) *sniff waaa) Edge and Christian slap on their shades and do a 5 second pose, Lita looks distraught, Stacey tries on Rocks Gucci shoes and DDP says…)


RVD: Wow now that's cool!

Steph: Jericho, I'm pregnant! /all stop and turn round/


All: *GASP!


Jeff: God bless us, everyone.

Kurt: And to all a good night!


Thanks all for reading, for reviewing and for hopefully enjoying it as much as I did, oh and the scary Steps comments is a request from my mate Dan, to commemorate their breakup (if you don't know then don't ask!) and if there is anymore of this, I would be surprised, remember less is more dHarlings, and maybe this can be Christmas tradition huh? Or maybe one some other time, thank you all for your support, suggestions and laughter, and for sticking with this thing. Have the remainder of a great holiday and have a great new year! :D

P.s sorry 4 the abrupt ending and cliffhanger but I was tired and feeling mischievous ;) thanx