Hello, I have way too many plot bunnies in my head right now.

Here is a story that I have been working on for a while. Reviews are loved and make me smile.

Title: Realties?

Summary: How would you pay to not return to high school? Wally doesn't seem to have a choice in the matter. But who is there with him?

Characters: Bruce/Batman, Wally/ Flash, Oc

Author's note: This was really hard to write because it is only the beginning. Batman may seem OC but he is more Bruce than Batman. So please keep this in mind and Batman should turn up later as his adorable, grumpy old self.

Thanks and enjoy!!!

Chapter One: High School

"If this world is a Bitch, just think of all the other choices I could have made."

For the fastest man alive, opening his eyes felt like it took forever. They were stiff and heavy- not to mention sore, he was really sore. His vision was gray and no sounds were heard until…


He tried to open his eyes again, his ears hearing the panic in the woman's voice.

Well it was more of a girl's voice.

"Wally, get up right NOW!"

There was a girl, leaning over him, her tiny hands shaking his shoulders with a pout on her face.

"Susan? Susan Cane?"

She folded her arms.

"Yes, stupid. Gosh you drag me in here only to pass out. I swear if you're drunk, this is it!"

"No no, I'm not drunk, just confused. Wow! You haven't changed a bit since what? Senior year?"

"What are you talking about? We are juniors. Did you hit your head or something?"

He started to laugh, 'right like I'm still in-', the laughing stopped.

"Where are we?"

"In the supply closet, you picked the place."

"Supply closet? Where?"

He stood up slightly too fast, even for him, because the edges of his vision began to gray. He turned the brass knob opening the door. Kids packed the halls, girls in short skirts and boys in leather jackets. The bell rang.

"WALLY! Come one we have to go!"

Susan pushed past him in to the hall, right as a teacher started shooing students to classrooms.


Wally winced at his name; everyone that was still straggling to class looked at him before bolting as they saw their means of escape. The teacher was an overweight, aggressively balding algebra teacher. He groaned, Mr. Jonnard hadn't changed a bit.

"Yeah I know, long time no see, I'm not sure why I'm here but I'll just be leaving."

He turned to leave down the off-white hall.

"And why would you be leaving West?"

He stopped, confused. He looked back.

"Mr. Jonnard, I don't go here anymore."

"So you finally dropped out heh?"

He put his hands on his hips as he stepped up to the younger man.

"No, I graduated years-"

He looked at a poster next to him, the image displaying a local band concert announcing that it would be happening next Friday. Wally remembered that concert because he broke up with Susan after the show.

"What year is it?"


Susan and Jonnard asked in unison. She had hung back hoping that Wally would get them both out of detention.

"What's wrong with you, West? You better not be doing Drugs-"


Wally scratched his head, something was wrong. He tried to slow everything down, tried to think.

"I think its time to go."

He mumbled to himself as Jonnard was in mid motion of waving his fist. Wally sped towards the door, but before he made it his powers cut short making him skid across the floor in the wall.

"What happened?"

Wally tried to stand up but his feet slipped out and he fell on his already sore butt again. Hurt and dazed, Wally didn't hear the loud footsteps coming at him down the hall.

"What is with you West?"


The teacher reached down lifting Wally from the ground, Wally suppressed a cry as Jonnard gripped a forming bruise on his arm.

"Wally, what happened?"

Susan came up, annoyance showing on her face that Wally hadn't tried to talk his way out of this yet.

"I don't know." 'But I don't think using my powers right now is such a good idea.'

He jerked his arm away, and walked to the door.

"Where are you going Wallace?"

"Outta here."

He gripped the handle.

"You leave this school; I'll call you uncle down at the station to pick you back up. You can't afford another absence, not with your grades!"

Wally spun on his heel to face the red faced man.

"Uncle Barry?"

"Yeah, you got another one? He'll pick you up before noon boy!"

'No, no, no Uncle Barry is dead unless-'

Wally ripped the door open, leaving the hall. Outside everything was different, the stores and city building s once covering the surrounding blocks of the school was gone leaving clean cut lawns and neat homes.

'Crap! How did I end up back in High School?'

Bruce walked down the empty hall, not much had changed but when he had first seen Alfred he noticed it immediately. His hair was darker, his walked easier and his attitude towards Bruce's 'hobby' wasn't as worried. At the end of the hall Bruce entered through large oak doable doors. The large bachelor room was sparsely decorated in tones of red and auburn. Lying on the satin bedding was the daily newspaper. The headlines were of his recent interview for Wayne Enterprise. But the date, somehow he had ended up five years in the past. Everything appeared the same expect for the time. There was soft knocked on his door.

"Yes Alfred."

The door opened to reveal the loyal butler and friend.

"There is a young man down at door. He says he knows more than Bruce Wayne?"

"Did he say who he was?"

"Wally West."

Bruce looked up from the paper, technically he wasn't suppose to meet Wally for another three years and he wouldn't know Bruce was Batman until six months after the formation of the Justice League.

"Where is he now?"

"Down stairs in the parlor. Do you know this young man?"

"I have- I will?"

He rushed from the room, hoping to find some answers. He slowed by the door, the speedster was even younger now. He was dressed in a black shirt, probably for some band, and jeans with a few tares in them. His red hair was longer, coming down just past his ears. Bruce entered the room softly, just watching the young hero. He knocked on the table next to him to alert the other that he was there. The sound shocked Wally, he spun around dropping the book he had been looking at.

"I'm sorry."

He bent to pick the book up as Bruce moved toward it too.

"It's okay."

"Sorry! Itjustlookedlikeagoodbook."

Wally was speaking to fast that the words were slurred together.

"It's okay really."

Bruce looked down at the title. "Persian Empire: tales of love, wars and prizes". It was a very good book, Wally released the book as both stood in unison. He scratched his head, unsure of how to approach his question. But Bruce beat him to it.


He whispered quietly enough that most wouldn't notice the noise.

"YES! Ah thank go- so it happened to you too? I was worried that I was the only one here. All alone and back in high school which was bad enough the first time. You know I almost didn't graduate the first time-"

"Wally, slow down."

Wally took a breath, almost relaxing into his Flash persona with the costume.

"I was just really confused Bats."

He admitted sheepishly. Bruce offered a small smile before stepping back to sit in a large leather chair.


Wally looked around the room for the next chair; it was a small wooden one across the room. He opted to lean against the monstrous desk next to him.

"What do you think happened?"

"I'm not sure."

'Bats know everything…'

"I don't always know everything Wally. And while we are civilians lets use our civilian identities."

Wally nodded agreeing, especially since he wasn't Flash yet. Actually Barry was still fighting crime in Central-


"Barry-my uncle is still alive. I was fighting with him my sophomore year barely reconnected before he…"

Wally trailed off, blocking his face from view, but Bruce knew what the younger man was about to so. Bruce may not have known everything but Batman was very close to be psych about the past, present, and future. Barry was killed after an incident with a small time villain. He watched Wally as he relived his past before taking the young man's attention back to their current problem.

"What were you doing before the-before you woke up here?"

"Hey! I didn't do anything. I was working out with GL. Then um…my stomach started to hurt. He told me to go to the infirmary and I… I bumped into you on my way there. Sorry about that. But then everything went black and I woke up in a supply closet at my old high school."

Wally ignored Bruce's eye brow raise at the mention of the closet and continued.

"My old girlfriend and teacher were there too. What about you? What were you doing before everything?"

"Nothing. After the collision I took over monitor duty, or cleaning up the games you had sprawled all over the keyboard. Then my stomach tightened, like my muscles were being pulled through my skin-"

"Eeww way to be gross man! You could have just said you got a stomach ache like normal people."

Bruce only smirked. He straightened and refocused on the issue they were currently having. The door to the parlor opened silently as Alfred entered carrying a tray of what appears to be lots of junk food. Alfred always seems to nail people food habit within the first five minutes with them. He sat the tray on a side table closer to Wally then Bruce. The green eyes lit up at the sight as his once ill stomach remembered that it actually liked food.

"Is there anything you need, Master Bruce?"

"Thank you but no Alfred. I think we will be fine. "

With a slight bow he left through the same doors he came in. Wally waited until the door latched again before reaching for the food. He grabbed some greasing looking fries.

'Why do we have anything like that?'

The fries disappeared within seconds as Wally tried to continue talking.

"So what happened?"

"I'm not sure."

Bruce stood up; noticing that Wally followed though his hand was still reaching for what looked like a taco.

"I'll look into it."

Bruce's voice deepened, slipping into the Batman persona naturally.

"You should go and …"

Wally nodded, Batman didn't get as personal he as he was about to.

"You right. Call me when you find something okay?"

Bruce nodded. Wally took the cue as he walked with Bruce to the front door. He was about to leave before quickly spinning.

"Do you know the number?"

Batman glared at the young man.

"Creepy, I don't even want to know why you have my aunt and uncle's number. Okay, bye."

Then the teen was gone.

Wally was back in Keystone. It was beautiful, something that he had really missed without knowing it. He slowed his pace as he traveled along the edge of the road. It wasn't enough for the passing cars to actually see him but also gave him time to look around. Then the familiar turn off onto a dirt road appeared a head. His throat tightened as he remembered the last time he had been near his childhood home.

He entered the home. Everyone turned to stare. Although the stare weren't as bad as they use to be. Not since he got turned around. Some of them were strangers and others were almost relatives. He paused for a moment at the doorway, uncertainty about what to do next. None of these people knew who he really was.

How was he supposed to react under their surveillance?

The pastor stepped up to him first. Dress in his Blackest attire, he laid a heavy hand on Wally's shoulder.

"I'm sorry son, we"

He waved his hand to everyone that wouldn't stop staring.

"We are all sorry for you loss. She…"

Wally looked at the memorial picture that he had been asked to pick out. He loved that picture.

"Iris was a wonderful woman."

Most nodded in agreement. Wally found himself nodding too as he slipped from the pastor's hand. He walked to the picture. She was smiling, smiling at him. He was sitting in the grass next to her as she tickled him relentlessly. Her strawberry blonde hair shined in the sunlight. His own red hair was unruly and a mess, a trait that he had received from his mother, and Iris' little sister. Wally looked to the corner where there was a tan blob. Wally smirked knowing that it was his Uncle Barry's finger accidentally caught in the photo. But it was all a part of the memory, making that moment even more special to him. Seeing that Wally was going to stay, many of the strangers began to walk up next to him. They offered their sincerity and grief but none asked what Wally was going to do. Once they were done speaking of their own loss, they left him. And the next person stepped in place of the last. It was driving him mad. He waited until the last one had spoken and left. The room was larger and felt chillier without so many people there. He wanted to collapse but his legs carried him to the back door. His hand shock as he opened the screen door but he ignored it and raced out into the night. He ran for days literally, blocking his pain and exhaustion. If he fell then he stood back up and ran in another direction. When he finally stopped it was in an alley in Central City. He slept next to a trash can until he felt numb enough to head back home.

Wally closed his eyes when he stopped at the road. He remembered that when he gotten home, he packed everything up. It took least then a day to pick a whole life into boxes. He contacted a real estate agent later in the afternoon. He put the house up for sell and left for a job in Central city. Wally looked up. It had been a long time since he had been back. The little cottage style home was lit up down the road. Painted in white with red lining and tucked between pines and aspens. Wally walked slowly, his feet felt like they were dragging as he came closer and closer to the front porch. He could hear voices from inside. He wanted to turn back but he kept walking. His grabbed the handle, then his stomach wrenched. A stabbing pain that crippled him at the front door. Wally collapsed at the step, his hand still gripping the door knob.

'No. please let me see them. Aunt Iris! Uncle Barry! Please.'

He wanted to cry out, make a sound so they would see him on the porch. But nothing came. And he slipped slowly into the pain.