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Griffon folded and unfolded his arms before sitting down across from Herald Callie, listening as she recounted what had happened the night before in the tavern. Not that he had not heard or seen enough to know what had happened. Still seeing her in her Whites, her hair loose and dry , it was hard to see her as the tavern dancer that had been with Skif the night before. Instead, she looked as tiny and delicate as some of the dolls that the best milliners modeled in the windows of their stores.

And yet, he was certain it was her, and what she had been doing. And just as certainly that every word that she had spoken was true.

He cursed for a moment that his gift was not Mindspeech beyond what it took for him to work with his Companion before feeling the familiar link between himself and Harevis surge open.

Yes, Chosen.

I wish to tell the Circle what I learned-

They already know. We've taken care of that. Her decisions were not the wisest, but her Companion supported her and helped her with what she did. Balin is not one of us who is incautious. I believe him and his Chosen, and you questioned her under Truth Spell. Without any Healing, her pain was too harsh to share with others, and she did not see the truth of the uglier pasts that some of our Chosen have, only the bright shining whiteness. Balin Healed a decent amount on his own, but we all should have realized sooner when it came to Callie. Not knowing enough to trust, in spite of how safe we might tell her that it was is not her fault. Given her past, her trust of the circle is very great. She trusted them to accept Callie Barker with all of her flaws. But if Skif did not trust his welcome, do you not think Lecallyine Golsa might have wondered at hers?

Yes, but-.

You won't need to do a second stage Truth Spell. There are others that can who will, including Talia. And anyroads, the other accounts do line up with her testimony. Alberich has been protesting on her behalf all morning and so has Kerowyn. And since they did not even recognize her when they saw her dancing, that only reinforces that in the Circle's minds that she was acting slightly foolhardy, but not against her role as a Herald.


Don't relax too much Chosen, there are still a few people who you'll need to talk to about that with.

Such as?

Callie, first of all. And her mentor. Anyone who knows Neave knows why this is hurting him, but he needs to calm down before he leaves with her for her internship. Do you really want him to be alone on the border with both of their tempers this raw? That is a bad ballad waiting to happen!

Yes, the tale of how two noble Heralds blacked each others eyes and brawled in the streets to be arrested by the local Guard. I think I see what it is that I need to do then.

And the first was to reassure the poor Herald before him that she was not going to be hated for what she had been.

Which was something that Griffon hoped that the other Heralds would have the sense to actually follow. But emotions weren't always guided by sense. So, he would start with the hardest task first.

The task of even trying to reassure Callie.

Griffon took a deep breath, his eyes refocusing as he took in the frightened girl's face as she waited for his response and smiled, taking a moment to relax his posture and demeanor from the sternness that one would expect of the Lord Marshal's Herald.

"That lines up with everything that we have been told. I'm sure that others will want to speak with you, but hellfires, your record as a Heraldic trainee was spotless! Even with this, you will look a very saint compared with someone like Skif who risked even more for pranks and not just Queen and country. Still, a walk through the gardens wouldn't be amiss for you. Especially after sitting and pattering to me for so long. The Healers would skin me if you hurt yourself after this. And it will probably put your Companion's mind at ease if they are anything like my Harevis. Go on!"

With an almost teasing shove, he pushed her in the direction of the door and made his own way through to take his papers to where the other Heralds would be meeting.

Where if he needed to, he would shout over them all to make sure that Herald Myste and Herald Talia got the information that they needed to get.