Title: Hero in the Strife- Part 2

Author: Noerf

Rating: PG

Description: Love, Family, Birthdays, and Perms. John Carter's life story continues into Junior High.

Disclaimer: I've waiting by the phone many an afternoon, and Jack Orman has yet to call and sign me onto the writing crew. So Carter and any other characters from the show do not belong to me. This is just for fun and entertainment; it's not making any money. But I'll be the first one to let you know when I get that call.

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**************************************************************************** ******************




May 1983...


John Carter ran his hands through his wavy hair. His palms were sweaty, and he was trying to keep his hands from shaking too much. He was nervous. Very nervous. Standing in the crowded hallway was starting to make him claustrophobic, too. He was frozen in place.


"John, are you just going to stand there or are you going to ask her?" he thought he heard a voice say. He wasn't quite sure. He was feeling kind of nauseous.... "John? Hello?" the voice continued.


John snapped his head around to face the source of the voice. He blinked, and then shook his head slightly. "Huh?" he asked.


The boy next to him rolled his eyes and repeated, "I said are you going to ask her? Jenny Butler? Are you going to ask her to your party? Are you ok?" He laughed, "You look kinda sick."


John wiped the sweat off his forehead. "I'm fine, Chase. I was just thinking, that's all," he said. His cousin shook his head and laughed. John clenched his jaw. "I'm going to ask her. I will. I am," he said. He hesitantly turned his attention down the hall, and focused it on his goal. Jenny Butler- tall, blonde, smart, funny, beautiful. And for some reason beyond John's comprehension, his friend. He shuffled slowly down the hallway.


Chase Carter whispered in his ear, "Come on man, and just get it over with. She already knows you have a crush on her!"


"I do not!" John said. Jenny heard him, and turned from the conversation that she was having with her friend Nancy to see John. Alarm bells sounded in John's head. His flight instinct kicked in, and he tried to take a few steps backwards, but Chase was there to block him. Jenny was smiling at him, and his head was spinning. It was now or never.


"Hi Jenny," John managed to get out.


"Hey John," she replied. When he didn't say anything after a moment, she added, "So, um, what's up?"


"Nothing much."


"That's cool," Jenny replied. "Your hair is getting sort of straight," she said.


"Yeah, I'm kinda glad," John said, self-consciously running his fingers through his dark hair.


"Why? I like it curly. It's stylish," Jenny said.


John was beaming. "Yeah, I mean sometimes it gets annoying but I was definitely thinking of getting it done again," he said.


"Cool," Jenny said, grinning.


Both Jenny and John shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot. Chase and Nancy exchanged a look, and both rolled their eyes. Their friends could be so childish sometimes.


"He wants to ask you something," Nancy said.


Jenny looked at John. "What did you want to ask me?"


John just shook his head. "Uh, nothing, I mean, I just-"


"He wants to invite you to his birthday party," Chase said.


John's cheeks turned bright crimson. "Well, you and Nancy, and um Brianna," he said quickly. "Chase is coming and so is Lance. But if you don't want to come, it's ok." He was completely out of breath, and totally mortified by the time he was finished.


Jenny smiled. "I'd love to go!" she said. "When is it?"


John was completely shocked by her response. "Really, you wanna come? It's going to be this Saturday. We're going to go out to eat, and then we're going to go see 'Return of the Jedi.' I hope that's ok," he rambled, in complete joy.


"That sounds great, I've been dying to see that movie," Jenny said.


"Cool," was all John could muster.


"So I guess I'll see you then. What time?" Jenny asked.


"We're meeting at my house at 6:00," he said.


"All right," Jenny said. "See you!" With that she walked off down the hall to her next class.




John stood, frozen with a huge grin on his face. He couldn't believe it! He was happy that he had even been able to ask her without passing out. True, Chase had been the one to finally pop the question, but he had survived it nonetheless. But on top of that, she had said yes. And she had seemed excited about it. Or was it just him? Maybe she didn't really want to come, but she just didn't want to hurt his feelings. He didn't want her to do that. But on the other hand, if she didn't want to hurt his feelings, maybe she liked him and-


"John. Hellllooo? Come on man, snap out of it," Chase said, pulling him toward the classroom door. "We're going to be late for Algebra." John wandered into the room, still in a state of shock. Chase rolled his eyes skyward. He liked his cousin, he really did. He was a nice guy, and decent. But sometimes, he could be such a wimp.

**************************************************************************** *********