Generation X NEO
By Kairi Taylor

(2009…the final year of The War of Redemption between humans, mutants & the now outlaw organization known as the Friends Of Humanity. The last battle takes place in a small town where the last FOH squadron is hiding out.)

{Town streets. The squadron is composed of eight members in Omega Sentinel suits, each with heavy armor & armed with a heavy machine gun on each arm. The leader of the squadron is a man named Hawk, who's communicating with his team via telelink.)

Hawk: Ok, tell me some good news.
Solder 1: Well, the guys that are heading our way are mainly tanks & Tomahawk choppers. Nothing we can't handle too badly.
Soldier 2: Radar indicates they'll try to attack from both sides.
Hawk: Right. We'll position our best shooters as snipers while the rest of us will rush head on.
Soldier 3: What if they send muties after us?
Hawk: Nothing our armor system can't handle.
Soldier 4: I'd like so see those freaks try! I've been itchin' to kill some of those mutants this whole war.
Soldier 2: We have orders coming in to raze the whole town after we finished off the others sir!
Hawk: Guess ratting us out to the government really backfired for these folks. Oh well, we would've killed them for harboring mutants anyway.

{Meanwhile, at the nearby army camp, Reed Richards & Gen. Russell are monitoring the battle.)

G. Russell: Are you sure they have no idea that they're on there way?
Reed: Very. They're equipped with the best stealth equipment I could come up with. They'll be able to stop them in no time. (A soldier walks in & salutes.)
Soldier: Sir, they're standing by.
G. Russell: Send in the Scions.

{Back to the town}

Hawk: Hmm…they're not coming any further. What gives?
Soldier 1: Maybe they're trying to—HUH?
Soldier 2: Sir, something just appeared on radar! It's right above us!
Soldier 3: There it is! It's coming in fast!!

(Over the Omega Sentinels appear a large mecha gliding in swiftly. In its hands is a lance that is getting longer & a large gun.)

Hawk: What in the hell….
Soldier 5: It's a Scion!

(The Scion, which resembles a large suit of armor lands & immediately shoots the Sentinel to it's right, destroying it immediately. Dashing on booster rockets, it swings its lance & destroys 3 more.)

Hawk: Bloody hell…

(As Hawk's Sentinel backs up, it bumps into something large.)

Soldier 3: SIR, BEHIND YOU!!

(Another Scion materializes behind Hawk, this one resembling a ninja. A large beam sword is in its hand, a chain & sickle in another.)

Hawk: NO!!!

(Immediately, the Scion cuts the Sentinel in half, then uses the chain sickle to destroy the remaining ones.)

Jubilee: (V.O): Two years later, I received a phone call….