E/O Drabble Challenge – Word is Collapse
Three this time. Word count: 100 each
Players: Many and awesome.
Disclaimer: Not mine.

"Hey, my fist was just there. He collapsed on it."

"His head ran into your fist."

Dean nodded seriously.

"And why did he collapse? Was it from having run his head into your fist before?"

"Seriously, Sam, sarcasm doesn't suit you. You're just too big. You've got to go for earnest and trustworthy."

He gritted his teeth. "And why is that, Dean?"

"You sarcastic is like Godzilla with a building in each claw. People scream and run, man. I'm just saying."

"You still beat him up."

"He was going to hit you!"

"But if I'm Godzilla… I could've… never mind."

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