"What is it Harry?" asked Hermione, curiously. Harry had woken her and Ron Weasley up very early this particular morning, rambling on about something fantastic he needed to show them. Right away.

"Just wait and see! I promise you won't be disappointed," Harry called over his shoulder.

"What on earth could be so important that it couldn't possibly wait until, oh I don't know, say...daybreak?" Ron muttered sleepily.

"Oh, knock it off you two, we're here." Harry finally said.

"And where exactly is here?" asked Hermione, "It looks like just another classroom to me."

"And that, Hermione, is where you are wrong." Harry replied smugly. "Look over there."

Ron and Hermione glanced over to where he was pointing, and saw a rather old looking mirror.

"A mirror? A bloody mirror?" Ron sighed.

"So you would think," Harry began, "but it is in fact so much more. Come here, stand beside each other." So Hermione and Ron both walked over and stood facing the mirror.

"Come on, move a little closer," he smirked, pushing them together.

Ron and Hermione looked at each other, blushing.

"Do you, uh, want to, erm, tell us the meaning of this?" Ron asked.

"Sure, sure. Just tell me, what do you see?" he prompted.

"Shockingly enough," Ron began sarcastically, "I see myself standing next to Hermione. You know, you've really outdone yourself this time Harry, what an amazing discovery."

But Harry just smiled.

"And you, Hermione? You're just standing next to Ron?"

"Well, yes, of course." She said, beginning to wonder what he was getting at.

"Alright, now Hermione, if you would please step over here, next to me." Harry said.

So Hermione left Ron's side, leaving Ron standing alone in front of the mirror.

"But...what's going on? I can still see Hermione next to me." Ron asked curiously, becoming interested in this mirror for the first time all day.

Harry was smirking at him.

"Well you see Ron, this mirror is no ordinary mirror. It is the Mirror of Erised. It shows us nothing more or less that our heart's deepest desire."

Ron and Hermione's mouths fell open, embarrassed.

"I'll leave you two alone now," said Harry, as he walked out the door.

As soon as he left, they both looked into the mirror again, just to make sure... and saw themselves snogging. They looked at each other, and mirrored the image.