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A Slow Change of Heart

Chapter one: Judgment and Meeting

Golden leaves fell from the sky around the ethereal creatures awaiting the judgment of one of their own. In the center of the room stood the gorgeous creature with two huge guards by his side restraining him. A strange group stood in the back quite and still.

Slowly one of the creatures approached the other with a stern look on his face. "Prince Nuada you have broken the treaty and have attacked the humans and raised the Golden Army, the sentence for this is death." The crowd bowed their heads in respect.

" Yet, we cannot punish Princess Nuala for your treachery, the BPRD has agreed to take you in as a prisoner until they deem you safe enough to assist them in their duty of protecting the humans, so instead you shall be stripped of your title and join the BPRD to help save the lives of the humans you tried to destroy," The former Prince Nuada dropped his head in defeat."

( 6 months later)

A shrill alarm sounded as quickly the halls were filled with men in suites walking in different directions. One man in particular walked with slight determination. "Fish stick!" A fish like man turned his head.

" Ah, yes Manning?"

"We have an issue."

"Hence the alarm sir."

"Tell Nuala to get her brother."

" Yes, of course." and the fish man walked to do as he was ordered.


A big garbage truck made its way through a crowded streets towards the site receiving all the attention, a huge museum. The back opened and a large red creature walked out followed by the fish man and a woman.

"Hellboy!" the red creature turned to the voice.

"Manning." the creature Hellboy responded apathetically.

"Yes, the situation is quite difficult you seeā€¦."

As Manning talked a woman walked toward a particular group in the crowd who seemed was attempting to break through the barrier.

"What's the problem here?" she asked the frantic people she assumed to be teenagers.

"Who are you?" one of the cops who was attempting to hold the kids back asked.

" Elizabeth Sherman of the BPRD what is the matter?"

A boy turned towards her and splurted out "Our friend is still in the building!"

"Excuse me?" Liz asked not believing her ears.

"Our friend Melissa, seventeen, short with short black hair, light skinned, bad attention span, she walked away from the group and no one saw her leave the building."

" We will get her out don't worry" and Liz walked away heading towards the group of paranormal creatures.

"Guys the situation has changed!" Liz shouted towards the group.

"In what way?" The fish creature asked puzzled.

"Melissa, seventeen old girl, apparently she's still in the building."

The man named Manning paled.

"Are you sure, Abraham Sapien."

The fish creature now identified as Abraham removed a glove and turned it towards the building.

"Mhmm, it seems as if there is some life force in there, it might be the girl."

"Get her out alive." Manning stated directing the "alive" to the beautiful creature beside him.

The three creatures as well as an army of men in suites turned and entered the large building. The group split up and walked cautiously through the floors looking for the girl and the cause of the problem.


A small figure huddled in a corner. The figure had black hair that fell to her shoulders and seemed to stubbornly remain in her tiny face blocking her view. Brown eyes peeked out behind the hair as she huddled closer to the wall, hoping to fall through it and away from the problem. She wore blue jeans, a white sweater and white sneakers, making her stand out in the corner instead of helping her blend in.

Foots stomped down the hall and the girl looked at the creature that was the cause of the problem. A huge beast like creature that walked on all fours with tusks and grey like blue skin that looked like leather, he was tall enough to fill the doorway and his face resembled a mutated bulldog. He walked down the hall, not seeing the girl yet.

The young girl slowly crabbed walk backwards towards the other end of the hall when the creature spotted her. The young girl wasted no time in getting up and running for her life screaming her head off.


"Did you hear that?" Abraham asked as he turned his head to the scream.

"Yes." the beautiful creature stalked towards the noise.

As he rounded the corner his sight was filled with the large creature and the young girl in his grips. He ferally smile at the sight of the girl who was being crushed in the creatures grips.

"The girl is wanted ALIVE, Nuada." Abraham yelled as he came upon the scene.

"Fine." Nuada's smile fell as he went to attack the creature with his spear.

"AHHH" the girl screamed as she was suddenly dropped from the creatures grips. She quickly moved and turned around to see a milk white creature attacking the disgusting thing of a mutated dog. She ran. The girl ran into an Egyptian exhibit and hid against one of the models.

"What the hell." the girl whispered as the fight somehow entered the room with the milk skinned creature being thrown into one of the displays through the wall. She watched him stand and attack the creature again. She watched as the two fight, the milk skinned beauty with grace and agility and the other with brute strength.

"What the hell, did I step into Middle Earth or something? Is that an elf? He's no Legolas that for sure." the girl whispered as she watched the fight. Then suddenly the ugly creature grabbed the beautiful ones leg and through him into the wall. The girl waited for him to rise, but he didn't.

The creature roared and stalked to finish the fight when a gun shot rang, he turned and ran out. The girl slowly rose and ran to the beautiful creature on the floor. She looked him over and saw blood gushing from the back of his head. Slowly she extended her hand and touched the back of his head. Her hand warmed and glowed, she removed her hand and the wound was gone. The creature stirred and before she could blink it had its large smooth hand around her neck shocking her.

"You disgusting creature what did you do to me?" the gorgeous creature demanded.

'Even with a twisted ugly face he is handsome.' the girl thought. The gripped tightened and she stilled. The creature forced her up and walked to an opened, empty sarcophagus that was on display. He forced her in and closed it. She banged against it and he roughly opened it and grabbed her throat again.

"Stay quite you disgusting insect or I will kill you myself." He closed it again and no noise came out. He stalked off to join the fight.

"What the hell is it Abe." Hellboy yelled as he fought the creature.

Abe flipped through one of his books until he came across the name. "Ah ha, it is a another version of a hell dog, interesting."

"How do you kill it." Hellboy yelled as the creature grabbed him and hoisted into the air.

"It can only remain in this realm with an amulet, you must destroy the amulet to rid the creature."

Nuada approached Abraham and snatched the book out his hands, after a quick glance at the amulet he walked off to search for it. He walked through exhibits as he kept a keen ear on the fight, smirking at every grunt of pain the ape made. Finally he saw the necklace and walked towards it. He snatched it and threw it in the air only to cut it in half with his spear. The remains of the necklace disintegrated before it even hit the floor. He walked back to where the fight once was.

"Did anyone find the girl?" Hellboy asked as he stood. All heads turned to Nuada as he approached them.

"The weak vermin is alive." Nuada said as he walked to where he left the girl. He opened the sarcophagus to see the girl twiddling her thumbs.

"Can I come out now?" she asked with almost a childlike appearance.

Nuada stalked away and Hellboy came into view. "Are you Melissa." he asked the little figure. "Yes." she meekly responded.

Hellboy picked her up and walked her out.

The volume of the crowd rose as the group walked out from the building. Hellboy carried the girl to the crowd as Nuala approached her twin brother.

"She healed you brother, did she not?" Nuala asked as her brother walked back to the truck. He turned his head towards the girl that still was in the red apes big arm as she turned and locked eyes with him.

"Yes." Nuada answered her with disgust present in his voice.