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A Slow Change of Heart

Chapter twenty-three: My Happy Ending

Everyone walked calmly through the bureau, tomorrow would be the day. Melissa's shadow stayed close, fear making him want to be near her more than usual. Kalle sulked in their room, he sensed the anxiety in the bureau and wanted nothing to do with it. The faeries entertained the babies while Cain & Abel made them wooden toys, which the twins enjoyed burning.

Dr. Krauss was trying to explain the plan to Manning, trying being the key word, Hellboy was practicing with the sword Nuada lent him since everyone told him he risked shooting the wrong person in the little room, Liz angrily paced around the bureau, angry because she wasn't allowed to go and Nuala focused on watching the children, keeping her mind busy from thinking about what could go wrong tomorrow.

(Nuada and Melissa's Room)

Nuada drew random patterns on Melissa's back as the two laid together on the bed. His cool hand helped relax her from the tension felt in the bureau.

"I can't wait until this is all over." Nuada's hand moved to stroke her face.

"Do not worry about it little one."

"I hope this will be all over tomorrow."

"Do you doubt me little one?"

"Never, I just doubt myself."

"You are a fool my light."

Nuada kissed Melissa on the cheek and turned her to spoon her body. The two laid together like that until dinner. Only then did they separate to join the others for a very tense meal.


No one talked, not even Hellboy. Everyone felt nervous about the exorcism, that if performed wrong, would lead to the loss of an agent and the death of many. Nuada kept his body close to Melissa's, enjoying the warmth it gave off. His heart ached at the thought of loosing her to the incubus.


Nuada slept spooned to Melissa again, seeking solace in touching her body. The closer morning came, the thought of failing her became stronger. He nuzzled her neck and breathed. His light, his Melissa, he would give up his life first before he lost her. Because if he lost her he might as well as be dead.


The BPRD entered the building, everyone went to work preparing everything for the exorcism of the incubus. Agent Myers helped her set up in the room she would be in, light the incense, check the amplifiers, and make sure the trapdoor still worked. Father Skip was the last person to arrive. After briefing him on what he was required to do, everyone scattered to their places.

Melissa stood in the middle of the room and focused on her succubus blood. Her body slowly started to change, her senses were first, everything became clearer, then she felt her body stretch, her back started to tingle. Before the tingle turned into a burn Miska appeared.

Melissa lost focus and everything had undone, she was human again. Her breath hitched as Miska came closer. The incense filled the room as he stopped over her only escape route. His wings wrapped themselves around her, making everything much more private than Melissa wanted.

"I see you have tired of the elf's company." Melissa looked him in the face.

"Yes, you were right, he can't please me like you could,"

Miska smiled at the unkown lie he drew in his wings to bring her closer to his body. His hands cupped her face, but before he could lower his head to hers a red figure slammed his body into his.

"Well, aren't you touchy feely." Hellboy smiled.

Nuada and Hellboy attacked Miska. Nuada stuck the wings as Hellboy struck the body. Both were trying to prevent his escape, but it was failing. Melissa backed up until a wall prevented her from continuing. Words sang throughout the room, the amplifier adding strength to the words. Melissa sighed in relief as the other two were able to hold the incubus. Melissa approached as the priest left the hidden room to lay his hands on the incubus.

The shallow breathes turned into a loud scream as Miska broke out of the hold and charged at the priest. Nuada grabbed a wing and threw him back towards Hellboy.

"You cannot defeat me!"

Hellboy and Nuada no longer could hold their own against Miska. Melissa folded in agony as she felt her body rapidly changing, the fear she felt activated the succubus blood in her. She held back, transforming would not help the situation, she felt the succubus' anger, it would attack whoever it saw fit to. Hellboy and Nuada lay motionless on the floor, with a quick sprint Melissa grabbed Nuada's spear and attacked Miska herself.

"You think you can fare better than the other two?"

Miska swatted her like a fly, the rosary hidden on her clattered to the floor. Miska took the spear and moved towards Melissa as she stood to face him again, rage in her eyes.

"A rosary, I see the human in you holds strong. If your human self keeps the succubus chained than I shall free her by killing the human in you."

Miska thrusted the spear forward. The spear went through the back of Nuada, who threw himself in front of Melissa, and Melissa's stomach as well, who grabbed Nuada's shirt in hopes of moving him out the way. Miska tore the spear out of the two. Nuada placed his hand behind his loves head as the two fell to the floor.

The dying couple stared into each others eyes. The noise in the background never truly reaching their ears. Melissa moved her hand to Nuada's wound in hopes of at least healing him. Melissa felt the room warm up on her cooling skin. Faint chanting was heard, a roar and pounding. Melissa felt herself grow weaker as Nuada's eyes started to lose its light. A scream of another and than silence.

"You are a fool girl."

"I love you too."

Feet and voices was the last thing Melissa heard before everything went dark.


Brown eyes opened to see a white ceiling. A body sat up to see to room was quite plain and everything else was white. The body left the bed and then the room. It walked the twisting halls to an unknown destination. No other bodies graced the halls with their presence. The body came to two doors and pushed them open, more bodies were located in this room.


A large figure of red lifted her up into a hug. He carried her to the middle of the room where others moved to embrace her in the same fashion. She looked around at the faces, recognizing all of them after about a minute.

"What happened?"

Abe spoke. "The incubus stabbed both you and Nuada, Hellboy was able to grab him while the priest approached. After his exorcism we rushed to save the both of you." Melissa looked at all the faces around her, all were smiling.

"Where's Nuada?"

The smiles fell.

"We don't know."

"What you mean you don't know, Nuala?"

Nuala looked away from her. "My brother left when he discovered you would not perish from the wound. I cannot sense him through the bond."

"But he's alive?"

"Yes you saved him."

Melissa left the room in a daze to return to her own. She laid on the bed, thinking of what had transpired, the museum, kidnapping, joining BPRD, the missions, discovering her power, puppy love, enemies, regular life, love, and almost death. After a few hours of just laying there Melissa went to shower and dress. She had a feeling she knew where to find Nuada.


The white body placed the glowing object in water, allowing it to cool off. His body sweated from the heat of molding the metals to a shape he desired. He felt more than heard his light approach him from behind.

"I wondered when you would find me."

He turned and embraced his love close, both ignoring the fact he was drenched in sweat.

"I got worried when Nuala told me she didn't knpw where you were."

Nuada held her closer. "I am sorry my light, I had something to do."

Nuada held her left hand to remove the bracelet he placed their months ago. Melissa watched curiously as he went to grab something on the other side of the room. Nuada returned and placed another bracelet on her wrist. Melissa studied the bracelet to notice it looked suspiciously like the one he made for his sister.

"This looks like Nuala's old bracelet."

"It should, since it is her old bracelet."

Melissa looked to his face in shock. "Your giving me the bracelet you made for you sister?"

"Does that upset you, I can make you a new one."

Melissa shook her head and embraced him tightly. "No, I love it, thank you." It didn't take a genius to know this was his declaration of love for her. The bracelet he made for his sister, the one he had originally loved, was now hers. Nuada chuckled at her reaction.

"I am also making you your own spear, since you seem to like mine so much."

"I love you."

"You are my life my light."

"Jerk, speak English."

Nuada sighed. "I will start teaching you elfish this week my light."

"I love you too."


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