A/N: Welcome! Here's another (of many) one-shots, though this one is definitely one of the shortest I've done. I think this was probably inspired by a combination of rewatching season one and especially season two, reading a ton of Supernatural fics, and taking a break from writing my own longer fics (which I shouldn't be taking breaks from, but I get plot-bunnies and then things like this come out). Anyway, please excuse any grammatical errors and let me know if you find any so that I can fix them! I should warn that even in this incredibly short amount of words I have the extreme capacity to be mean to Sam. Anyway, enjoy! Reviews are highly appreciated!

Disclaimer: I own the first and second season on DVD. Does that count for anything?

Losing Grip

Emotions are powerful. In fairytales love is always enough to conquer evil; in the real world love is powerful, but not enough. Hatred and fear run rampant, powerful enough to destroy the world if unleashed. If you hate something enough, fear something enough, you can destroy. If you hate something enough, fear something enough, you can suppress the power that threatens to overwhelm.

Sam suppresses the powers inside of him, even though they rage at him, crying out for release. He suppresses because he doesn't want to see, he doesn't want to know. Fear is something that lodges in his throat, making it hard for him to swallow, making it hard for him to breathe; he presses the powers down and locks them away with a will of iron that is made stronger by fear and hatred of what he might become.

But you can only deny something that is a part of you for so long, before your will breaks and the hatred and fear give way, and you lose your grip on everything. Like a dam breaking the flood spills forth, destroying everything.

Hatred and fear have the power to destroy.

Sam holds on for as long as he can, gritting his teeth together, bleeding, before he looses grip.

The power rushes forward and destroys. Destroys.

And there isn't enough of Sam left to hold on. He, and everything else, are consumed.