"What do we need again" Ginny asked Hermione as they walked into one of the greenhouses looking for a specific plant.

"Ah lets see we need a – "

"AHH" Ginny screamed as she felt a plant wrap around her and push her onto the ground hard. "What the fuck" Ginny screamed at the plant and next moment, it caught on fire. Looking at Hermione, Ginny saw Hermione's wand pointed at the plant and the next second, Hermione was kneeling next to her holding her back and looking worried.

"Hey Ginny, you okay" she asked and Ginny nodded, noticing that she wasn't hurt at all. Hermione noticed and she pushed Ginny's bangs behind her ears.

"That goods" she whispered and Ginny noticed as her mouth suddenly got really close to her and before she knew it, Hermione had her lips of Ginny, it was a soft kiss with a light bite on her lower lip. Hermione pulled back and looked away, her face a little flushed.

"Hermione?" Ginny asked. Hermione looked at her, and gave her a small smile.

"Sorry Gin, I...I don't know what came over me" Hermione said and looked away again. Ginny looked at Hermione and for the first time, she noticed how really beautiful and hot she was to Ginny and all Ginny wanted to do was kiss her again.

"Hermione" Hermione didn't look at Ginny.

"Hermione" Ginny said a little forceful and Hermione looked at her, but she didn't have much of a chance before Ginny's lips were on her. Hermione was surprised at first but then started to kiss Ginny back. Their tongues swirled in each others mouths, both fighting for dominance. Ginny felt Hermione's hand unbutton her blouse and then she was squeezing her breast through her bra. Ginny moaned into Hermione's mouth, never having known this feeling of another girl touching you before, and Ginny felt Hermione smile.

"You like this" Ginny nodded, her gaze unfocused as Hermione kept playing with her breast. "Well, what do you think of this" and next, Ginny's bra came off and Hermione was stroking her bare breast and squeezing her nipples. Ginny cried out softly. It hurt, but it felt so damn good.



"What if someone comes?" Ginny asked, gasping as she said the words.

"No one will come" Hermione said as she then started to play with Ginny's nipples and breast with her mouth.

"AHHH" Ginny screamed softly as she felt Hermione's wet mouth around her breast, teasing her, killing her.

"Your so cute" Hermione said some minutes later and looked at Ginny, her head back as if she was really tried. "Here, get on your knees and arms" and though Ginny wondered why, she didn't ask and did as she was told. Hermione got in the same position, but she pulled Ginny skirt and panties down her hips. Ginny yelped at the sudden disappearance of fabric.

"You have such a cute ass Ginny" Hermione said and Ginny felt Hermione breath on her ass. "Lets see how you react to this" and Ginny felt Hermione fingers rubbing her clit and anus. OH FUCKING GOD, Ginny thought. She had never ever felt this kind of sensation. It was so much different then when she masturbated and it felt so damn good. When ever she had imagined someone doing this to her, she always saw Harry, never a girl, but she knew that girls knew what girls liked and could give other girls more pleasure then any guy could.

"You like this" Hermione asked as she inserted two fingers inside and Ginny moaned loud, her head against the ground now not being able to support it. Hermione rubbed her clit and anus a while longer till Ginny came, then with out any force, got Ginny on her back.

"Here lick my fingers" Hermione told a panting Ginny as she put her fingers next to Ginny's mouth who took her hand forcefully, licking her very own juices. "Good girl, now let's make you come again." Hermione lowered her head and started to lick the inside of Ginny's thighs and biting them. Ginny twitched liking this sensation. Then Hermione's wet mouth was on Ginny's wet pussy, licking and inserting her tongue inside her, biting and pulling her clit wit her teeth, and like she said, Ginny came again all over Hermione's face as Hermione tried to swallow all of her cum. When that was done, Ginny was on her back looking at Hermione in a new light.

"That was amazing" Ginny drawled as she got on her knees and looked at Hermione.

"Really, thanks, that was my first time with a girl" She whispered as she gave Ginny a kiss on the mouth.

"Me too" Ginny whispered back. Hermione smiled. "And nows its my turn" Ginny said as she pushed Hermione back and started to kiss her.

"Ahh" Luna moaned as she rubbed her own clit with her fingers, her back pressed up against the bathroom wall. "Ahh, Ginny, Hermione" Luna moaned softly. Luna inserted two fingers inside her, pumping them in and out of her clit loving this sweet killing sensation. She wondered if this was how Ginny had felt when Hermione was finger-fucking her and Luna felt herself go faster and harder and rubbing her clit just at the thought of those two in the greenhouses.

"Well well well what do we have here?" Luna heard a voice and looked up to find Hermione in front of her smiling down at her. Luna took her hand out of her pussy and covered her boobs.

"Hermione, what are you doing here" Luna asked. Most people today were at Hogsmeade and since this bathroom had been the closet, she ran here to masturbate.

"Nothing, I just needed to use the bathroom" Hermione asked as she started at Luna. Luna's face turned red, wondering how much Hermione had witnessed her masturbation.

"How long have you been here?" Luna asked Hermione. Hermione shrugged.

"Not long really, just long enough to hear you call Ginny's and my name out loud" Hermione said as she leaned down and her hand went to Luna's wet pussy.

"I love have you were pleasuring yourself with Ginny and me on your mind. But don't you think me doing it would be better" Hermione said as she started to rub Luna's clit. Luna nodded, her eyes half way closed.

"You know, I been having fascinating about you and Ginny for some time" Hermione said as she kissed Luna. Luna didn't reply. "So how was it watching us Luna?" Hermione asked as she started to finger-fuck Luna who had already been close to orgasm.

"It was beautiful" Luna whispered and then she came, skirting all over Hermione's hand. Hermione licked her hands, then she leaned against the wall, her skirt off with only her panties on.

"Well show me what you liked the most" Hermione told Luna as she started to rub her own clit inviting Luna to help her. Luna nodded and crawled to where Hermione was. Hermione took her hands out of her panties as Luna pulled them down, then next thing, she was licking Hermione's clit, her fingers and mouth working furiously and Hermione was moaning loudly. Luna's tongue probed into Hermione wetness and folds to her clit, rubbing and licking it with her tongue, then inserting her tongue and two fingers into Hermione's vagina.

"Ahh" Hermione moaned "YES YES YES, oh you so good Luna. Faster Luna, faster" Hermione screamed.

"You like it?" Luna asked.

"Yes, be quite, more licking" Hermione yelled as it was obvious she would soon come. Luna liked faster, liking the taste and smell of Hermione's pussy and wanted her to cum. Luna pushed her fingers as fast and hard as she could into Hermione's.

"Your so much cuter this way" Luna whispered as she kissed Hermione, Hermione tasting her self.

"AHHH" Hermione said as her legs suddenly closed and trapped Luna between them. Hermione was twitching and her muscles were spasming as Luna drank her cum.

"Hermione" Ginny said as she walked into the perfect bathroom.

"Ginny" Hermione called as she went up to Ginny.

"Why did you ask me to come here?" Ginny asked.

"Because I want you" Hermione said and then they were kissing. Then, Hermione unbuttoned Ginny blouse to see her perfect breast, turned her around so her back was to Hermione's boobs and started to rub them as she also took the bra off.

"Hermione" Ginny moaned as her head rested against Hermione's shoulder.

"Shh" Hermione told her and worked on her boobs. Then slowly, Hermione lowered herself till she was at Ginny's ass and went under her skirt to start licking her through her panties.

"AHH" Ginny yelled as she leaned against the wall to support herself. Hermione licked and sucked her pussy then slowly lowered Ginny to the ground as she took Ginny's cloths off. Completely naked, Hermione took off her own cloths.

"Here" Hermione said "put one leg over this leg" and Ginny did as she was told as Hermione put her other leg over Ginny other legs so now their cunts were touching. Hermione pushed against Ginny cunts and Ginny did too, both rocking to each other.

"Shit this feels good" Ginny yelled as their bodies kept going faster and faster.




"AHHHH" they both came and squirted into each other pussies, but they weren't done.

"Ginny, put you pussy on my face" Hermione said and slowly, Ginny did as she was told. Hermione licked Ginny's cum and licked her hard and fast with a mission to make her cum again. Ginny bent over Hermione's body and started to lick Hermione's cunt while hers was being licked. They were now in a 69 position. Hermione kept licking till she heard a noise and looked up to find Luna looking at them, her hands already at her pussy. Hermione grinned. This was going to be fun, she thought.

"Shit" Ginny screamed as she saw Luna when she got off Hermione. Ginny was scared, but she was going to have a heck of time. "What is she doing her" Ginny yelled at Hermione. Since this was the girls perfects bathroom, only the perfects knew the password.

"I told her to come" Hermione said as a matter of fact.

"What" Ginny said. To answer her question, Hermione went up to Luna and gave her a passionate kiss. "What" Ginny screamed again. "I thought you said I was your first."

"Your are, but I found Luna here masturbating to us when we were together earlier" Hermione said as her hands now where under Luna's panties rubbing her clit and Luna breathing faster.

"But, I thought you only liked me" Ginny whispered. Hermione looked at her.

"Of course I do, but I also held secret fascination of Luna and I couldn't' help myself. Thats why she's here. The three of us should have ton's of fun right" and Luna nodded. Ginny thought for a moment and then she gave a small smile.
"Yeah, we could huh" and Hermione grinned again. Pushing Luna onto the ground, she got behind her and held her arms.

"Play with her Ginny" Hermione told her and Ginny smiled. She took Luna's skirt and panties off and started to rub her clit.

"AHH" Luna moaned. Ginny smiled. She stuck two fingers inside and pumped them in and out while Luna humped her fingers.

"Ha ha, you have such a cute pussy" Ginny said, then she started to kiss Luna and her boobs as she finger-fucked her. Slowly, Hermione put Luna down on her back, then she sat on her mouth where Luna started to work with her mouth on Hermione's pussy.

"Why don't we lick each others pussies?" Hermione asked, and Ginny nodded. Slowly, they all got on their hands and knees. Luna kept licking Hermione while Hermione licked Ginny and Ginny licked Luna. When they were all exhausted, they just laid in the bathroom floor next to each other.

"You know, I also been having fascination of having a threesome" Ginny said and Hermione laughed.

"Hell yeah. Damn this year should turn out to be great huh" and both Luna and Ginny agreed with Hermione.

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