A New Way to Say Thank You

Hermione watched as Luna stretched after a two hour long session of tutoring.

"Get it now?" Hermione asked as she gathered her book into her bag.

"Yup, I think I can pretty good on the test thanks to you Hermione. Now, how shall I pay you?" Luna said as she too gathered her books.

"Its nothing really, I like to help out" Hermione responded as she got up ready to leave as soon as Luna was. They were in an empty classroom that they have been using the last month or so when Luna started having trouble with transfiguration. Luna looked up at Hermione.

"No, but I really want to give you something for all the help you given me. Mmm, what could I do" Luna pondered when all of a sudden, Hermione could swear she saw a Lumos light above her golden head. "I know." Luna got up and stood in front of Hermione, and before Hermione could say anything, Luna's lips were on her lips blocking any words out. Hermione stood still as Luna kissed her mouth and slid her tongue across her lips and nibbled her bottom lip. She was in shock.

"Hermione, kiss me back" Luna whispered in Hermione's ear as she licked and pulled on it.

"Wait, Luna, what are you doing?" Hermione finally found her voice. Luna stopped and looked at Hermione in the face.

"What? Hermione, I been watching you and how you stare at my boobs when I have my shirt open, or my legs and even this" Luna said as she grabbed Hermione's hands and put them around her ass. "Don't tell me you don't want what I'm offering Hermione" Luna said seductively, the words purring out of her sweet mouth as her hand slipped under Hermione's skirt and grabbed her crotch. Hermione couldn't deny it. She had been staring at the blond beauty for a long time and had wanted to touch her ass as she was doing at the moment. She wanted to kiss those luscious lips, her boobs spilling out before her all for Hermione to touch and lick.

"Luna" Hermione whispered as her head rolled back while Luna rubbed her clit. Hermione felt Luna take her to the table where she sat down at.

"Lets have some fun Hermione" Luna whispered against Hermione's throat and Hermione shivered at the sensation. Again, Luna kissed Hermione and she didn't hold back this time. She let Luna in as she rolled her tongue against her and felt her tongue licking and nibbling her lips. Then Luna left her mouth to roam her jaw and down her throat to the top of her breast.

"God Hermione, they're so soft and ample" Luna whispered as she ripped open Hermione's shirt the bottoms popping out and silently hitting the floor. Her bra came off next and the fresh air gave Hermione goosebumps on her boobs. But what really made her nipples stand out was when Luna's wet hot mouth was on them, licking and rolling the nipples with her tongue, biting them slightly.

"Ah, Luna" Hermione moaned as her head rolled back and she kept a firm hold on Luna's blond hair. With her hold on her, Hermione brought Luna's head back up to kiss her as Hermione frantically kissed her and took her shirt and bra of as well. Hermione put her hands on Luna's boobs which were the softest thing she has ever touched. She rolled the nipples between her hands and pulled on them which brought a moan of pain from Luna.

"I want them Luna, I want them in my mouth" Hermione said loudly. Luna smirked leaned her boobs closer to Hermione's face as Hermione took them in and suckled them.

"Yes Hermione, yes" Luna whispered. Suddenly, Hermione was pushed back against the table. Thinking she had done something wrong, she was going to ask when she looked up and saw Luna's head under her skirt.

"Luna?" Hermione asked.

"Make all the noise you want Hermione, I got this room soundproof" Luna said and she started to lick Hermione's thighs. She went higher up each time and then when she got to the center, she kissed it through the underwear.

"Wow, your so wet your underwear is soaking Hermione" Luna whispered against her wet thighs that Hermione shivered. Luna kissed and rubbed her clit through the soaked underwear.

"Ahh" Hermione moaned as Luna dug her tongue deeper and rubbed her clit with her tongue, trying to catch it. "Ahh" Hermione moaned yet louder.

"This is in the way" Luna said and then came off the soaked underwear and she held it up for Hermione to see. "It smells really good" Luna said as she smelled it and smirked at Hermione. "I bet the source of it smells and taste even better" she said as she went down again. Without the underwear, Hermione felt the whole sensation of Luna's fingers and tongue. Her slippery tongue running up and down her vagina, pushing and pulling her clit while her small hard fingers went inside her and pumped in and out. Two fingers, then three were in her.

"Wow Hermione, you taste so good" Luna purred as she kept pump int in and out, licking her clit and vagina.

"Luna, I'm gonna come" Hermione yelled as her hips were in rhythm with Luna's fingers – in out, in out- - and she wanted to have Luna's mouth on her even more. She felt this beautifully powerful sensation build up in her stomach, shake her whole body spasming out and go lower and suddenly she came all over Luna's face and finger. "AHHH" she yelled. Losing strength, Hermione just laid there as Luna cleaned her.

"Want a taste?" Luna asked and Hermione nodded as Luna put a finger of her into Hermione's mouth which Hermione suckled like a newborn babe, and she wouldn't let go. Luna grinned.

"Get on your feet you slut" Luna said as she roughly made Hermione get up and she bended her over the table.

"Luna? Wait what - " Hermione started but was soon answered when she felt Luna touch her anus. "LUNA!!!" Hermione said in shock.

"Shh, just let me do the work" Luna whispered as she inserted a finger into her anus. It hurt a little but each finger she put in felt better and she pumped her finger in and out of her anus. She never knew that place could feel such sensation Hermione thought as he head was against he table and she was bended over as Luna fingered her anus. Then she felt a wet sensation and Hermione turned her head to see that Luna was on her knees ready to eat out her anus. Luna's tongue swirled around her anus and probed into it as her fingers kept pumping in and out. Hermione was humping against the table so much each time she pulled back the table went back with her and when she pulled in the table hit the wall. She was so close to coming again when Luna stopped.

"Luna, why are you stopping?" Hermione asked as she turned around and saw that Luna had lost her skirt and her underwear and stood completely naked and she also had a penis.

"I mastered this some days ago and I wanted to try it on you" Luna replied as she smirked. Hermione stared at it in horror. She has never been penetrated in the anus till now. "Luna" Hermione was going to say but then she felt this awful pain in her anus as Luna penetrated her with her newfound penis. Hermione went still as she got used to the penis in her and then started to move with Luna as she went in and out. God, it was so tight and so good, better then in the vagina. Luna was smashing her penis against Hermione, Hermione almost thought they break the table soon. Soon, Hermione came along with Luna who cummed from the vagina, not the penis so she didn't get any sperm on her. They stood there for some time when Luna backed out and suddenly she was on the ground with Hermione on top of her.

"My turn" Hermione purred as she leaned her head down to Luna's wet pussy filled with cum. She licked the outside of Luna's thighs and slowly went up to her center.

"Hermione" Luna cried out as she arched her hips up, wanting Hermione's mouth on her. Hermione obliged as she bended her head down and kissed Luna's sweet pussy.

"Ahh" Luna moaned. Hermione then had her whole mouth digging into Luna's wet pussy as her tongue stroked her pussy and dug some more in looking for her clit, and when found, lightly pressed and pulled on it which made Luna lift her hips even higher.

"Hermione, fuck me, fuck me" Luna was yelling as she had her hands on top of Hermione's head, pushing her down to her pussy. Hermione obliged once again as she put two fingers into her anus as she liked her pussy and eat her fucking pussy out.

"AHH, Hermione, yes, yes, yes. Fuck me real good" Luna screamed out as her body was spasming out, her thighs shaking and her pussy finally giving out as she cummed all over Hermione's face. Hermione slowly cleaned her up and gave Luna a kiss so she could taste herself. After they cleaned each other up and dressed each other up. They went down to the great hall where they have dinner. Before they parted to their respected table they looked at each in a new light.

"Thank you Luna that was an interesting gift you gave me"

"No problem. Well, see you" Luna said as she started to walk away before Hermione stopped her.

"Hey, I heard you been having problems with Muggles studies, if you need some help, you can always come to me" Hermione said. Luna grinned.

"Sure, I really like that" Hermione smiled and nodded and so they parted ways but not before making plans for later.

Long long time since I written lol. Okay so I was just telling myself, why the fuck did I not come up with the realization that they have magic and if they can make the bones disappear why not make a new organ appear lol