Most Likely to Succeed (Part Five)

By TheLostMaximoff

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters.

She could still fix this. Her revenge hadn't completely slipped through her fingers just yet. She could fix this small mishap and she could still kill those damn kids. Cordelia Frost muttered under her breath, the doors of her office in Boston swinging open. She hurriedly raced to her desk and pulled out the drawers to search for an ace up her sleeve.

"Were you looking for something important?" Cordelia almost jumped completely out of her skin but settled for banging the top of her head against an open drawer in her panic and haste to execute whatever contingency plan she had devised. The youngest Frost sibling rubbed her head and looked up to realize that tonight would be the night for more reunions than just Generation X.

"What are you doing here, Emma?" asked Cordelia, her eyes nervously darting in different directions in an effort to discern how to escape from her predicament.

"Adrienne tried this," warned Emma, holding up a small metal device that looked like a detonator, "Is that really your master plan, Cordelia? You just want to be like your big sister?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," assured Cordelia, "You're trespassing by the way. I still own part of this company and I won't hesitate to call the police if you don't leave."

"You have this building wired," explained Emma, studying her nails as she spoke, "You have a helicopter on the roof waiting for your arrival so you can make your grand escape while those children will be trapped in here to die. This is a repeat, Cordelia. This is a repeat because you are too vapid and mindless to come up with anything new and have to steal ideas from your dead sister of all people."

"So what do you plan on doing?" inquired Cordelia nervously, "You plan on blowing the building up and surviving due to your new diamond form powers?"

"Always so overdramatic," replied Emma drolly. She transformed into diamond and crushed the detonator in her hand, "No, Cordelia, I'm going to calmly walk away after making sure history doesn't repeat itself and let my former students deal with you."

"I hate you," snarled Cordelia while Emma turned her back to leave, "I hate you, Emma!"

"It's good to know some things never change," retorted Emma, turning to give Cordelia one final smirk before leaving the building. Cordelia cursed under her breath and began to legitimately panic. It was falling apart even faster now and she couldn't hold it together any longer. Her main plan was gone and now she didn't even have a safety net. She was ruined, completely ruined and all because of her stupid sister who still got everything she wanted while Cordelia was the one clawing and fighting for crumbs and scraps from the table of life. She had to get out of the building before her pursuers arrived.

"I'll get you for this," snarled Cordelia in a low, threatening tone as she scurried towards the roof so she could get to her helicopter. She raced up the stairs as fast as she could and then burst through the door to the roof. She would simply escape into the night and find a more convenient time to execute her revenge. She could still win. She could still . . .

"Good thing we decided to land on the roof," decided Jubilee, flashing Cordelia a grin while the others relieved the vehicle of its crew, "We almost missed you."

"No, this isn't fair," cried Cordelia, "I had you in the palm of my hand until my stupid sister had to ruin it! It's not fair!" Monet suddenly grabbed Cordelia by the throat, lifting her into the air and dangling her precariously close to the edge of the roof.

"Let me tell you about how 'fair' life is," said Monet, "I was there when Adrienne blew up Everett. I held his lifeless body in my arms. Was it fair that I had to lose someone I cared about? Was it fair that my brother became a monster through his own arrogance? Is it fair that some of my friends lost their powers like you did? Don't talk to me about what's fair, you cowardly, sniveling excuse for a human being. You've lost your chance at revenge. Take another and you'll lose more than that."

"Monet," warned Husk sternly. Monet rolled her eyes and roughly deposited Cordelia back onto the roof, making sure it was a painful process but one that she would live through. Husk put herself in between her former teammate and Cordelia as the Frost sister stood up and dusted herself off.

"As if I would waste my energy hitting her," sniffed Monet in disgust, "I don't have any desire to break my nails on her face."

"So what now?" asked Husk.

"We've got friends that can make sure she has bigger problems," assured Jubilee, "Don't worry too much about your money though, Frost. It'll go to some very nice charities and you'll still have plenty of it left. Consider it a warning if you ever think about coming after us again." The quartet turned their backs on Cordelia Frost and moved towards the edge of the roof to descend to the streets below.

"I can give you back your powers," promised Cordelia, desperately trying to gain some sort of leverage, "I can make things like they were. I can . . ." Her words were lost in the sobs. Her words, however, didn't fall on deaf ears. Jubilee stopped and turned her attention back to their obviously beaten opponent.

"A few months ago, I would've taken that offer without a second thought," admitted Jubilee, "You can't change the past though. All you can do is live with it." Again, Jubilee turned away from Cordelia Frost and rejoined her friends. Monet grabbed Paige before all of them stepped off the roof and floated safely to the ground below.

"It's been an interesting night," admitted Monet with the smallest of smiles, "All things considered, it was nice seeing all of you again."

"You learned how to actually compliment people," observed Jubilee, "I'm thoroughly shocked."

"I could take it back if it would make you feel more comfortable," offered Monet. Jubilee shook her head as all four of them turned their attention to the horizon and the dawn breaking through the darkness.

"Lord Almighty, the sun's comin' up," realized Husk, "Guess I'll have to skip class if I wanna get some sleep."

"We should get back to the base," decided Jubilee, motioning to Decibel that it was time to take to the air again, "We should have plenty of juice to make it back."

"Guess it's time ta go, sunshine," agreed Decibel as he turned his attention to Husk, "It was good though." Monet rolled her eyes and was about to make gagging noises had not Jubilee grabbed her and dragged her away so that Jono and Paige could have a private moment.

"Have to say you always manage to surprise me," admitted Husk. She took the time to actually notice Decibel's face for the first time even though his costume kept the bottom half slightly covered. It was habitual at this point for Jonothon Starsmore to only show half of his face because once upon a time he only had half a face to show. The past was gone now and, unfortunately, only the present remained.

"Face isn't tha prettiest one around, luv," assured Decibel, gently moving Husk's hand away to stop her from pulling the scarf down so she could see it in its entirety. This action resulted in him clasping her hand and neither of them minding it.

"A lot of things have changed between us," said Husk.

"Ya sure?" asked Decibel in return, "Doesn't look that way ta me."

"Guess the past isn't so dead after all," admitted Husk with a sheepish smile, realizing that he was still holding her hand, "I've got the time to catch up with you and the others if you want to."

"Thought you were too busy with class and sleep," reminded Decibel.

"I'm a college student," retorted Husk, "We never get to sleep."

"Could be nice then," said Decibel, turning his attention to Monet and Jubilee, "Ya interested in hanging out a little more?"

"Only if you find some real clothes," replied Monet, "That outfit is atrocious, Starsmore. Obviously Jubilee helped you design it. She has no sense of style."

"I'm the queen of style," corrected Jubilee, "I guess Jono and I could kill the time if you kids can."

"I suppose I can stand to be around the three of you a little longer," relented Monet, "Just keep the misty-eyed sentimental nonsense to a minimum."

"You're so easy to please," joked Husk, "C'mon, let's get something to eat. Gotta be something around here that's open twenty-four hours." The four friends walked away from the building as the sun continued its ascent into the sky, laughing and joking as if time had moved backwards and they were still students of the Massachusetts Academy. Unbeknownst to them, someone was watching them from the shadows. The sound of air flowing through a breathing apparatus emanated from the shrinking darkness as Emplate watched his sister and her friends walk away.

"There will be another time for revenge," decided Emplate aloud, "For now, dear Monet, you and your friends enjoy your reunion. You gave me the biggest meal I've had in years. I assume this moment's peace will be a sufficient show of my gratitude." With that, Emplate faded away like a ghost, leaving his former adversaries to bask in the glory of a new day's dawning.