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The Road to Recovery

"That jerky little—ARGH! "

Sakura barged into her apartment and into her bedroom being sure to slam the door in the process. She was beyond angry, beyond furious. She was literally an inch away from taking a flamethrower and shoving it down a certain black-haired ninja's throat before turning it on.

He was just too pig-headed for his own good.

Today she had asked him to grab a bowl of Ichiraku's ramen with her, before she had to go to work at the hospital for hours on end, hoping that maybe just this once he'd accept. It's not like she was asking for his hand in marriage. She just wanted a bit of company from the guy (whom she cared deeply about) for a few minutes.

That's all she had asked for.

And what did she get in return?

She laughed bitterly.

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. He didn't even acknowledge her presence. He simply kept walking past her. Even when she called his name and chased after him to see if he had heard her, he simply walked faster and pretended she didn't even exist. What was she? Some piece of garbage to him?

Growling, Sakura made her way across the room to her desk and took out a piece of paper.

'This is getting ridiculous. It's time I stopped loving him. ' Sakura thought to herself.

She began furiously writing down a list that would help her get over the Uchiha once and for all.

Thus began Sakura Haruno's road to recovery. What was her disease?

Sasuke Uchiha.


12 Fail-safe ways to Forget about a Certain Stubborn, Black-Haired, Hormone-less Sharingan wielding Jerk And Get on With your Life because It Is Too Short To Spend All Your Precious Time Chasing After Sasuke Uchiha

By: Sakura Haruno

1. Never....I repeat NEVER allow yourself to get lost in his (stunning, gorgeous, beautiful) eyes! Just don't do it. You may casually glance into them once in a while to avoid suspicion, but if you feel yourself starting to lose all sense of time while looking, slap yourself and look away! If needed Avoid ALL eye contact with him, however this method may arouse unwanted attention.

2. Stop Asking Him out! Resist all urges to ask him out to eat ramen or to train with you. The more time you spend with him, the harder it will be to accept the fact that you will never be together. Or...well that WOULD be true, if he ever accepted your offers. Still constantly asking him out gives him the satisfaction of having your attention AND gives him the opportunity to hurt you when he declines.

3. Don't offer him compliments!! Informing him of all of his good qualities just helps him inflate his already Bigger-Than-Life ego. If he happens to do something wildly impressive in your presence, ignore it. If THAT proves to be impossible, compliment him in your head or go home and express your adoration onto a piece of paper. Then...rip the paper to shreds and burn it.

4. Do not ogle his body and/or features while at training or on a mission. This will be a crucial step in your road to recovery, considering the fact that the Uchiha has one of the most beautiful bodies in the history of...well....everything. If you manage to complete this step, it will only be a matter of time before you forget the bastard totally. If you begin to stare, just tell yourself to imagine him naked...WAIT NO!! DON'T DO THAT! IN ABSOLUTELY NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU DO THAT! Instead...imagine him...wearing...a...a... bunny suit.

5. Always try to dress your best and look utterly...well...for lack of a better word, hot. If you look good, feel good and take pride in the fact that you are one unique and smoking hot pink haired beauty, everyone will take notice of your newfound confidence. This includes men. Yes...In your obsession with Sasuke, you have forgotten about the other eligible men of Konoha. So always remember to spend a bit of time each day and put in that extra effort. Soon you'll feel so empowered that Sasuke Uchiha won't even cross your mind.

6. Cut out the –Kun!! From now on you will refer to the man in question as Sasuke. NOT Sasuke-kun. The elimination of this suffix will not only let him know that you are no longer dying for his affections, but also you'll be subconsciously telling your heart to accept the fact that you don't want to be with him anymore. If you occasionally let a small "Sasuke-kun" slip out, quickly correct yourself. There's no room to be weak. Clear your throat loudly and proudly say "Sorry...Sasuke."

7. During sparring sessions, never let him beat you. This may seem difficult considering the fact that he is without a doubt one of the strongest ninja's in the village. But I do not necessarily mean beating you as in defeating you in the battlefield. After every match, his comments of you being "annoying" and "weak" constantly get you down. No more! Instead, leave him no excuse to call you weak. Go at him with everything you've got. And his remarks of your annoyance will not beat you down! If he calls you such, simply brush it off and walk away. There is no reason for you to take his comments to heart anymore. You. Are. Getting. Over. Him.

8. Replace Each of his "Hn's" with something else in your mind. It can be pretty infuriating when you pour out your heart and soul to this man, and all you get in return is a lousy grunt. Therefore, whenever he deems it fit to reward the conversation with a "Hn" take it upon yourself to (in your mind, for you do not want to seem like a lunatic) replace the grunt with something else. For example: Hn= I'm a pretty girl. Or Hn = I enjoy dancing in my green jumpsuit that I received from Lee and Gai last Christmas, etcetera.

9. Feel free to flirt or date whenever you want to. If a young man asks you on date or shamelessly flirts with you, feel free to return the favour. Before, when you were in love with Sasuke, you would consider this unfaithful and unnecessary. But now that you have made the choice to let go of your infatuation, it is still unnecessary but the fact is that you are now free to enter the great, big world of dating. (I heard Kiba's available). This also demonstrates to the Uchiha that you are over him.

10. If the man ever insults you, shun him. Why on earth should you sit down and take it? You are a strong woman and he has no right to put you down! If he does, counter it with an equally scathing remark and then proceed to give him the cold shoulder. It's high time for him to stop assuming that, just because you WERE in love him, he has the right to insult you as much as he wants, without suffering the consequences!

11. Take it upon yourself to help set up the Uchiha with another deserving woman. God knows he has a boundless amount of fan girls around the village. Make it your goal to set him up with one. By doing this, you are teaching yourself to grow accustomed to the fact that he will be free to date another girl. You have moved on. You don't care WHO he goes out with. It also shows him that he needs to get a move on the whole "rebuilding his clan" endeavour, because, you being a prime example, his fan girls won't be there forever.

12. Burn this list and continue the steps over and over again. You have learned all you can from this piece of paper. It is time you put it aside and continue on your own. You must be able to keep your head high and go out there without any list to fall back on. YOU ARE SAKURA HARUNO AND YOU DO NOT LOVE SASUKE UCHIHA ANY LONGER!

Congratulations! If you managed to complete each and every one of these 12 steps, You have successfully gotten over the cold hearted bastard! Enjoy your new life of freedom and independence! (If you have not completed these steps and failed miserably...then...You are basically doomed to live a life of spinsterhood. Have a good day!)


To Be Continued

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