E/O Drabble challenge of the week

Challenge word: Collapse (es), (ed) etc

A/N: Late because Fanfiction was being a major pain, so yeah. Enjoy!! Takes place in season 4 this is pretty dark. it's 107 words if you dont count the things in bold and the title. i was so close!!

Things Change

A knotting, twisting, pain ripped through his stomach.

The older man staggered and sank to his knees and finally collapsed.

He rolled on the ground clutching his stomach with his sweaty palms.

"Dean!" A solemn worried voice spoke out and a shadow hovered over him.

"Castiel?" The older man questioned. "Where's Sam?"

The angel's eyes met Dean's and he new then that his brother was too busy practicing his powers to care.

"He's not the same anymore, Cas." Dean said through clenched teeth.

"I know." Castiel replied.

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