Mass Effect: Broken Angels

Prelude – Atmospheric Design

The transport ripped through the atmosphere, leaving a trail of flame and smoke in its wake as it continued upwards into the black. There, it mingled with the crumbling satellites and the oxidized remains of old spacestations that bubbled around Earth until its thrusters pushed it into a higher orbit.

The kinetic barriers flew up, repelling debris as the crew made the calculations for their up-and-coming jump to light speed.

One minute.

Two minutes.

The craft adjusted its heading, making for the destination of their first jump. Before it made full-burn, fire began to erupt from the rear thrust nacelles. Spinning end over end, the crew desperately tried to shut down the proper systems and bring themselves level again.

An element zero breach formed at the rear of the transport, effectively flinging the vessel down at an unmanageable speed. The craft cut back through the atmosphere, and began its mortal descent towards the ground below.