Summary: This is based off of that AWESOME promo those evil people at kripke and co. have left us with until March!!! This is my attempt at making sense of it all. Starts while Dean is in the hospital, and Sam decides to do something about it. Broken!Dean, Pissed!Sam

Rated: T for language, some violence.

Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural.


The Promo

Something mechanical, twisted, and green synchronized itself into a perfect rhythm with his brother's heart. Plastic tubes slipped into his body easily, quietly like snakes into his arms and hands, curling into his mouth and nose, pushing him to take their medicine whether he wanted it or not.

The hospital bed was equally cold.

Dean lay there, unmoving and bruised. Sam had gone through the motions, pacing and lurking, harassing the doctors, and waiting at his brother's side without sleep for two days. But now, with the sun setting low, the rancid stillness of the outside world bleeding through the hospital's artificial shades, crawling onto the tile and into the dim recesses of his room, Sam waited. He had finally come to a resolution and sat in a seemingly peaceful state, his hands pressed together in mock prayer so that anyone that looked on him would say, "That's not a praying man."

"Turn away, Cindy," a mother would say, pushing her daughter passed the man in the shadows of Dean's room.

"But mommy," the daughter replied.

"Go!" she insisted, for a mother always knows when it's better to lead their children away from the shadows than to confront the things within them.

Sam had barely moved, eyes frozen on the limp body in front of him. Every scar on Dean's body reminded him of the failure he was. How could he have let him down?

Dean had been taken without Sam ever knowing, beaten and broken and returned like a present on their motel doorstep the next morning, wrapped in red gashes and purple contusions, sputtering for help at the edge of life itself. The monster had known where they were all along; he'd simply slipped in and out under the guise of night.

They always did, the cowardly pieces of shit.

How could it have happened? The day had been so bright. The hunt had gone so well. They had celebrated with burgers.

"Extra cheese, extra meat, extra mayo, hold that gay stuff you like," Dean's voice echoed in Sam's memory.

"You mean vegetables?" Sam had said with a smile. He didn't know why he was smiling. They rarely had those few moments of just peace. Just beer, burgers, and peace. That's all they needed in life.

The smile dripped over into the present, and Sam caught himself in the hospital mirror as reality washed over him and he remembered how, again, the monster had snuck past them as they slept on their motel beds.

Were they too afraid to come when we were looking? Too afraid of us? Too afraid of me? Sam's thoughts raced each other. Well, they hurt Dean, and they should be.

Everything he did now was in planning, in careful vigil for when his brother would awaken. Sam tightened his fists and stood up to examine his brother, once again, for any sign of hope.

As he approached his bedside, the bruises seemed to grow larger around Dean's arms and face, but it was just his imagination.

Sam pressed the heels of his palms against his forehead, attempting to wipe away the illusion, as well as the overwhelming guilt and tears.

"God, you son-of-a-bitch," Sam said to himself standing above his brother.

Taking a deep breath, he wiped the wet, disgusting weakness from his eyes. Placing a cold hand against Dean's forehead, Sam felt his own facial expression deaden and something within him go numb.

Yes, he resolved, Dean would wake up. Eventually, Dean would wake up and tell him who attacked him. That was it. Easy as that.

Yes, and when he did, Dean would tell him "I'm fine."

And, yes, Dean would rise like the sun, and things would go back to normal.

Yes, and all else would seem flowers and rainbows with the world.

And then, Sam would find that pathetic Alistair, and he would make him pay.


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