"Who in the hell is that?"

The who (that needs to be told who the hell he is right now!) Dean Winchester was speaking of (yes I know, the Dean) was not his 'girlfriend' that stood beside him but the one and only Sheldon Cooper who at this very moment was hugging Penny.

And in his eyes it was not a friend hug no it was far from any huge friends would share(so very far).

"Must you shout? Must he shout Penny? I could easily tell him my name without any kind of shouting going on, oh and my name is Sheldon. I'm a friend of Penny's and I do not like you."

It was quite clear that no friendship of any sort was going to take place here (or in the near future), the only one that was here was already in place by some sort of a miracle, or maybe it was something more?

"Sheldon! Sorry, that's Sheldon he can't keep his mouth shut (*wishing to blow up head eyes*) anyway Sheldon this is Dean my boyfriend."

When those words were spoken (beside Dean getting to go on with his morning date, for one long day, and ditch) Sheldon, who at the moment was feeling pity for Leonard and his on going crush, knew that this whole thing before him would be lasting only for at lest another few seconds.

Because around here the world 'boyfriend' came up once a week and sometimes once a day so it wasn't worth very much. (but sadly for themselves the word 'girlfriend' come up...ummm never.)

"*of the week* Nice to meet you, *not* Dean, now goodbye."

That day worlds collided (the nerd world, that we love so very much and sadly all of us are part of in one way or another, and the hunk/hunter world that we can only watch from afar with longing) and from what I hear it won't end very pretty, along the lines of light sabers and guns full of rock salt.

(but what we learned today, one Penny and Dean have more in common then they know, two Sheldon maybe feels a twitch of jealously every now and then, we only can hope. And last that Sheldon is behind is door trying to blow Dean Winchesters head off with his mind. Knowing Dean's luck this time it might work)

"What was that? Sheldon get your skinny ass back here!!"

"Can I kill him for you?"

(and I wish he wasn't telling the truth but he won't be the first man with the want to end Mr. Coopers life)

"If only, if only."

And it's quite clear she doesn't know a thing about him which means Sheldon better sleep with his light saber tonight and for the rest of the freaking year.