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**Chapter 1-In the Hands of the Enemy**

It had been five years since Harry, Ron and Hermione had graduated from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. All of their time was devoted to nothing else but trying to defeat Voldemort. Well, mostly all of their time was devoted towards that. Harry and Ginny had married shortly after graduation, and Hermione was dating Ron. She had told Ron that she wanted to take things slow with their relationship and he readily agreed. Her relationship with him had grown and they had both decided that neither of them wanted to get married until after the war. Now five years later and she was wondering if that was ever going to happen. She could wait, though. She was pretty sure she was in love with him. She was only pretty sure because she had never been in love before and she supposed her relationship with Ron was what it felt like. Besides that, it was a phrase she and Ron threw around a lot. You know, when they parted they'd say 'I love you,' or when they'd kiss goodnight 'I love you,' and of course, after sex 'I love you.' Pretty mundane really, being in love. Not at all like people in storybooks describe it.

They were all sitting around in Headquarters for the Order, which was still located at 12 Grimmauld Place. They had received intelligence from their insider, Severus Snape, of the next attack Voldemort was planning, which played directly into the Order's hands. Snape had returned after fleeing with Draco and had turned himself in to the Order, saying that Draco had disappeared. Harry was the first to see him. Hermione had never seen him so mad when he had gone into the room to talk with Snape. However, when Harry had come out he insisted that they all trust Snape with their lives and no one was ever to mention the killing of Dumbledore around him ever. Harry never told her or Ron what went on in that room; only that Snape was not a foe. Throughout the next five years, Snape proved a very useful and trustworthy member of the Order, and was soon a close friend of the Golden Trio. Now, here they were, waiting to fight Voldemort again. A week ago, Severus had fed the location of a safe house hiding many members of the Order to Voldemort. There was a safe house, but it really didn't house anyone. The plan was to wait for Voldemort to set a date to attack the house and when he did they, along with many aurors and members of the order would wait in the safe house, ready for an attack. If all went well, Harry would be able to duel Voldemort and perhaps the war would be over. Well, the date had been set and they were waiting for the okay to apparate to the safe house.

Lupin walked into the kitchen where they were all waiting and silently nodded. They all stood and hugged each other in case it was the last time they'd see one another. She told Harry and Ron she loved them and was the first to apparate to the location. It had been about thirty seconds when all the Death Eaters arrived and Hermione was yet again fighting in another battle in the war against Voldemort. She had just hit a Death Eater with a killing curse when she heard Ron screaming. She turned to look at him and he was pointing behind her, with a look of terror on his freckled face. She turned around to see a flash of red light hit her squarely on the chest. She had been hit with a spell that rendered her unconscious. Hermione awoke and she knew the war wasn't over. She was in a dark, dank dungeon somewhere, her wand no longer on her person. Harry had either been killed or a retreat was called by one of the parties, and she apparently couldn't be rescued after the battle. Crap, now she was a captive of Voldemort's, doomed to die at the hands of his cruel followers, unless freed before they did so.

She had only been awake for about ten minutes when a man, presumably a death eater, walked into her cell. She was led into a great room with countless masked faces staring at her… death eaters. Oh bugger, this was it. She was surely going to die for at the end of the room stood the enemy of the wizarding world, Voldemort himself. Five years of searching for him and there he was, plain as the nose on her face. Too bad they had to meet under these circumstances. She was led to stand directly in front of him where he stared at her maliciously. He looked like he was waiting for her to kneel. Hell if she was going to do that for him. No bloody way. He flicked his eyes to the death eater who had brought her in. The death eater proceeded to punch her viciously in the stomach, bringing her to her knees. She should have seen that one coming.

With his red eyes glowing he hissed, "That will teach you to always bow in my presence."

She looked up at him with malice and he smiled, if you could call it a smile, then he said, "You're that wench who was always around Mr. Potter. Well, what a fine catch we've made, happening upon Potter's little whore."

Mudblood she could handle. Bitch she could handle too, but whore? No, she couldn't stand being called a whore. Courage flooded Hermione. She knew that all the insults that were about to come of her mouth would do nothing but tick the Dark Lord off, but honestly she didn't care so she shouted, "Sod off, you gay little shit! Don't you ever call me a whore, you dickwad! Just because these stupid bints everywhere were bullied into respecting you doesn't mean that I do. You're not worth it. Just because you're sexually frustrated doesn't mean you get to bully the rest of the world, either!"

He slapped her hard across the cheek, "Well, maybe I should just use you to relieve my sexual frustrations then eh."

She looked up at him and said much more calmly, "Oh, and by the way, I won't tell you a thing. You'll never get a word out of me, so don't even bother."

He grinned down at her and said, "That's what they all say… at first. Let's see if this will change your mind, hmm?"

He waved his wand and with a wordless spell she was chained to the ground face up.

"Who shall have the honor of loosening this mudblood whore's tongue?" He pondered for a moment, "Ah yes, I know."

He disappeared for an instant, leaving the room. He returned with a thin-framed death eater. He was facing Voldemort and kneeling. "Come, look and see who your first victim will be."

The thin-framed death eater turned around and removed his mask. He inhaled and croaked, "Granger…"

Anger. That was the only emotion she felt. Anger and hate. If she hadn't been bound to the ground she would have attacked him, so she resorted to the next best thing. She shouted, "Malfoy, you bastard! I swear if you touch me, I'll kill you, you stupid git…." Her mouth continued to move but no sound was coming out of it as Malfoy had just used a silencing charm on her.

Malfoy turned back to the Dark Lord, "My oh my, we've got a feisty one haven't we."

"Apparently so, young Malfoy." He chuckled maliciously as he looked at Hermione, who was still silently shouting insults at them. "Come now Draco, enough of this. Let's see if we, and by we, I mean you, can loosen her tongue. After some prodding, she may have some useful information for us."

Draco turned to look at her and their eyes locked. His grey eyes were the same as she remembered them from school, hard and emotionless. He leaned down next to her and growled, "You ready, Granger?" She knew what was coming and she was sure her chocolate eyes were revealing the fear in her. She silently pleaded with him. 'Please,' she mouthed the word. The hard look in his eyes dissipated but only for a moment. "Ugh, you stupid mudblood." He stood, removed the silencing charm, took a look around the room, raised his wand and yelled, "Crucio!"

Hermione screamed. She screamed louder than she had ever screamed in her entire life. She writhed and squirmed as much as her bonds would allow when she felt the pain. Son of a bitch! Merlin, just kill me now! Make it stop! KILL ME NOW DAMNIT! Abruptly, the pain stopped. She just lay there on the ground, breathing hard. All around her she could hear the eerie chuckles coming from the watching Death Eaters.

"Well Granger," Malfoy sneered, "Feel like telling us anything now?"

Anger flared in her. "Fuck you, you stupid bint! I'll never betray Harry, so you might as well just kill me now!"

"Well Granger, I'd love nothing more than to oblige, but unfortunately I'm not the one who makes those decisions." He glanced at the Dark Lord, who simply nodded. Draco sighed and said, "On for round two then. Crucio!"

Hermione screamed again. It seemed the pain was worse this time. It went on longer, as well, lasting for an eternity it seemed. Finally, it ceased, but the ache of it was still there. Involuntary tears were in her eyes, pouring down her face. She closed her eyes, determined not to weaken. She would say nothing and endure the torture for as long as she had to. When she regained her composure, she opened her eyes to a revolted Malfoy.

"Anything yet?" He drawled. His voice was cruel but his eyes; there was something wrong with his eyes. They weren't soft. No, that was too nice a word. They were… weak, as if he weren't cut out for this. "You going to make me do it again?" He waited, "Fine then, Crucio!"

Same story. Longer this time, again. She didn't know how much more of this she could take. Once more it stopped. She opened her eyes, and most of Voldemort's followers had gone. All who remained were Dolohov and Goyle, Voldemort and Malfoy.

He once more leaned down next to her, "For pity's sake Granger," he whispered, "say something, anything or I'm going to have to keep doing this, you dumb bitch."

She looked up at him and sneered, "I don't give a crap what you're going to have to keep doing. I'm not going to betray my friends."

"Loyalty," he snarled, "It's such a weakness. If you didn't care about you're damn friends so much, you'd be fine right now."

"No, if I gave up the information, your damned master probably would've killed me by now."

"So, you're not going to tell us anything useful?" he asked louder, standing.

She smirked a smirk worthy of Malfoy and spat, "Die and rot in hell for all eternity. That would be useful!"

She didn't hear him whisper, "If only." He didn't face her as he used the Cruciatus Curse on her yet again.

This time she didn't feel the pain end, it knocked her out. While she lay there unconscious, the Dark Lord gave Draco a task.

"Draco, she knows useful information, but she's been using Occlumency all night and I cannot reach it. You are to take her to your manor and do whatever must be done to get the information from her. You will report back to me every week with everything she tells you. Do not be lenient with her."

Draco bowed low to the ground, "Yes, My Lord."

Voldemort sneered. "I wasn't finished. To ensure that you aren't making up this information, I will need to hear it from the Mudblood's mouth, so bring her with you."

Draco stayed with his nose to the ground. He heard the Dark Lord approach and he glanced up. Voldemort gave him an evil stare as he said, "Do not fail me Draco, for I do not trust you enough as it is."

Voldemort turned on his heel and disapparated.

Draco rose from the ground and picked up Hermione's unconscious form. She would awake in the captivity of her worst enemy.

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