Harry Potter Swan Princess style


Once upon a time there was a king named Lucius who ruled over a large and mighty kingdom. And yet, he was sad for he was growing old and had no child to inherit the throne. Then, happily a son was born… a princess. And he was given the name Draco.

Kings and Queens came from all around to offer their gifts to the child. Among them was the widow Lilly and her young son, Prince Harry. It was then that Lucius and Lilly happened upon the same idea as they watched Harry dangle a golden necklace above the cradle. Harry and Draco would be brought together each summer in hopes that they would fall in love and join their kingdoms forever.

But unknown to all was another plan, that of the evil enchanter, Voldemort. Draco's birth was of little concern to him, for he was preparing to take king Lucius' kingdom by means of the forbidden arts.

On the eve of his assault, Lucius attacked and Voldemorts powers were plunged into darkness. Despite the calls for his death, the enchanter was only banished.

"I'm not finished with you, Lucius. Someday I'll get my power back. And when I do, everything you own, everything you love will be mine," threatened Voldemort.

Lucius and his royal guard looked down at him as Lucius pointed on finger towards the forest and Voldemort disappeared into the shadows.

Narrator: Many fear king Lucius too kind. But in time the threat was forgotten and all hopes turned to that not-too-distant summer, when Harry and Draco would meet.

Cut to: Exterior, Lilly's castle just afternoon.

"Hehehe, oh, here they come, hee! (Laughter)" squealed the chamberlain as he stood in the towers, calling down to his queen and prince as he sounded the horn which took much effort to blow. It seemed a nest had become lodged, but it was soon blown away.

"Dear Lilly, as lovely as ever," greeted Lucius as Lilly gave a slight incline of her head only to have the nest fall upon it. Above a gasp was heard from the chamberlain.

"Oh a nest," smiled Lilly as a bird flew it away.

"And who might this strapping young man be? Young Prince Harry, no doubt," winked Lucius in a hinting voice.

"Welcome to our fair kingdom, dear Lucius. And to you, young princess," greeted Lilly in the same hinting voice as she watched the two royals dismount, before they both nudged their children towards each other "go on Harry," she giggled "dear, go on…"

"Mother!" came the young Harry's voice embarrassed.

"Harry!" replied Lilly's voice, now stern.

Harry trudged forth reluctantly towards Draco, "Hello, princess' Draco. I'm very pleased to meet you," all the while staring at his boots.

Draco went to give a polite bow, "Pleased to meet you, Prince Harry," as Harry fled back to his mother.

"Ah-ah-ah-ah," chided Lilly waving her finger, and Harry walked back over to the princess. Taking her hand he looked at it disgusted, Draco's face not far from it, and kissed his knuckles.

"Yuck!" replied Harry after the swift hand his, wiping his lips on his sleeve.

Song: find this is my idea, swan princess song, its funny to watch…

Harry: I can't believe I'm stuck with him all summer. I'll bet he doesn't wrestle, hunt or box.

Draco: He looks conceited

Harry: What a total bummer

Draco & Harry: If I get lucky I'll get chicken pox

Harry: So happy you could come

Draco: So happy to be here

Draco & Harry: How I'd like to run

Draco: This is not my idea

Harry: This isn't my idea

Draco & Harry: Of fun

Lilly: The children seem to get along quite nicely

Lucius: We'll join our lands if this arrangement clicks

Lilly: My dear king Lucius, that's my point precisely

Lucius: It's such good parenting

Lilly: And politics…So happy we agree

Lucius: I think we've got a deal

Lilly: Harry's quite a catch

Lucius: This is my idea

Lilly: This is my idea

Lucius & Lilly: of a match

Lilly: And such fun

(Transition: A few years later, exterior, Lucius' castle, day.)

Lucius: Good heavens, child, don't dawdle, we can't keep Harry waiting

Draco: I haven't packed or washed my hair, and father I get sea sick

(Cut to: Interior, Harry's room)

Lilly: She soon will be arriving, is that the respect your showing?

Harry: To make me kiss his hand again, I swear I'm gonna be sick

(Cut to: Exterior, the docks, Lilly's kingdom, day)

Lucius: One day Prince Harry will be his intended

Lilly: Splendid

Lilly's kingdom, day

Harry: we've tried all summer but we just can't lose him

Draco: Hey fellas, wait up!

Ron: Quick, put on some speed

Harry: When picking teams

Ron: Or friends

Harry: I never choose him

Ron: You'd think he'd take a hint and learn to read

Draco: This really isn't fair

Harry & Ron: We really couldn't care

Draco: Boy's its all or none… This is not my idea

Harry & Ronald: This isn't my idea

Draco, Harry & Ron: Of fun

Transitions: exterior, Lilly's kingdom

Villagers: Long before they met

Harry and Draco

Were destined to be wedded

Transitions: Interior, Lilly's and Lucius' castle

Servants: However anyone could see

The only point on which they didn't disagree

Was that the summer time

Was dreaded

Transitions: Interior, Lilly's castle

Harry: He tries to talk me into playing dress up; he's always flirting with the castle guards

Ron: I think you really sorta like him, fess-up

Harry: I'd like him better if he'd lose at cards, four sevens and a ten

Draco: I think I've won again

Harry & Ron: Every time he's won

Draco: This is my idea

Harry & Ron: This isn't my idea

Draco, Harry & Ron: Of fun

Transitions: Exterior, Lilly's kingdom, day

Villagers: We need a royal wedding

I'd love to be invited

At least we'd get a holiday to rest our ploughs and axes

Someday these two will marry

Two lands will be united

And with some luck their marriage may result in lower taxes

Transition: Lucius to Lilly

Lucius: What if Draco doesn't go for the merger?

Lilly: Urge him!

Split screen + transitions: Harry and Draco- now adults

Harry and Draco: For as long as we remember

We've been told we'd someday wed

Every June until September

Harry: All their pushing and annoying hints

Draco: I've got bruises with their fingerprints

Harry: I can do much better I am sure

Draco: He's so immature

I see him smiling and my knees start buckling, I see inside him and my doubts are gone

Harry: he started out as such an ugly duckling, and somehow suddenly became a swan

Draco: So happy to be here

Harry: 'Til now I never knew

Harry & Draco: It is you I've been dreaming of

Harry: This is my idea

Draco: This is my idea

Lilly, Lucius & Chorus: What a good idea, such a charming and romantic notion. This is my idea (this is my idea) such a good idea (such a good idea) what a good idea, such a powerful and magic potion, this is exactly my idea…Of love

Draco: This is my idea

Harry: This is my idea

Harry & Draco: This is my idea, of

Chores: Love, as Draco and Harry's lips met in a soft kiss

Harry: Arrange the marriage!

The crowd cheered and applauded loudly, happy to finally have their couple together when Draco spoke.


"What? You're all I ever wanted. You're beautiful!" replied Harry looking confused.

"Thank you. But what else?" asked Draco.

"What else?" replied Harry further confused.

"Is beauty all that maters to you?" asked Draco unhappily.

Lucius coughed rather disappointedly at his son's boldness.

"Harry… What else?" urged Lilly eagerly.

"I, uh… What else is there?" replied Harry lost for words.

"Buzz," replied Sirius pointing his thumb down.

Lilly looked flabbergasted as she saw everything fall to pieces at her son's words, Lucius also looked stunned as Draco looked down, disappointed in his answer.

Transition to: Exterior, Lilly's castle, day

"We tried, Lilly. No one can say we didn't try," frowned Lucius

Lilly gave a sob, everything gone wrong had and Draco and Lucius were leaving their kingdom.

"Say goodbye, Draco," as Lucius called to his son.

"Goodbye," replied Draco automatically.

"Goodbye?" Lucius questioned pointedly.

"Prince Harry," finished Draco reluctantly, voice laced with sadness.

Lilly nudged Harry "mother."

"Harry!" whispered Lilly sternly.

"Goodbye, Princess," replied Harry sadly, disappointed in himself.

Draco took one back glance at Harry as he and his father rode through the gates, Harry looked on, the love that was meant to be his riding away, turning his head away Harry missed the last back glance Draco was sending him. Wishing he could stay but the answer he gave…

"All these years of planning….Wasted!" yelled Lilly angrily storming back into the castle, as Harry watched them till they left sight…