Hey guys! I've had a couple little wee!chester one shots rolling around in my head for the past while and have finally decided to write them down, brilliant I know :P I'm not sure how many there are going to be but this is the first one, it depends on the response to this first one if I'm going to write down the others or not.

I'm still working on the next chapter of Into the Real World and hope to have it up either this weekend or Monday. Thanks for checking this little story out, I hope you enjoy it! Please feel free to let me know what you thought as feedback is always appreciated! :)

1) Word Games: Bubbas or Bottles?

John was sitting at the small, round table by the window in their motel room doing research while the boys played on the large bed. He felt a pang in his heart when he paused to watch them and wished Mary was able to see the sweet and playful interactions between them. Sammy was now fifteen months old and it was easy to see the spark that he brought to both Dean and John's lives. Dean had been so heartbroken over his mommy's death, understandably, and John had felt lost as well, he still did but it was hard not to smile when Sam had showed his little gummy, toothless smile when he was younger or the dimpled smile that John just knew was going to cause him many, many headaches.

Dean was rolling around on the bed, smiling a little and tickling his baby brother. He laughed as he tickled Sam's sides and watched his brother roll away, swatting at his big brother's annoying hands. "Careful Sammy, don't want you to roll off the bed." He said grabbing the back of Sam's shirt and pulling him closer to the middle.

"Bubba!" Sam squealed happily as he lay on his back panting, his little chubby cheeks flushed from the energy he'd just spent playing.

Dean paused and looked at Sam and then at the fridge. "You hungry Sammy?" He asked climbing cautiously off the bed. "Okay, I'll get your bottle."

"Bubba!" Sam cried as he reached his little chubby hands out toward where his brother had been just a moment ago.

"One sec Sammy, sheesh!" The little boy exclaimed as he reached on his tippy toes to grab the bottle off the shelf.

"Bubba! B…bubba!" Sam was now full-on crying, fat tears streaking down his face as he recited his mantra. "Bubba! Bubba!" He wailed.

John got up from his seat and walked over to the bed picking Sam up and holding him on his hip, quietly shushing him as he walked toward Dean. "I don't think he wants a bottle Dean." John explained as Dean walked over to him, bottle in hand. Sam squirmed in John's grip and reached out towards his brother.

"Then what's he want?" Dean asked trying to hand his brother the bottle that he obviously did not want as Sam continued to mumble 'Bubba'. "Do you want your bottle or not?" Dean asked sounding a little impatient as Sam refused to take it.

John took the plastic container before it fell and placed it on the counter. He set Sam down and watched, feeling a little sad and a tad bit jealous when Sam crawled towards Dean fisting the bottom of his brother's jeans in his little hand. Dean sat down on the floor next to Sam and started playing with the curls on his brother's head. "What do you want Sammy?" He asked again and looking as if he expected an answer.

"He wants you." John answered simply.

"I'm not Bubba." Dean replied looking at Sam confused. "Sammy, I'm Dean… don't you know that?" He asked poking Sam in the stomach.

Sam let out a little squeal as he rolled away on his side.

John took a seat beside his boys watching with a sad smile as Sam curled up and laid his head on Dean's ankle, wrapping his little arms around his big brother's leg. "No, you're not Bubba," John let out a little chuckle. "But you are his brother and I think that's what he's trying to say."

"Oh…" Dean looked thoughtful. "Bubba doesn't sound like brother. Sammy, say brother." Dean said enunciating the last word very slowly.

"It does to him. He's learning so not everything he says is going to sound right but it'll get there." John smiled at his baby boy. "You did this too, ya know?"

"I did?" Dean asked and John was happy to see his son curious. It sure beat the silent boy he'd been a couple months earlier.

"Yup, you'd say all kinds of crazy things that your m… that we would have to figure out… now you and I have to do that for Sammy." John explained. "Can you be a good listener?"

Dean nodded and pulled Sam up off his leg. "I'm always a good listener." He boasted causing John to laugh.

Sam frowned at Dean but pulled himself up and leaned against Dean's side, one little hand tangled in his brother's shirt while sucking on his thumb. "Bubba." He sighed around his thumb.

Dean reached over and pulled Sam's thumb out of his mouth. "Yeah Sammy, I'm your bubba." Dean smiled a little and began to tickle the little boy again laughing both with and at the youngster.

I hope you can see them Mary John thought sadly before climbing up off the floor. Though sometimes a sad reminder, especially when Sam reached milestones that he and Mary should have been celebrating together, his boys brought a light to his otherwise dark and lonely lifestyle and he was more than relieved that he'd been able to save at least something good from that fire.

Hey! So thanks again for checking out this little one-shot, sometimes I think one-shots are harder to write than chapter stories. Anyways, I'll try to put the second one up sometime soon though I'm not exactly sure when that'll be. Hope you liked it! Thanks again! :)