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7) Midnight Splashes

John rolled over and groaned as the baby monitor came to life for the fourth time that night. Knowing that Mary had gotten up the first couple of times, John gave his wife a soft peck on the forehead and climbed out of bed.

"I'm coming Dean, I'm coming." He muttered as he made his way down the hall and into his son's nursery. John flicked the light on and walked over to the crib, being gentle as he picked the three week old baby up. "Hey big fella, what's the problem now?" John asked as he patted his son's bottom, checking to see if a diaper change was in order. "Good to know you can hold it." He muttered when he realized that Dean's diaper was still dry. He smiled a bit when his son snuffled a little and clutched lightly at his worn military t-shirt. "How about we go see your mama while I get you some grub? Does that sound good, kiddo?" He asked, lightly bouncing the baby to see if really all his son needed was to be rocked. Over the past few weeks, they had learned that Dean was most definitely a baby who enjoyed people.

"Mare?" John called softly as he entered their master bedroom, taking small and slow steps to prevent himself from crashing into anything since the lights were off.

"Hmm… John?" Mary replied tiredly as she sat up, leaning over to turn on the lamp beside her bed. She smiled softly when she saw that John was holding Dean. My boys she thought as she rested against the pillows.

"I think he's hungry." John said in a soft tone of voice as he handed Dean to Mary. "I'm gonna go get him a bottle, be back in a minute."

Mary nodded as she gently cradled her little boy to her chest. "Shh Dean, mommy's got you baby." She cooed as Dean continued to cry. "Shh baby, shh."

The little baby snuffled a bit more before he reached up and lightly tangled his fingers in the cloth of Mary's nightgown.

Mary smiled as she gently ran a finger down the side of Dean's baby soft cheek, admiring his blonde hair and the green eyes she knew were hidden behind his closed lids. "That's my boy," She soothed as he started to calm down some.

A moment later, John re-entered the room, a bottle in hand. "Here." He said tiredly as he handed the bottle to Mary and carefully plopped back down onto the bed.

"Thanks," Mary replied as she shifted Dean a bit and started to shake the bottle only to stop a second later. "John!" She squealed as drips of formula rained down on both her and Dean causing the little boy to begin crying again.

"Hunh? What?" John asked, already half asleep as he turned back over to see Mary climbing out of bed. "Where ya going?" He called out, tired and confused.

"To change." Mary answered, frustrated as she tried to soothe Dean again.

"Why?" He asked as he sat up again.

"Because you forgot to put the top on the bottle, smart one," She grumbled before turning back to her crying child.

"Aw shit, sorry Mare… here let me take him," John said as he climbed out of bed and retrieved Dean from his disgruntled wife.

"Try not to spill anything on him this time," Mary instructed before she walked into the bathroom.

John nodded, carrying Dean back to his room to get the little boy a change of clothes. "Daddy's sorry son," He said as he laid Dean on the changing table and unsnapped the wet pajamas. Dean's face scrunched up in annoyance as he began to cry again. "Shh Dean, daddy's gonna get you all fixed up again."

Keeping one hand on Dean's chest to ensure that his son didn't roll off the changing table as John was sure that was something Mary would not forgive him for, he reached over and took out a new diaper and pajamas figuring that he might as well try and stay one step ahead of the game. Taking the old and only slightly wet diaper off, John tossed it into the bin and then turned back around to get the new one on Dean. John lifted his son's little butt up and slipped the diaper underneath him but right as he was about to cover Dean's front, he was met with a pretty steady stream hitting him straight in the chest.

"God dammit!" John groaned and moved to quickly cover his son trying to prevent any more pee from landing on him. Looking at his now soiled shirt, he couldn't help but let out a small and tired laugh. "I guess that's payback hunh kiddo?" He chuckled, watching as his son finally calmed down and a moment later, drifted off to sleep.

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