Month 1

JT's new best friend had flitted in and out of conscious over the next few weeks, staying awake and aware longer each time she came to. He left food and water within easy reach of her pallet in case she woke up while he was foraging for more supplies. Some days, the only reason he knew she had woken up was that she had eaten something while he was gone. But on other days, the good days, she would rouse herself when he was there.

She had tried to explain what a slayer was. Bred and trained for a purpose that had his brain screaming Jaffa, disposable foot soldier. She said she was from Earth, California to be precise. Okay, maybe her brain was just a touch scrambled but hey, whose wasn't these days. He toyed with the idea of her being from an alternate reality but even then, vampires, werewolves, witches, and demons? In the end, he didn't care.

He enjoyed hearing about her family and friends. Dawn, the snarky, pain in the neck sister that meant the world to her. Xander, a young man who could apparently give Danny-boy a run for his money when it came to attracting dangerous women. He wasn't sure what to think about Willow. How someone could reconcile hard science with hocus pocus was a bit beyond him but it was fun imagining a meeting between Carter and the young hacker/witch. Another interesting meeting would be one between the Watcher/father-figure Giles and Daniel. He hadn't had so much to contemplate about in years. He did, however, think that a meeting of Teal'c and Andrew would be a bit much. Over the years, his tolearnce of even the original Star Wars trilogy had dwindled into non-existence.

"Hey," a voice came from the pallet. "Think you can give a girl some company?"

"Only if you promise to tell me about your first Halloween in Sunnydale again," JT said as he walked towards her.

Today was a good day.