A/N: Started out as something. Became something else. Love the idea of the characters...hate some of the things done to them. Set after Pitch. Chronicles don't exist in this story. Not my characters, however. Though I wouldn't mind owning Vin...

She was grown now.

He left when she was a little girl and now she was a grown woman.

How did this happen?

He watched in the dark shadows- a man without a face who made no sound.

She was grown.

He couldn't get over it every time he saw her.

She suspected someone watching several times but he was too fast.

He didn't want her to know he was there.


He was biding his time but he wasn't sure why. His gut told him to stay silent and invisible. So he did.

He watched her in her bedroom she was so proud to call her own. She practiced with a blade and he contended she was good though training would help.

He remembered rubbing her fuzzy head, her clinging to him as he said his goodbyes. He held that thought with him until he felt it was safe to come back.

But it wasn't safe. He could feel it in the air.

He wasn't ashamed that he walked in her bedroom every night from her small balcony and watched her sleep.

She had a nightlight that let off little light. He could still see without his eyewear.

She had nightmares too. He figured the two were related to their ill-fated trip and he wished he could cure her. Heal her. This broken orphan who nearly didn't find her way.

She whimpered.

He flinched from his perch but forced himself to stay where he was. It was safer for everybody that way.

A moan and words muttered so low he couldn't understand.

Then a word he could. "Riddick."

He froze. But she was still asleep.

She twitched.

Then she gave a groan, started throwing her body back and forth.

A short scream and he was at her side.

"Jack," he said, lowly.

She was crying. "No. No! Fry! Riddick! No!"

She yelled the last. He placed his big, warm, murderous hands on her chilled bare arm and shook her. "I'm here. It's fine."

"No, no, no, no! He's gone." Tears ran down her beautiful face.

"Jack!" For lack of anything else he smacked her face. Semi-lightly.

She woke up in a start and looked around. As in a daze she noticed him and stared in wonder "Riddick? Is that really you?"

"In the flesh," he answered seriously.

She got on her knees, looking at his shining reflective eyes as she ran her cold hands up and down his warm bare arms. "You're here," she said in wonder, blinking away her remnant tears.

"Told ya I'd be back, kid," he answered, putting his hands around her and pulling her tight to him in an embrace.

She recuperated and buried her face into his neck. "Never had a doubt."