So I know I should be working on my other story but I've been wanting to write a Bones/NCIS fic for a long time and today Rainie16 helped me figure out how to start one off. So before I thought I would write it before I forgot it. This has spoilers for NCIS up to about Kill Ari part 2. Bones will probably have spoilers up to the Princess in the Pear but I'm not sure yet.

Dr. Temperance Brennan was in her office when her phone rang. Since it was about lunchtime she picked it up thinking that it would've been Booth asking if she had eaten yet. Later she would wish harder than ever before that it had been and the phone call she did get was just a dream.

"Dr. Brennan" she said when she answered the phone. "Temperance it's Ducky." She became worried when she heard his voice. Ducky was a normally cheerful fellow but now he sounded sadder than she had ever heard him. The only time she had heard him sound this sad was when a few weeks ago when Tony had caught the plague. This scared her. "Is everything okay? Is it Tony? Did he have a relapse? I'm going to kick his butt! I told him he should have waited to go back!" She heard a sigh. "It's not Tony my dear. I'm afraid it's concerning Caitlin and that dreadful Ari Haswari." Oh God (which she only used as an expression) him again? "Did he kidnap her again? Is she okay?" Ducky sighed once more. "My dear I'm afraid Caitlin is not okay. Ari was waiting for them when they arrived at the scene. Caitlin is dead."

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