Protect That Which is Beautiful

Chapter 8: New threads and allies

The Hunter stood before a mirror, glancing at himself in satisfaction…

Hunter POV

I chuckled as I saw my reflection, I looked barely anything like my old self, only thing the same on me now is my face, I gave a fanged grin and observed myself again.

I chosen a good set of threads for myself, I was now wearing a plain white shirt that could be seen with my coat still open, I was then wearing a sweater over that, black with the hood up, covering my hair which I combed back so it didn't get in my eyes, but there was some hair that hung in front of my face, but I ignored those.

I zippered up the sweater, I was wearing black pants that would have been loose and baggy had I not taped them at the ankles and thighs with some white hockey tape. I raised my arms and observed my work, my forearms to my hands were covered in that same hockey tape, tight enough to lower air resistance, but loose enough to let my blood through, I also put on some fingerless leather gloves so I didn't have to tape my hands up.

With a small grin I reached for my final piece, a large coat that went down to just below my knees, it was light and water proof, a shade gray, darker. I put it on left it open, I turned back to the mirror.

"Sharp." I said with a chuckle.

I hastily left the store and broke into a small sprint down the road to where my special was last headed, and oh will she be surprised to see me again looking this good. Call me conceited, but I looked damn good.

I grinned, but my previous injuries were still bugging me, but some rest will do me good when I get close enough to follow them again.

Zoey POV

The four of us had barely made it to the safe house before a Boomer puked on Francis, the horde was gonna get us if I hadn't thrown that pipe bomb I found in that small apartment house, I had to ask though…Why was there a pipe bomb in a apartment? I never really thought to question it till now, who scattered weapons around?

"Zoey! Hey, are you listening?" I was jumbled out of my thoughts when I saw it was Francis who was talking to me, I turned to him and saw he was staring at my shoulder, I flinched, being reminded that was the shoulder where that Hunter dug his claws into and licked my blood.

"Sorry, I kinda spaced out there for a second, what were you saying?" I asked sheepishly with a small blush. I really shouldn't get too caught up in thought if I wanted to keep alive out here. I miss my dorm room.

Francis rolled his eyes, "We didn't notice." he said sarcastically as he handed me a med pack, "Take care of the shoulder." he ordered as he walked over to the counter and retrieved his Auto shotgun, he grinned when he heard the click of a shell being loaded into the chamber.

I glanced at my shoulder and remember the Hunter had licked the blood off, and it stopped bleeding awhile ago, so it was going to be alright, but to make sure, I opened the kit and grabbed some disinfectant, moved my jacket and shirt out of the and poured a small amount on it, hissing as the liquid stung. "Ow…" I muttered as I wiped it with a cloth.

"Alright, we'll rest here for two hours and get moving again to the subway station." Bill stated and glanced at us, "Any objections?" He added.

"None here old man." Francis replied, he seemed to always have energy if it involved killing infected.

"I'm still not tired!" Louis said with a grin, holding up his UZI.

I nodded, "I'm good too." I raised my pistol, and instantly felt I was under armed here, with a small sheepish smile I turned to Francis, "Uh, can I have your pistol?" I asked.

He stared, then nodded, handing me the small handgun, I felt more prepared now. "Thanks." he shrugged.

"Get some sleep while we're here." Bill ordered, sitting in his chair leaning back, eyes closed.

I decided I would do just that, letting my head rest against the wall I closed my eyes and fell into a light sleep. Somehow, I could help but think the next few hours were going to be hell.

Hunter POV

I had followed the trail all the way to their little safe haven, I stood by a building, leaning against the wall as several of my infected brethren stumbled about, searching for lunch, any of them who glanced at me wrong were met with a cold glare and a vicious snarl, they knew to keep their distance from me.

I could faintly hear their conversation through the door bars, but I didn't care get any closer, as curious as I was, I think I survived death one too many times tonight for my liking. With a growl I glared coldly at an approaching hunter, who looked rather confident in himself seeing as he walked like he owned the damn street. "What do you want?" I asked.

The hunter stopped and shrugged, "Same as you, I want those humans, I don't care which, as long as I get something to eat other then other infected." he replied, as I thought, he was young, but not without experience.

I nodded, "You're more then welcome to hunt with me then, just don't slow me down, or go for the female." I growled, then gestured around, "We're going to have to be ready to move when they do, and don't try anything, you try to kill me, I'll rip out your heart before you can even blink." to emphasize my point I flexed my claws.

The hunter just nodded, he wasn't easily intimidated, which was good, that will get him far, but it would also prove troublesome.

Young and brave, good, or bad combination I thought amused, remembering my days as a young hunter, but those were over, I now more deadly than most others. "We'll track the humans as they," I growled and pointed to the roof "Lets go, we'll need to rest." with that, I ascended to the roof tops via drain pipe. The younger hunter following me.

"So why the interest in the female human?" The young hunter asked me curiously.

I growled and shrugged, curling into a ball for sleep, "She is amusing, if I find something amusing, I keep it around till it no longer amuses me." I explained, then snarled softly as I cracked my neck.

"Why does she amuse you?"

I shrugged again, "I don't know, her blood tastes good, she has the most unexpected reactions that just seem really funny to me and she not too hard on the eyes for a human."

"So you have a crush on a human of sorts?"

I glared at him, bearing my sharpened teeth "I would not go that far, she is merely a form of entertainment for me, at the end of this hunt I will kill her, eat her then find something else to occupy my time."

He younger hunter gave a snort and curled into his own ball to sleep, "Alright, no need to be snappy about it." he yawned and muttered "Jerk."

I ignored it and let myself fall into a light sleep. For the hunt would begin soon again.

End of chapter 8.

There it is, hope it was good and now I am tired and need sleep, adios and goodnight!