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I woke early Sunday morning with an ache in my head and an ache in my loins. I was at the point between consciousness and sleep. I was in a lucid, transient state. Vaguely aware of the sounds of birds chirping outside my window, and the sun peeking through my curtains. Blurred images of a faceless man swirled around in my head as I tried in vain to pretend the world didn't exist right now. All I wanted was to go back to sleep… To go back to that dream… I squeezed my eyes shut in the hope that I could have this…

"I am going to kiss you, Isabella". The man's voice was deep and he spoke with an authority that I couldn't deny. His hands were placed firmly around my waist, as he pushed me hard against an old cement wall. His fingers were digging into my skin so deep, I was sure that he would cut me, or at the very least leave a bruise.

I could only moan in response. Around him, speech seemed like too difficult a possibility.

My chin pushed forward in response, my lips eager to meet his. My eyes closed, I couldn't find his.

"Are you deaf, Isabella? I said I was going to kiss you, not the other way around." I opened my eyes to meet his stern, serious face through my lashes. Feeling embarrassed, my body retreated against the wall, and my face flushed with heat.

"If you don't do as I say, you'll get nothing at all from me…" His hand reached up to caress my red, blushing cheek. I closed my eyes, still unable to respond, as a single finger slid along my jaw line. His hand then quickly grabbed my neck and pushed my head back against the wall behind us. He held me there, lingering on the threshold of causing actual pain. His hand firm, I could sense his face moving closer to mine. An electricity coursed through my body as his torso pushed closer toward me until it was firmly placed against mine. I could feel his heat, positioned so excruciatingly symmetrical to mine.

A low moan coursed through my body as I could feel him, his lips, so close to mine. His breath was hot, as I pursed his lips, ready to feel the electricity between us surge…

*Knock Knock*


I moaned, this nameless faceless man was sounding very feminine all of a sudden…

I heard a slow creak, footsteps and then the weight shifted on my bed before I was grabbed by my shoulders and shaken violently.


I opened my eyes, and the shock of being so unceremoniously dragged away from my dream, mixed with seeing Alice's face right up close to mine, caused me to scream. I jumped upright in fright and frustration, and shimmied back against my bed head, trying to preserve my modesty with my bed sheet.

"Jesus CHRIST ALICE! You scared the fuck out of me!" I panted, my breath hitched and my heart in my mouth, thumping away.

"Bella, are you ok?" The pixie reached out and placed her hand over my forehead. "You are running a fever! You're covered in sweat!" She exclaimed.

I placed my own hand across my chest and looked down, only to find my singlet covered in moisture.

"I… I'm fine Alice. It's just a little hot—It's stuffy in here right? It's really stuffy… Are you hot?"

I jumped up and pushed my curtains across, and opened the window. Droplets of sweat were running down me, as I stuck my head out the window, trying viciously to cool down, and calm down.

After a few moments, when the cool winter air had begun to give me a chill, I turned around to see Alice spread across my bed with an amused expression on her face. I raised my eyebrow at her, but she didn't respond. Instead, she jumped up, grabbed a towel and threw it at me.

"Go and clean yourself up, Bella. I've made us some wheatgrass shots."

"Ew…"I screwed my nose up at the thought.

Alice smiled. "Oh shut up, they have all sorts of important vitamins and minerals in them- Guaranteed to make you feel better after a big night out. And then we're going out to lunch. We have much to discuss."

"Alice, I have a lot of work to catch up on. I was planning on just editing my manuscripts today" I tried to protest, but I knew it would be of no use.

"Bella, I don't care if the fucking President was waiting on you to edit his speech- It can wait until Monday, when you actually get paid to work. Today, we have much more important things to discuss!" She gave me a stern look as she left my room.

I sat down on my bed for a few minutes to process everything- The blind date with Jacob. An unexpected surprise from Edward, and the feeling I had being around him, as opposed to the feeling I had being with Jacob. The dream I had this morning… It was lingering. I couldn't get it out of my head. I looked over at my bedside table to check the time- 10:45am, when I saw a familiar, dark object thrown over the one-seater I had in the corner of my room. A jacket… Edward's Jacket! I lunged over and scooped it up in my hands. I brought it to my face and inhaled the scent deeply. It was musk and sandalwood, mixed in with the cigarettes and Johnnie Walker from the club last night. It was amazingly, ridiculously… intense. I put it back on the couch, smiling as I realized that this Jacket was a golden ticket. An excuse to see him again… And boy did I want to see him again. My centre ached at the thought of it.

My euphoria didn't last long though as my headache pounded away in my skull, demanding attention. I dragged myself to the bathroom and let the water wash away my pain.