So recently I've been obsessed with the song "Queen of My Heart" sung by Westlife... so I decided to write this fanfic off the lyrics... just FYI here are the lyrics:

So here we stand, in our secret place
The sound of the crowd, is so far away
You take my hand, and it feels like home
We both understand, it's where we belong

So how do I say, do I say 'goodbye'
We both have our dreams, we both want to fly
So let's take tonight, to carry us through
The lonely times...

I'll always look back, as I walk away
This memory will last for eternity
And all of our tears, will be lost in the rain
When I find my way back, to your arms again
But until that day, you know you are
The queen of my heart

So let's take tonight, and never let go
While dancing we'll kiss, like there's no tomorrow
As the stars sparkle down, like a diamond ring
I'll treasure this moment, til we meet again

But no matter how far, or where you may be
I just close my eyes, and you're in my dreams
And ther you will be, until we meet

I'll always look back, as I walk away
This memory will last for eternity
And all of our tears, will be lost in the rain
When I find my way back, to your arms again
But until that day, you know you are
The queen of my heart

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The stream flowed steadily south, the rushing currents racing toward its outlet, washing everything along. She stooped down low, letting the water race between her fingers, washing away the remaining traces of the blood that still lingered on her hands. She stared at the thin traces of red that barely stained the flowing water before it was swept up by the current and mingled with the clear freshness of the stream. Scooping some up some of the clear flowing water, she brought it to her lips. The icy cold water slid down her throat and she felt it soothing her insides. As she splashed more onto her face, washing away the remaining remnants of her earlier slaughter, she felt surprisingly refreshed.

After drinking her fill of the crisp water she sat back against a tree and stared up past the green leafy canopy. Rays of sunlight reflected off the ten foot wide stream, showing off its brilliance as it escaped the confinement of the thick forest. She smiled as she watched the clouds float by in the clearing carved by the stream, there was no doubt in her mind that he was watching the very same clouds at that moment.

It has been a long time coming since she was last back in this place, surrounded by the heavy vegetation and thick humidity. Three years, two months, and twenty-seven days to be exact, not that she was counting. Whenever she thought about it she could still feel those emotions swimming inside of her, she could still see the tears that stained his face, she could still feel the cold chill of that summer night, and she could still taste the salty tears the trickled down her own face. She hated that feeling of utter despair; it was weak and foolish, he was nothing more to her than a childish fling, something that should not have taken occupancy in her heart. She had bigger things to deal with, more pressing matters; like her duty to her country, her duty to her brothers, yet it still hurt, it was still unbearable. She sighed, to think that three years, two months and twenty-seven days would have be long enough to mend a broken heart, apparently she was wrong.

She picked herself up and looked toward the east, toward the village hidden within the great expanse of the forest, toward the place she knew he would be laying. Despite all the reasons to turn back she felt her body press onwards, onwards toward an impending heartache, onwards toward a past she so foolishly cast aside years ago. She knew she should turn around, head westward and home; her mission was complete, her objective obtained, but she was already too deep in Fire Country to turn back now, she was in too far to ignore the burning sensation in her chest.

He lied there, staring up at the tightly formed masses of altocumulus clouds passing up above him, lost in his thoughts. The late August morning was warm and humid, causing his t-shirt to stick uncomfortably to his damp skin. He sighed, welcoming the imminent thunderstorm that was sure to follow later in the day; at least it would relieve him of this uncomfortable stickiness.

His thoughts danced about in his head, some were of the mission he just completed, of how he managed to get back alive, of what would have happened if his brilliant plan had failed, but they were mostly of her, of her golden hair as it slipped through his fingers, of her smooth tanned skin against his, of that sweet succulent smell of lavender and mint. Every time he lied down in this spot he would think of her, of the many days and nights they've spent together, staring up at the sky, lost in each other's company. Of all the friends he's ever known, of all the people who were ever close to him, she was the only one who ever found him here, she was the only one who knew where his secret place was. Often time he would wonder how she found out, how she of all people, she was the one who was able to pick out his one isolated clearing in all of Konoha.

He tried to keep his thoughts on those happy times, when nothing else mattered but the two of them, but like always those fleeting moments would fade, only to be replaced with the pain of that night. He tried to push her out of his mind, to push away those feelings, he did not want to hurt anymore, and he did not want to cry. For far too many nights he had lied there lost and lonely, with nothing more than a distant memory to comfort him.

He felt the tears sting his eyes as her image stubbornly refused to leave his mind. It had been three years, two months, and twenty-seven days since he last saw her, since he last held her in his arms, since he last felt whole. It was foolish for him to be thinking about her now, hell it was foolish for him to be thinking about her at all. A lot of time has passed, he had moved on, or so he kept telling himself. He knew he wasn't being fair to Kaiyo, that he wasn't being fair to his heart, that somewhere deep down inside he had hoped that one day he'd wake up and Kaiyo would not be there, but instead his goddess would be back in his arms. Three years, two months, and twenty-seven days, no, it definitely was not enough time for him to move on, even though he tried to, even though he lied to the world, even though he lied to his heart. The tears fell none the less, the tears always fell, he couldn't stop them, and he knew he never could.

She stood at the edge of the forest, staring off into the quiet clearing, staring at the lone figure lying on the soft grass. She felt her heart pounding, threatening to leap out of her chest, the lump in her throat grew, and her knees began buckling. Steadying herself with the nearest tree she considered her options, now that she'd seen him, she could turn and leave, forever regretting her decision, but sparing her heart the pain and grief the confrontation would cause, or she could approach him, she could confront the one thing that has been pulling at her heart for all these years, she can for once in her life live for herself, with no regrets. She felt the tears fall from her eyes as the first drops of rain fell, reluctantly she felt her feet move forward, drawing her closer and closer to the one thing her heart desired.

His eyes fluttered open as the first few drops of rain hit his face. He stared up at the looming cumulonimbus clouds, dark and heavy with rain, a crack of lightning flashed followed by the loud boom of thunder. Yawning he knew he had about ten minutes to find shelter before the storm would really pick up, but he didn't care, he just lay there, feeling the cold droplets of rain cool his hot skin. He closed his eyes again; there was something else in the air, something different, yet so vaguely familiar. He felt the rain pick up intensity, he felt the heavy droplets quickly drenching his shirt, he thought of her again, and he felt the tears flow from his eyes, getting lost in the rain.

She moved in like a cat stalking its prey, silently, slowly, and completely undetected. The rain was coming down pretty hard now, she was thankful, for it helped mask her presence, but so did the three years she spent as a hunter-nin, the three years she spent as one of Suna's most highly acclaimed assassins. She crept up close to him, pulling her body next to his, kneeling down low next to him, as she stared down at the object of her desires. She felt the tears continue to fall, mixing in with the rain as they slid down her face. It took all the power she had within her to hold back a sob, the binds she placed around her heart cracked as emotions flooded through her body once again, as she silently knelt there sobbing. She wanted to grab him, to pull him close to her, to smother him in sweet kisses, to whisper to him all those things she kept locked away for so long, to apologize to him, to mend her shattered heart.

He knew she was there, even though she expertly concealed her presence he knew, not only because could he could feel the warmth of her her tears mixed with the rain, but he knew the way his heart beat when she was around. He wanted to pull her close to him, to hold her like he once did, to feel her heartbeat against his, but his body wouldn't move. As his body betrayed his heart, his mind was racing, he was attempting to formulate a plan, attempting to calculate his next move. Slowly he opened his eyes, he took in her disheveled figure, he noted that her hair was longer, that it was down, that the rain dripped seductively down the side of her face, caressing her in ways he could not, that she clutched the sides of her dress, and that her tessen was not in sight. The longer he stared at her, the more he realized he could barely recognize her; for she was nothing more than an empty shell of the strong, vibrant, spirited woman he had once known, but despite all her changes, she was just as beautiful as he had remembered.

She felt his eyes on her, she felt him assess her, she felt the strong and gentle gaze, telling her he still loved her, telling her nothing has changed. She hated herself for displaying so much emotion, she hated the fact that she was crying, and she esspecially hated being so completely in love with him. So she silently cursed herself; she cursed herself for being there, for allowing him to control her emotions. Reluctantly she reached out for him, she didn't want to admit that she needed him, that she needed those strong arms of his wrapped around her, that those arms were her comfort, her shield, her castle.

He took her hand as it reached out for him; he wrapped his hand around hers and moved behind her. He enclosed her in his arms, holding her close to him, sheltering her from everything, from the rain, from her pain, from her tears. Gently he ran his hand through her hair, intertwining his fingers with her long golden locks as he pressed her closer to him.

A sob escaped her lips as he wrapped himself around her, she lost what little control she had left and buried her head into his chest, sobbing as the rain continued to pour down upon them, washing away her tears. She could smell the sweet, woody, musky scent of his as she buried deeper into his arms, for the first time in three years she felt safe, for the first time in three years she felt at home. The vast emptiness has been filled with those arms, the stinging loneliness has dissipated. She could hear his heartbeat calm down, and she knew at that moment that he too felt the distance between them disappear.

Three years, two months, and twenty-seven days, he had counted every day since the day she left, hoping for her return, but never in his life would he have imagined it would be so soon. There were so many things he wanted to say to her, so many promises he wanted to make, but he could not find the words. He just sat there, holding her close to him, feeling her heartbeat with his, feeling their tears get lost in the rain.

The rain kept coming down, drowning their bittersweet reunion in its relentless downpour, the sun safely tucked away behind the thunderous clouds.

He shifted as her sobs subsided, he pulled at her long tresses, twirling them around his fingers. "This is new, this isn't the Temari I used to know…"

She looked up at him and shook her head, "No, it's not, but this is the Temari no one else but you will ever know…"

He smiled, a genuine smile, for the first time in over three years he felt genuinely happy. "Come on, let's get out of this rain, it may be August, but you can still catch a cold." He pushed her body away from his and slowly stood up, offering her his hand.

She stared blankly up at him, taking in his appearance for the first time since she made her way over to him. He was taller now, a good three inches taller than he used to be, he was wider too, around the shoulders. He still wore the same hairstyle, but he now commanded a more mature look, true he had the same distant apathetic stare, but there was something deeper, something he kept hidden behind those eyes, she can see it now. He was no longer the lanky, immature, lazy teenager she so safely tucked away in her mind, no, he was a man now, well for the most part. She willingly took his hand and he pulled her up, draping his arm around her shoulder they walked into the forest and toward the hidden village.

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