Title: The Hardest Choice

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Yuuki pushed the door open gently hearing the soft shift of the hinges as they glided through each other. The room was perfectly dark and seemed empty, only she could feel him.

She stepped into the room, trying to stop the shaking of her body.

"You smell like him," Zero said in a low voice.

Yuuki gulped wondering if she should go change her clothes.

"Are you alright?" She asked quietly.

There was no answer, only a soft shifting sound. She wished the lights would come back on in this wing. The rest of the school seemed to be alright. She hurried out into the hall and grabbed a candle before moving slowly back into the room.

The soft glow of the light brought about the shadows and wandered across his features. His eyes were downcast. He wouldn't look at her. His shirt lay in shards beside him and blood still coated the his left. She left again and made her way to the bathroom, filling a bowl with hot water and grabbing a towel.

He hadn't moved.

She made her way carefully towards him. Part of her was afraid. He needed blood and he might attack her at any moment, but he seemed calm right now. She wondered what he had done.

She dipped the towel in the water and reached towards him.

He didn't move. She used her fingers to gently push his head to the side so she could wipe away more of the blood and still he didn't flinch. He just looked at his hands, unblinking.

"They have to close the school," she said continuing to work.

He didn't answer.

"All the students are being sent home," she said.

Zero just blinked. She wondered if he could even hear her.

"I assume we'll go back to the headmasters house in the country."

Now he did react. He looked up at her slowly. His eyes were clouded with pain and sadness. She could tell by the streaks running down his dirty face that he had cried. She tried to say something but choked on her words.

"We?" He asked in a ragged voice.

Yuuki nodded. "The headmaster and I talked about it and we think it'll be best for you if you get some rest. You can't continue to not feed. You're going to have to realize that you are becoming a vampire and you have to deal with it. We'll find you blood so that you're not hurting me and I'll help you get through this. I promise."

His eyes were still on her as she wiped along the top of his chest. She tried to be gentle to the areas heavily wounded afraid that she might hurt him.

"You're staying with me?" He asked in a whisper as if he didn't believe it.

Yuuki stopped what she was doing and looked at him. He looked so vulnerable. His eyes were wide and open. She could see all his pain and desire.

"Yes," she said softly. "I will stay with you."

His eyes glistened with tears as he weakly reached up to caress her cheek. He gasped a breath.

Yuuki just smiled gently. "I won't leave you until this is over."

Zero could only be completely overwhelmed as she leaned in to kiss him lightly. She could tell he wanted to respond to her, more then she was giving, but his weakened state stopped him.

"Don't worry," she said softly. "We have years to be together."

And Yuuki smiled in complete happiness. She felt at this moment that everything might be okay. She had made the right choice and she wouldn't have to choose between them. It wasn't wrong that she loved them both. She was meant to.


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