Solitary Serenade

By Sileny

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When I see your perfect smile
My heart will cry
My broken heart will hide and stay in the shadow

Does it hurt, I wonder? What is it like to finally let go of this abnormality, outside of the natural circles of life and death? I want… I want to finally die. Living is a wonderful thing, truly, but I don't think I can take it anymore. All the happy people in the streets, and then, there's me…

It is all I've done these days
Seems that your breaking in
Through the darkest night

Maybe I shouldn't dwell on this all the time. The soft winds of May are refreshing; I should try to find some light of existence while I'm here, right? I have Shou, a strange companion, but a companion nonetheless. There's Rei-chan, too. Such a sweet girl, who though possessed no soul to begin with, now frolics like any other normal child does.

Waiting for the stars, talking to the moon
Without bravery, when I look up to the sky
And that we're past our way, can't just separate

And there are also so many intriguing things. Perhaps living for 300 years in this semi-living state isn't such a bad thing. Such as those peculiar zombies, perhaps… they go purposefully out of their way to hunt down the undead, and it seems they get money for it. It makes me wonder what kind of contract they're under; certainly, it is much different than my own.

Hold my love again
Wishing all it might wither
And that, and they forget
I'll be myself to find a way

Where are you going now, I wonder? You seem to have such a clear goal in mind; I can't help but feel envious. What do you think, Shou? Doesn't it look fun? Do you think that, we, perhaps, could take a shot at life like that? It looks interesting, chasing those that need to be guided and then guiding them to where they should go. Truly, it looks fun.

Hold my love again
Bring forth my dreams forevermore
And that someday I'll get…
I'll get through the night…

Ah… it looks like we've overstayed our welcome. They've seemed to notice our presence with that of their prey. That girl is good, isn't she? I should expected as much. I'm losing my touch, aren't I?

For the things I said
For the things I've done
Look me in this place
Never let me see the truth
And thought we hide away… can't just separate

I like that look in their eyes: so serious, so stern, and so very protective. Although that hint of greed in the one with the sword's eyes is unnerving, to say the least. Did they place a bounty on us, as well? How interesting…

Hold my love again
Wishing all it might wither
And that, and they forget
I'll be myself to find a way

Rei-chan, are you alright? You're staring at that dark-haired boy like you know him very well. If you don't hurry, you'll get shot. It's not pleasant, you know…

Hold my love again
Bring forth my dreams forevermore
And that something you get
I get through the night…

It's a pity; I'll have to draw blood tonight. But I suppose it's a sadder thought that I have a bow and arrow and I'm not entirely sure how to use it in the best way… I pull the string back and I release, don't I? My aim is terribly off, but at least I got one in the shoulder. I'll practice later…


Kita Michiru slammed her hands against her ears as her friend screamed. Akatsuki Chika cursed darkly under his breath, his non-dominant reaching up to clutch at his shoulder. An arrow left its mark there, and he could tell just by the feel of it that it was a barbed arrowhead.

Che, how annoying.

To further fuel his anger, he could distinctly see his prey leaving the area. His prey. His money…!


"A strange animal zombie and two zombie girls," Michiru reported. He snorted, thoroughly in a foul mood. Like he hadn't been able to see them. Did she think he was blind?

Tachibana Shito put down his pistol with an extremely annoyed look on his face. "You idiot," he hissed, shooting one last disgruntled look in their prey's general direction before redirecting his attention to his partner. "If you didn't make such a big fuss out of a tiny wound, we would have got them! And here I thought you wanted to hurry and pay off your debt so that you could get your life back…"

Chika gritted his teeth, trying to think of how he could get Shito back. Michiru, however, spoke up before he got a chance to bad-mouth the other boy. "But Shito-kun, did you see that arrow? It didn't look like any of the other weapons generated by zombies using ectoplasm."

Shito snorted. "Different or not, the aim was so terrible he should have been able to dodge it." Chika twitched at the insult, and was dragged up to his feet. Shito kept mumbling derogatory terms under his breath as the trio started to march back to the dorms that they occupied. Making this month's payments would be a stretch for them, what with A-loan and their recent inability to bring down that trio of three zombies.

To say the least, none of them were in a good mood when Yuuta received them in the dorm rooms. And to make matters worse…

"Bekko-san brought in a few new zombies as part of Zombie-loan!" Yuuta announced brightly, while moving the shredded bits of cloth from Chika's sleeve so that he could fix up the wound.

"Zombie-Loan, ne?" He glared at the source of the noise, and was answered by a dangerous rumbling growl. "So that's what it was…"

His prey… no, scratch that… his former prey, would now be working side by side with him. Oh, his pride could not take this much longer.


"You idiot… can't you stop screaming for one night?"

"S-shito-kun… I don't think that helps all too well…"

A/N: *coughs* So, yeah... this is my first time attempting a Zombie-Loan fic. Truth be told, my cousin recommended the series to me, and I've watched the anime and fell in love with it (the storyline is a work of genius itself, the soundtrack is simply amazing) and I'm currently reading the manga as well. Yes, there are original characters *gasp* but I mean for them to be all purely for friend purposes. I might change that later on, but it's a small chance. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

The words in italics are the lyrics to "Solitary Serenade" from the Zombie-loan soundtrack. It's a lovely song. Listen to it some day.

And I apologize if the beginning seems rushed and not a lot is explained (it's not meant to be... but oh well...). I promise there will be more explanation and detail in later chapters. And I sincerely apologize if anyone should be or seem OOC.

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