Warnings: Lime, exhibitionism? AU fic.

Senses: Touch

Before our masks dawn

He arrived in time. He always arrived on time. Already used to the clean smell of efficiency walking alongside with the stench of people. He admonished walking through the long corridors of sweaty flesh, scrunching his nose in distaste as he bumped and brushed onto unheeded contact, rushing inside before the automatic doors would close and begin his daily occurrence.

He would cross his arms, placing one side of his body comfortably on the shut door, one leg resting on the other as he observed the landscape passing by. Trying to ignore the fastening of his heartbeats, resisting the temptation to count down each station to arrive, to glance each name tagged on the colored straight lines.

Tough. He already knew all of them by heart, counting on the back of his mind every time that the train stopped, more passengers approaching and the gaps reducing. He would grunt in annoyance and some meek personalities would scoot away, giving him privacy. Allowing him enough space to breathe and search, until that person would arrive.

And alas, he entered. He would always involuntarily hitch his breath when cerulean eyes would engrave in his soul, albeit a little sleepy and bored. His eyes would center towards each languid steps until they halted, choosing a place to rest. And he would moist his chapped lips with his tongue when he realized that suddenly, nothing more than suddenly, his mouth was completely dry.

They studied in the same school, same grade, same building even. As part of the system, they had their roles defined to act out. The blue-eyed teenager was an impolite ruffian who picked up fights daily, his clothes scruffy and his face full of marks. He would be the nonchalant, desirable and stoic man that wouldn't involve in anything out of ordinary, save from their struggles. Inside school, they would feign indifference, fill an animosity air between them and punches flied everywhere. That's the extent of their relationship in there.

However, in the subway, they didn't have any labels, only unknown student A and unknown student B. No one to observe them from afar and no one that would specifically glance their interactions. They were in a neutral ground.

Perhaps it was in this case that he slowly realized that every cell of his being focused on that boy and it was getting harder to break the gaze. When he could, he would feel eyes returning him back, but when he leveled up to his direction, they were gone. He would, then, recall every touch that they exchanged through clashes, fantasying the same sensation for other deceitful intentions. Sometimes, the mirage itself would wander where the unfamiliar stink would be out of their way and every confine of the train were free for them to use. Touching, biting, grunting and gasping, they would explore their bodies until the thirst would subside.

And then, his eyes would fly wide to consciousness, running desperately to the bathroom before he would soil his bed sheets.

At the moment that the appointed station would disembark, they would follow the flux of faces, swaying in the same direction. Although, he would inevitably choose some distant exit from his classmate, denying this daily passage of time.

When they arrive at their school, they would return to be Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto. Eternal rivals. Perpetual competition.

Everyday, Sasuke entered again in the same wagon, same time, frowning at the flock of people increasing and blocking his eyesight.

A heartbeat skipped when the impersonal voice of operator declared that familiar station's name and his graphite eyes searched everywhere, trying to establish a contact with that spiky golden hair.

More people arrived and it amplified the difficulty to distinguish Naruto from the crowd, even though Sasuke maintained his determination resolute. He kept roaming around the room, looking for any sign of vivid color, though, as a form of fate taunting him, everyone blocked him out until he could no longer see anything farther than three feet.

Seething under his breath, he chose to grudgingly rest his arm on the window, admitting defeat. His eyes directed aimlessly at his front until…

Azure eyes were staring straight at his.

The brunet widened his own onyx ones, feeling completely startled towards the unexpected scenario, though still undecided in which option he would take. Sasuke just gazed back, the small gap covering them as he could almost feel Naruto's breathing brushing his skin.

An abrupt decrease of velocity promptly pulled his body forward and Sasuke's knee accidentally grazed between Naruto's legs, touching the groin. His lungs suspended from shock, not expecting such incidence as widened blue iris also reflected his bewilderment.

Another push from the brakes propelled his alabaster body even further, the questioned knee melding even further in between until it rubbed closely, inconsequently. For a brief period of desperation, Sasuke thought that the blond would shout enraged, accusing for his low attitudes and throwing a well-deserved blow on his face. Time around them slowed down, their position remained motionless and every tick of the clock measured his growing anxiety.

However, instead of the expected reprimand, the dark-haired teen only saw Naruto biting his lip with his face flushed, the hand positioned near the door enclosed tightly until his knuckles were white. Such reaction wasn't what Sasuke anticipated, so he slowly retracted his knee, only to finally grasp the hardening feeling upwards.

Sasuke blinked twice, not fully realizing the ground-shocking revelations until he resolved to test it one more time, just to make sure. His knee ascended once again, but in this moment, it was a deliberate action. He kept going up till the hotness on the skin was painfully evident, and rubbed around it for some subsequent minutes, relinquishing the delicious response he elicited from that pinkish lips. Naruto quickly tilted his neck to hide his lusted filled face behind the crooked arm, muffling all the moans that kept bubbling up while Sasuke's leg lifted and wandered upwards.

Sasuke could feel the erection slowly hardening up, though somehow, his mind settled that it wasn't enough. He wanted more. Every knot of his resilience was gradually snapping out of control, he desired to feel closer the friction, the physical yearn that permeated between them, denied in times of sanity.

It was a game of irony that, although they were encircled by a pack of people, barely breathing in the stagnated air, they could surround to their own universe and bare themselves, throwing all the common sense and caution through the window.

Sasuke slowly drug his hand to palm the worn jeans, somewhat proud to the tent straining from the fabric. Naruto gulped, his breathing turning erratic as he panted for more air. Sasuke's slender fingers played at the tip of his confined erection, eliciting into Naruto's mouth hanging agape, in an attempt to scoop some oxygen to his dizzying head.

A slight bump from an outsider, however, pushed their locked bodies closer and Sasuke's hand was cupping even closer at the covered cock and this time, Naruto couldn't bear to obstruct his lust, his tongue meeting clumsily the ivory collarbone and biting hard to muffle his moan.

The effect was immediate. Electrical jolts shocked through his spine as the brunet also felt a warm sensation curling around his groin. He, too, hindered his own groan escaping from his throat, opting to massage more fiercely and passionately the hardening material. The blond responded with equal ferocity, gnawing the milky flesh till small marks of pinkish red imprinted painfully sweet on it. He licked the wound languidly afterwards, like it was a desirable, yet immoral sin to be devoured.

No one was watching across them. No one entered in their domain yet. Human columns surrounded them, only to have a closed door standing on one of their sides, the tall building shifting and occasionally had some stops at stations. They knew they were safe, all the entrance was coming from the other side...However, they couldn't help but to fear at the possibility that maybe somebody would notice their exchanges. Someone would see, at last, what they kept hiding on society and would reveal it while their eyes weren't alert.

But like some sort of twisted craving, this fact weakened but at the same time also intensified their yearn. A bizarre form of guilty pleasure, closing their privacy under thin papered walls.

Sasuke's other free hand slowly peeled up Naruto's uniform, shifting inside the heated tanned skin and for a brief set of seconds, Naruto's scarred face furrowed in apprehension. It only took a simple action as the brunet tilted his neck even closer, the supple lips permanently attached on his slender column that the blond relented, relaxing his body.

Sasuke took this opportunity to snake down, invading inside while he listened a contented humming, vibrating directly on his skin making him feel a little bit ticklish. No…actually, all his senses were heightened since they began exchange those emotions. Every touch from Naruto snapped out his control, his voice dripping with eroticism and the cerulean eyes filled with desire always made Sasuke hunger for more, wanting more. His hand swarmed deeper, until it registered the cotton boxers beneath his fingers and the waistband securing him. He lightly played with the hem, drawing a weak line through the limits and enjoying Naruto's response, his breaths turning more ragged.

Inch by inch, like they had all the time of universe, his long fingers transversed inside, in an almost apparent innocent curiosity, until he found course pubic curls on each fingertip. Naruto purred, akin to a snuggling kitten being stroked, his delightful mewls languidly interrupted by hasty licks beneath his jaw, shivering slightly as their cheeks met in tender affection. The brunet could hear the hot breath directed to his ear, hands clinging onto his pristine uniform coat as a form of leverage. They both knew that their knees wouldn't buck off after this activity.

Still fondling the tuff of hair, his blunt nails meekly scratched through the expanse of that area, though it was enough to Naruto emit another keen noise, something in between a whine and a moan. All of Sasuke's self-control had at last succumbed to his cravings and, with a sharp inhale from both parties, his hand enveloped the hard organ.

Dilated blue eyes closed quickly to savor tenfold the sensations, his hands grabbing with increased strength around the pale arms while his head rested on the defined chest, his hips bucking forward a little bit as all of his blood vessels pumped towards his groin. The brunet began a tortuous speed, mapping each bump and softness of that hardened organ as he hand gripped upwards and downwards, settling a pace.

The subway made another sudden break of speed and their bodies shifted to the back, until more passengers entered and the wagon was totally packed, people moving moodily to accommodate everyone. As a result, the distance between them had finally perished, their bodies were sandwiched and crushed closely to each other, till the thin fabric of their clothes could no longer hinder their latent thirst.

Naruto's legs were resting forward and was placed in between Sasuke's ones, which on the other side had one hand holding securely his body on the exit door and the other one still inside the worn jeans, resuming his ministrations and intently listening each barely controlled moans. They morphed into gasps and weak biting on his shoulder to his collarbone, occasionally some sucking while he could hear himself hitching some breaths in response.

They increased their rhythm as all the passion was spamming out of control, the tanned teen thrusting savagely his hips to meet the friction on his hand. Sasuke looked down fascinated, a red head spotting in between the caramel color and the worn pants, a string of white liquid dirtying his fingers as more pearled on the slit, signalizing that they were close. To their destination.

"Ah…ha…" The blond breathed out, his nose nuzzling on the nape of the ivory neck. "Sa…Sasuke…" He muttered almost incomprehensively.

The brunet interrupted briefly his actions, shocked, resulting to a whine from his lover. He resumed his actions murmuring almost frightened. "Naruto…"

His hand gripped even closer around the perimeter and enforced his strength, drawing a long noiseless moan from the blond. He pressed again the hard flesh, and all the swaying of the train helped all along, rocking back and forth, back and forth.

As all their heated emotions were building up, they locked their eyes to finally comprehend their passion, the unconscious voracity that overwhelmed their beings. All they wanted now is to seal the last deal, entwine their lips as they acknowledged their shared fire.

They couldn't. A kiss would reveal their relationship to the world and shatter their masks of glass that they preserved every day.

With a forceful tug on the cock, Sasuke felt Naruto's loud beats bursting from his ribcage and all the tanned fingers scratched wantonly, concealing the incoming of orgasm. Naruto hissed and mewled near his lover's ear and the latter believed that he almost heard his name busted in between the garbled noises, cum staining and spilling on his hand.

They quickly realigned as best as they could, Sasuke placing his soiled hand in his pocket hastely; he knew that on his left side there was a handkerchief. However, it wasn't enough to clean all the evidences and he brought again his hand to his mouth and licked them up.

Whiskered cheeks flared up again when he saw the brunet tasting his own essence, a shy silence falling between them, in clash to their previous fervent activities that they experienced before.

"Tsukishima, Tsukishima…you are now at Tsukishima station…" The detached tone declared in the interphone and some people dispersed away from the train.

"So…" Sasuke interrupted awkwardly, cursing himself that his voice sounded hoarser than he originally intended.

"So…" Naruto cocked a head to one side, clearly confused to the sudden approaching of subject, when the Uchiha cleared his throat, his face completely red.

The blond teen could feel his lips lifting up to a very mischievous grin.

"So…" he continued, in singsong tone. "I guess that all the movements from the train dirtied my pants in some way, sadly."

The dark-haired teen regarded with a quirked eyebrow, not understanding the predicament.

"So…I guess we should stop some stations ahead so I can clean this thing up, you know." Or dirty 'em further. "What do you think of coming with me then?" Naruto pushed Sasuke's arm away from the growing crowd, motioning their bodies closer.

Onyx eyes widened at the proposal, until he drew his own copyrighted smirk. "Well…why not?"

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